How To SEO Your Video Marketing Efforts (Quick & Easy!)

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Sunday, January 21, 2024

You already know video is one of the most important and powerful tools in marketing—and that it’s only getting more important as time goes on—but did you know 85% of marketers use video as a tool to boost SEO?

When you first come across this stat, it stands out and strikes you across the face.
Surely it cannot be true… video is important but important for SEO? Really?!?

It is true, and the reasons go deeper than you may think. But don’t worry because effective SEO video marketing doesn’t have to be as hard as you might imagine.

In fact, with a few tweaks here and there, you can quickly transform:

  • ​How your videos perform ( so they reach more people 🚀 )
  • How your site ranks with platforms like Google and YouTube

By the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what to do (and when) and which steps bring you the greatest returns with the least amount of work.

​But before we get to the main steps, it’s important you appreciate just how beneficial SEO Video Marketing can be on your business overall — it’s pretty huge, especially #5 on the list!

What is SEO Video Marketing?

Before we get into SEO Video Marketing let’s first refresh ourselves on what SEO overall means—because if you’re like many busy business owners, you may have lost sight of it.

This world we live in (especially the online world) is a busy place. Full of people shouting about their products, it’s easy to get lost in the white noise. And it’s only getting harder as the world gets noisier, so SEO is becoming more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

That’s the purpose of SEO: to help you cut through this noise.

So when you create a new piece of content … join a new social media platform … release a new video … or launch a new product … you don’t get drowned out and forgotten about.

There are a lot of technical aspects that go into all this and the specific rules continue to change with each new algorithmic update. But the essence of SEO is and always has been simple.


This is important to remember as we go through the steps below.

Because it’s so easy to get caught up in all the tech and choices.

​But that won’t help you. What will is to keep it simple, which is exactly what we’ll do here. This is about what you need to take advantage of the opportunities SEO provides—specifically around video, which is more layered than you might imagine.

The Benefits of SEO Video Marketing

1. Videos Add Depth To Your SEO​

Platforms like Google have one focus: to share the best content available.

That’s it… that is the job of the algorithm so those who use the platform get the best service possible—doing so builds trust and authority, which allows them to place ads and so on…

This means quality is at the heart of SEO, and videos help you stand out in the algorithm because videos help you SHOW, not tell.

​In a world where attention spans decrease by the year (and Google knows this), capturing and keeping attention is more important than ever. Videos are a great way to do this so having them as part of your content strategy gives your SEO greater weight, depth, and visibility.

2. Videos Improve Your User Experience​

As above, the entire goal is to capture attention and then KEEP it.

Videos are great at doing this.

So a site with videos on it is just more appealing than those without.

​Both to real people and AI algorithms.

3. Videos Are GREAT For Backlinks​

If you’ve ever read an article on SEO you’ll know how important backlinks are.

In short, you want other people to link to your website. It tells platforms like Google that you produce quality content; meaning they rank you higher in their searches.

And it’s suggested more than 90% of people share videos they like with others.

​So when it comes to adding more backlinks to your site, videos rule the way!

4. Videos Increase Traffic

Traffic is obviously a key component of SEO success because it demonstrates a popular site.

Videos are the best driver of traffic today, providing 81% in 2021 alone.

​This figure is set to rise, so Video + SEO = Success for YOU!

5. Videos Turbocharge Your Conversions

Finally—and this is something you should never overlook—the whole reason to care about SEO is so you can increase your conversions.

This is why it’s important to cut through the noise.

Videos are a great way to do this!

Because videos are great at engaging your audience, especially when you interact with them and make them part of the experience. Videos no longer need to be static and passive.

Instead, you can *bring them to life* with interactive features, video funnels, and more.

Doing so turbocharges your conversions which in turn boosts your SEO.

​It becomes a self-fulfilling cycle that quickly builds huge momentum for your brand.

10 Ways To Improve Your SEO Video Marketing

Now you know how powerful SEO Video Marketing is, you’re asking yourself … HOW?

How do you do it?

How do you do it without wasting time, money & energy?

​There’s a lot you *could* do but only a few steps you *should* make. These are those 👇👇

1. Be Strategic

You should never create a video for the sake of it.

The world doesn’t need more content, but it does need more relevant content. Your first job is to hone in on what’s relevant to your audience so you can give them what they need.

When it comes to your video strategy (and content and marketing overall), make sure SEO is part of the conversation from the get-go.

​Before you pick up the camera or even write your script, make sure you…

  • Search popular trends with a tool like Google Trends​
  • ​Perform keyword research with Google’s Keyword Planner
  • ​Analyze your competitors and see what topics they’re focussing on
  • ​Observe your audience and hone in on any common questions or feedback​

And always bring back to that all-important word: RELEVANT!

What is relevant to your audience?
What is it they want (and need)?
What video can you create that will genuinely help them?

​Having SEO part of your strategy from the offset sets you up for success now and in the future.

2. Choose Strong Titles (& Descriptions)

Once you hone in on your keyword/key phrase, spend some time on your title (and description).

Where possible, add the exact keyword to your title.

And, if you can, front load it!

For example… if your keyword is SEO Video Marketing you could use this title:

→ The Ultimate Guide For SEO Video Marketing

But this one is better:

→ SEO Video Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

The same applies to your video description. Make sure you use the exact phrase at least once or twice toward the beginning of your copy.

​Although don’t go overboard because trying to trick Google no longer works (it isn’t 2002!)

3. Fill in Your Metadata

This is a little techy, but you can further strengthen your SEO by ensuring you optimize:

  • Your video’s file name (+ related files like the thumbnail)​: Choose a file name that reflects your primary keywords. This helps search engines understand what your video is about. Similarly, naming related files like thumbnails with relevant keywords can boost your SEO.
  • Add relevant tags (on platforms like YouTube)​: Tags are crucial for discoverability on platforms like YouTube. They help the algorithm categorize your content and suggest it to the right audience. Use a mix of broad and specific tags to cover various aspects and topics related to your video.
  • Optimize the video file’s size​: Large video files can slow down load times, negatively impacting user experience and SEO. Compress your video files to a smaller size without losing significant quality to ensure faster loading times. This makes your content more accessible and SEO-friendly.
  • ​Upload a transcript (more on this soon)​: Transcripts make your video content accessible to a wider audience, including those with hearing impairments or those who prefer reading over watching. Search engines can crawl this text, allowing your content to rank for more keywords. Plus, it enhances user engagement as viewers can follow along or quickly skim through the content.

These are the quick and simple steps most people overlook but can provide a few quick wins.

4. Thumbnails Matter

Another overlooked part of your video is the thumbnail that appears before the video starts.

This plays an important role in SEO for two reasons…

The first is that this is another opportunity to add your keyword/title to the file itself (and properly optimize the graphic’s metadata).

The second is that your thumbnail is like your video’s book cover.

…the first impression that determines if someone watches your video!

So even though your video may be great, it means little if your thumbnail’s boring.

It has to capture their attention and build their curiosity.

So do not overlook this step—spend some time on it!

​One of the best approaches we’ve found is to have a short GIF overlay your video—you can see this in action on Voomly’s homepage →

This is one of Voomly’s standout features that other video hosts and players do not offer.

It’s great for capturing attention, which means more people watching your video.

​When it comes to SEO, this is “the” most important aspect.

5. Video Length Also Matters!

Another important aspect people often forget about is the length of your video.

OR, more importantly, how long people watch your video.

​This is essential whether you host your videos on your website, a platform like YouTube, or both. Watch time is always important, which means you have to:

  • ​Make the opening seconds of your video count!
  • ​​Have your video long enough but not too short!

Having a video that starts with a bang is important because it’s the difference between someone watching and scrolling by.

​Whereas the *right* video length matters because if it’s too short the algorithm won’t take it seriously—just like writing a 300-word blog post has zero impact—but if your video is too long and people don’t watch until the end, then your watch time % is HIT in a big way and that is not good for SEO!

6. Speed REALLY Matters!!

This one is HUGE, especially when hosting videos on your own site.

It’s also something most people are totally unaware of.

And the impact this has on SEO is significant.

So here’s the deal … when you embed a video on your website, it adds code to the page and extra steps for your audience’s computer to perform. It’s all very techy and we don’t need to get hung up on the details. All you need to know is that it increases the time your page loads.

This is not good because studies suggest 40% of people leave a website if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load — and adding one or two videos to your page *can* lead to this.

So hosting your video on the right platform is VERY important.

​And the best of the best is Voomly — we have the fastest load times around.

7. Transcribe Your Videos

We hinted at this one earlier and it’s another step most people don’t even think about.

But once you do, it makes a lot of sense.

For starters, transcribing your videos provides added value to your audience because they can read while they watch — and in today’s world that easily distracts, this is important.

Yet generating a transcription/captions/subtitles for your video also helps the various SEO algorithms that scrape and search the internet.

And if you make their job easier, you and your videos will rank better.

​At Voomly, we appreciate this important step so make adding these files a breeze.

8. Link To (& Promote) Your Videos

If you’ve ever read an article on SEO, you’ll know how important Backlinks are.

It’s no different when it comes to SEO Video Marketing!

​If you want to organically reach more people, you need to promote your videos with two types of backlinks:

  • Internal (where you link to your videos from your own site)
  • ​​External (where other sites, platforms & social media link to your videos)

It’s an obvious step but one you can easily overlook with everything on your plate. But make sure you don’t because SEO Video Marketing success begins with your commitment to promoting your own creations.

9. Measure Your Results

This is another obvious step but one so many people lose sight of... don’t be one of these!

For starters, no video is perfect from the start line. There are always things you can improve, yet you’ll only learn what does and does not work if you take the time to measure your results.

Yet this isn’t about one video… for long-term success, you need to take lessons from each one you create so you can 1) improve future videos, and 2) give your audience what they crave.

​This is why we’ve made Voomly’s analytics section the best in the industry!

With Voomly, you get detailed data on your videos

  • Traffic (Average Engagement + Total Plays + Play Percentage)​​
  • ​Heatmaps (so you know when people click on your videos)
  • ​Location (know where your audience is and how they watch your videos)

By using Voomly, you take control of your videos so you make better, more informed decisions.

10. Use Strong, Interactive CTAs

Strong SEO Video Marketing comes down to ensuring your audience takes action.

Engagement matters, but you cannot expect this unless you’re clear on what they should do.

Now, there are two ways you can do this…

👎 Passively place a Call To Action at the end of your video asking them to like or share or check out your offer, OR…

👍 Actively involve them by placing an interactive CTA direct into your video so they can click and get taken exactly where they need to go

​With Voomly, we give you the power to create immersive Video Funnels so you can give your audience exactly what they need.

BONUS: Be Consistent!!

Remember, all this takes time. Nobody builds success on the back of one or two videos.

Consistency is important, so make sure you show up, promote your videos, and iterate them as you learn more about what does and does not work.

​SEO Video Marketing is a process that does take time, but if you follow these steps it is worth your while — especially when you combine these steps with the right tools.

Final Thoughts on SEO Video Marketing…

Videos are becoming more important by the day, and the power they yield will only grow over the next few years. It’s a great opportunity for you and your brand, but only if you approach your videos in a way that ensures they rise to the top and beat out your competitors.

SEO Video Marketing plays an important role and you now have the steps you need to take.

​Yet using the right tools matter, and when it comes to creating, hosting, and promoting your videos there’s no better place to turn than Voomly Cloud — not only do you get access to the features we’ve mentioned in this article but to other powerful software like Toonly, Doodly, and much more. Explore today with your free trial …

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