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That Will Forever Change The Way You Work With Video

For the consumer

(i.e. those watching videos), technology has evolved quite dramatically since the inception of the internet.

But If you’re a video creator or marketer , you’ve likely been living in the Dark Ages for decades, without even knowing it.

Yet it’s absolutely NOT your fault. Let me explain...

Do you remember back in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s when you actually had to get in a car, drive to the local Blockbuster video store, battle hordes of people competing for new releases, and then stand in line (sometimes for over 10 minutes) just to watch a single video?

Well, as you know… You can now stream a video from the comfort of your own living room, in a matter of seconds , all with the click of a button. A huge (and obvious) leap in video technology for the consumer. THE CONSUMER.

By contrast, internet technology has sadly, completely forgotten about the video creators and marketers who use video to promote their products and services to those consumers.

For the video creators & marketers, Internet Technology has NOT evolved in over a decade!

For example, when you (as a video creator) want to get a video online so you can show your potential customers, you have to go through a ridiculously cumbersome and LONG process… A process that ALL of us have become accustomed to doing for years because we assume there’s not a better way (i.e. Remember Blockbuster, which is almost laughable now that consumers have “seen the light”?)

Getting a video online the current Prehistoric way goes something like this…

step 1

You open up your web browser.

step 2

Then head to YouTube or some other video hosting website, by manually typing in the web address into the browser. (i.e. and hit enter)

step 4

Next, you take a minute or so to hunt around for the option to “Upload a Video”.

step 3

You then login by entering your username and password… That is, if you can even remember what it is; and if not, well… add another time-sucking step to the already long process.

step 5

Then you choose whether you want to make your video public, unlisted or something else and select any other manual settings of choice prior to uploading.

step 7

Next, you’ll click the open button to start the upload.

step 6

Perhaps the hardest step of all, you’ll now need to find wherever-the-heck-it-was you put that specific video on your computer. Oftentimes forgetting what folder you saved it to, in the first place.

step 8

Now it’s time to wait--for what could seem like forever--until your upload is 100% complete.

step 10

Once your video is uploaded successfully, it’s now time to figure out where your shareable link OR your embed code is, so you can share or put the video onto your website. So you’ll click around on the website (and even if you do remember exactly where that is, it’s oftentimes several clicks just to get to it).

step 9

In the meantime, you could stare blankly at the progress bar as it slowly uploads percent by percent OR you could minimize your web browser and continue with your other work, hoping you don’t forget you were uploading the video, and accidentally close the browser completely… forcing you to repeat steps 1-10 all over again!

And Finally… you’re DONE!

That’s 10 manual steps just to get a video “online” so your customers can even see it!

The equivalent of getting into your car, driving several miles to the local Blockbuster, standing in line, and then driving several miles back home, just to watch one of your favorite movies. No… just no…

There has to be a better way, right? Wouldn’t it be much better if you could save your video to your computer and in seconds have your video online?

Compare that to getting a video online the all-new,

Voomly Way...

That’s 10 manual steps just to get a video “online” so your customers can actually see it!

That’s just 1 step to get a video “online” so your customers can see it!

JUST 1 Step and you’re done!

Really, that’s it. Save your video to your computer and voila… steps 1-10 are automatically done for you!

And not only that, but this is FAR from all of the incredible things that Voomly can do for you!

Not only does Voomly upload videos to the Voomly cloud automatically (crazy-fast!), but it also hosts them on a super-secure server, gives you 100% full control over the video viewing experience, and offers dozens of incredibly powerful lead generation tools for online marketers. Tools that no other video player on the planet offers.

Voomly truly is your all-in-one video marketing solution because it…

Saves you tons of time,

Eliminates needless headaches,

Helps you easily uncover new customer leads,

And can increase your video views, engagement, and conversions like no other video player in the world.

Bottom line? Voomly can make your video marketing FAR more effective…

Voomly Video Technology

Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen. (See Features Below)

Seamlessly Sync Your Videos to the Voomly Cloud … without Lifting a Finger

Voomly runs behind-the-scenes, backing up your video files to the cloud each time you save them to your Voomly folder… so you’ll never have to manually upload a video again, waiting a ridiculously long time for each upload to complete. Say good-bye FOREVER to the old, time-consuming 10-step, video uploading, process.

Stop Hunting for Share Links, Embed Code—or Anything Else—with Voomly’s Intuitive Interface

Quit wasting time searching for what you need! With Voomly’s interface, you can grab embed code, share videos by email, get video links, and more—quickly and easily. All from your desktop… and without logging into a website!

Experience Super-Reliable Video Hosting, Designed to Stream Videos without Annoying Starts & Stops

With Voomly’s professional video hosting, your videos will play reliably on any browser or device. Plus, you’ll get lightning-fast automatic video uploads, for the ultimate in modern video hosting.

Customize Your Video Player for a BIG Boost in Video Views & Engagement

Use Voomly to make your video mobile responsive, change the color of your player, choose your start-up thumbnail image, add or remove video controls, and much, much more.

Enhancing your viewers’ video experience with Voomly is the easiest, fastest way for you to get more people watching--and enjoying--your videos!

Create the Optimal Viewing Experience for Each of Your Videos with Unlimited Video Players

Because Voomly lets you customize an unlimited number of video players, you can choose the optimal viewing experience for every single one of your videos.

And unlike its competitors, Voomly allows you to create multiple video players for each specific video. So, you can embed a video in several different places … giving users a unique and customized viewing experience, from each and every location!

Captivate Viewers by Employing Interactive, Engaging Videos

At any point during your videos, Voomly lets you add a customized Call-to-Action (CTA) button, capture email addresses, and promote clicks with annotation links … stimulating video viewers’ interest, while taking advantage of lead generation opportunities!

Save Tons of Time with Voomly’s Convenient, Done-For-You Integrations

To make managing your videos as easy as can be, Voomly integrates with your favorite software, including Mailchimp, and Active Campaign. Plus, new integrations are continuously in the works.

Build Your Email List Easily with Voomly’s Incredibly Effective Lead-Capturing Tools

Add a lead gate or share gate to your Voomly videos, so viewers have to opt-in or share your video to continue watching. This strategy is a great way to increase high-quality leads and your conversion rate.

Create Dynamic Interactive Videos for the Most Effective Marketing Messaging Ever

With Voomly, you can ask viewers interactive questions throughout a video, then use their responses to take them to a specific point in the video. As a savvy marketer, this gives you the opportunity to hyper-target viewers with super-impactful messaging, improving your results.

Conveniently Manage Your Videos with Unlimited Installs

You can download and install Voomly on your desktop computer or laptop. More than two computers? No problem! Feel free to download and install the software on every computer you own—PC or Mac, Voomly is compatible with both. Your videos will sync, automatically to any computer you install Voomly on.

Enjoy Immediate Access to the Most Recent Version of Your Videos from Any Device … Automatically

Voomly works silently in the background, uploading and downloading videos as needed. So, if you change a video on your laptop, the changed file will also appear automatically on your desktop. Rest easy knowing you’ll always have the right video version, no matter which device you’re on.

Experience the Latest and Greatest Video Management Tools with FREE Software Updates

We’re continuously updating Voomly with bigger and better features and more functionality. Your feedback is SUPER important to us. Just like we do with our other software programs, Doodly and Toonly, we’ll constantly update Voomly with new features based on your feedback. Each time we add some super-cool function to Voomly, you’ll get an update—absolutely free of charge!

As you can see, Voomly’s incredible functionality makes hosting, managing, uploading, and customizing videos easier than ever before, while dramatically improving the results you can get from your video content.

Truly, there’s nothing on the market that’s anything like it.

Automatically Sync Your Videos To The Cloud… Lightning Fast

Voomly sits in the system tray of your computer, running seamlessly in the background while you work.

Each time a video is saved in your Voomly folder, Voomly uploads that video to the cloud automatically.

And, just as awesome, this syncing process is unbelievably fast —at least 5X-10X quicker than the manual upload process, so you can stop wasting time waiting for uploads to complete!

Voomly’s Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Interface Makes Managing Your Videos Ridiculously Simple

Copy Voomly Link

Quickly grab the URL for any video in the Voomly cloud.

Copy Embed Code

With just one click, get the code to embed a video onto your website.

Share Via Email

Share a password -protected link to a video in the cloud through the Voomly interface … so you don’t have to waste time, logging into your email account.

Show File in Folder

Instantly go to the location where a video resides on your computer.

Open File On Voomly

Go directly to your video in the cloud … without the hassles of logging in.


Simultaneously remove an unwanted video from the cloud and your computer.

Clear All

Remove all unwanted videos from the cloud and your computer with the click of a button.

Customize Every Aspect of Your Video Player’s Appearance to MAXIMIZE Video Views & Engagement

Think the look of your default video player doesn’t matter? Think again!

Research shows that by making a video player match your brand colors, you can increase video plays by a whopping 400% … which is why customizing your video player may be the fastest, easiest way to improve your videos’ results.

Fortunately, Voomly gives you plenty of customization options …

Voomly Gives You 100% Creative Control Over Video Playback

So You Can Design the IDEAL Viewing Experience

Not all videos should be played the same way.

For instance, with a product demo, you’d want people to be able to reverse and fast-forward, easily finding what they were looking for.

But, with a video sales letter or VSL, your goal is to have people watch every bit of your sales lead-in before revealing your product … in that case, skipping ahead could be a big mistake.

That’s why Voomly lets you add or remove video controls, mute a video on start-up, add clickable annotation links, and much, much more.

By choosing how viewers experience your videos, you can increase the likelihood that your videos will do what they’re supposed to do—attract leads, boost conversions, and ultimately, help you sell much more!

Create an UNLIMITED Number of Video Players So Every Single Video Is Viewed Just the Way You Want

Voomly lets you create and save as many video players as you like, giving you free reign to design the optimal viewing experience … for every single one of your videos.

And, if you want to play the same video differently on different web pages, you can do that too. Unlike its competitors, Voomly allows you to create as many players as you want--per video.

Use Advanced “Gates” as Part of Your Marketing Strategy to Promote Viral Sharing, Capture Leads, & Boost Sales

“Gates” may be your single best opportunity for getting more leads, finding new followers, and selling way more than you are today.

Voomly offers several gates, so you get the absolute best results from your videos:

Share-Gate (AKA Your Secret Weapon for Increasing Video Views)

Get users to share your video to their Facebook news feed before they can continue watching, to attract new people to your brand.

Email-Gate (AKA Your Secret Weapon for GENERATING LEADS)

Capture new leads by using an email opt-in at any point in your video. And, because Voomly integrates with Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign, adding those new leads to your list is easy as can be.

CTA-Gate (AKA Your Secret Weapon for Making More Sales)

Embed a clickable call-to-action button or image into your video, choosing when it appears and for how long. Use it to direct video viewers to a landing page.

Voomly gives you total flexibility with these gates, so you can use one or more at any point in your videos to attract new followers, get great leads, or generate higher sales!

Use Dynamic Interactive Video to Choose Which Marketing Message You’ll Deliver … for a Better User Experience

Dynamic interactive videos are one of the most effective weapons you can add to your marketing arsenal, which is why you’re going to love them.

With a dynamic interactive video, you can ask viewers a question, then based on their answer, take them to a specific point in the video that features a customized marketing message just for them.

Not only is this a super-successful tactic for boosting sales, but viewers love dynamic interactive videos because much like a “choose your own adventure,” these videos are engaging and highly personal …

Experience the Incredible Convenience of Voomly’s Quick-and-Easy Integrations

To make your life as easy as can be, Voomly plays nicely with:

Plus, more integrations are constantly in the works!

Voomly Offers Fast, Reliable Hosting Built to Meet the Tough Requirements of Streaming Video

Voomly uses Amazon CloudFront, the same fast Content Delivery Network (CDN) that industry juggernauts like Hulu, PBS, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Video all rely on.

Meaning that when you use Voomly to host your videos, you’ll enjoy:


With Amazon CloudFront, videos are stored closer to end users, speeding up delivery. Think of it as the difference between ordering a pizza from another country versus ordering one from down the block. Except you’re not getting pizza, you’re getting great video content--fast.


Spikes in video demand are no problem for Voomly. With AWS as its backend, Voomly’s well-equipped to handle traffic surges, ensuring a great video viewing experience, no matter what time of day.

Great Playback

Because Voomly grabs content a few seconds before it’s needed, video playback begins faster, fast-forwarding is more efficient, and your prospects enjoy a better viewing experience overall.


Voomly uses SSL/TLS encryption and other advanced security features to keep your videos completely secure. Once Voomly uploads your files to the cloud, only you have access to them.


Voomly uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading cloud platform. With millions of customers, AWS has repeatedly proven it can handle the rigorous demands of its worldwide users.

Cost Saving

Rather than being charged for the bandwidth of an entire video, you’ll only have to pay bandwidth for the part of the video your users watch ... so you’ll never waste one bit of your bandwidth, while saving money in the process!

So Go Ahead and Get Voomly Today!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying Voomly, we will refund 100% of your money.

Just email us at, and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30 days. Nothing could be more fair than that.

Voomly has 3 different pricing levels for you to choose from, starting as low as $9/month! Click the “Get Voomly” button below to visit the pricing page, and then select the plan that’s best for you.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying Voomly, we will refund 100% of your money.

Just email us at, and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30 days. Nothing could be more fair than that.


Available for Mac and PC