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Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Marketing dynamics have undergone significant transformations in today's constantly evolving digital landscape. Gone are the days when smartphones and social media platforms were novelties that amazed us. Today, they've become integral components of our daily interactions.

According to Wyzowl's State of Video Marketing Report, 91% of businesses now use video as a key marketing tool. And there's a good reason for it. Videos have the power to captivate, explain complex ideas, and, most importantly, create a deeper connection with viewers.

Platforms like Voomly are transitioning from mere tools to indispensable business assets.

They offer insights into effective audience engagement and guide brands on the significance of integrating video into their overarching strategies.

Video Takes the Digital Stage

A few years ago, the phrase 'content is king' dominated marketing circles. Bill Gates saw this coming much earlier.

In his 1996 essay "Content is King" for Microsoft website, Gates predicted that content, especially audio and video, would become the internet's primary revenue source. Fast forward to today, video is clearly the star.

In 2022, Cisco's research predicts that video will make up a whopping 82% of everything regular people do online. That's a super fast growth rate, and it's no accident.

Insivia found that when people watch a message in a video, they remember 95% of it. That's huge compared to just 10% if they read it. That's a big difference in retention rates!

Videos are fun to watch. They have cool pictures and sounds. Because of this, Wordstream says videos get shared 1200% more than just words or pictures on social media.

Videos can help people decide to buy things. A survey by Wyzowl showed that 88% of folks ended up buying a product after watching a video about it.

Plus, nowadays, most people spend about 6.5 hours every day online, mainly looking at stuff. In this world, videos stand out.

Robin from KodeKloud mentions that most folks, about 96%, don't trust ads. So, regular search results from places like Google and YouTube are more believable.

Vaibhav from Digital Web Solutions thinks that your online stuff, including videos, can show what's special about you.

And for websites to be noticed in 2023, Google looks for expertise, authority, and trust. That means videos about things you know well can help a lot.

When you add up all these facts and expert opinions, it's clear: video is super powerful. If businesses don't pay attention to this video trend, they might lose out. That's why tools like Voomly are so helpful. They make sure businesses are top-notch in this video-focused time.

The Power of Personalized Video Marketing

Let's face it. In today's digital world, we're swamped with information. Businesses often find it tough to get noticed amid the noise. Yet, videos made just for you or me can help a business shine. These videos don't just reach us—they speak to us. Videos that feel "made for me" grab our attention.

Did you know? A study by Instapage says 80% of us are more likely to buy when brands make us feel special.

Another interesting find from Epsilon research is that emails made just for us get opened and clicked way more than general ones.

Here's a thing: 73% of us expect brands to get us. We want them to know what we like and don't. This is called personalization.

It's like getting a special deal or a message right for you. And guess what? If brands do this well, they win our trust, and we keep returning. More personal touch = more business.

For instance, Infosys found out that 80% of us will buy from a brand that feels more personal.

Also, if they make shopping feel more personal, a study shows 49% of us will buy more!


Getting personal isn’t easy.

Here's why:

  • Data Collection and Analysis: Businesses need to know much about us to make special content. Handling all this info? Not easy.
  • Content Creation Constraints: Making a video for every single person? Sounds tough and costly.
  • Privacy Concerns: Businesses need to be careful. They must ask before getting our info and tell us how they'll use it. Keeping our trust is super important.

Brands that make us feel special? We like them more. We even spend more with them.

A personal touch can make a brand stand out.

91% of us will buy from a brand that remembers us and gives us good deals. Also, a brand that understands us can make our shopping smoother, helping us find what we’re looking for.

A personal touch can also make a business's bond with us stronger. We trust brands more when they show they know and value us. It's not about who shouts the loudest anymore. It’s about understanding and meeting our needs.

It can even help businesses save and earn more. By focusing on what really matters to us, they can get a better bang for their buck. How? By giving deals and offers we truly like. This means they spend less and sell more.

Platforms like Voomly make all this easier for businesses. They help bridge the gap, ensuring marketers reach us in personal and meaningful ways.

Revolutionizing Personalized Video Marketing

Voomly stands out in the crowded field of digital tools. It doesn't just offer a solution; it reimagines the approach to personalized video content.

Beyond mere video creation, Voomly provides a comprehensive suite of features.

It boasts customizable video templates, allowing brands to tailor their content easily. Additionally, Voomly offers insightful analytics to ensure businesses understand their audience's preferences and behaviors.

Personalized video creation comes with its set of challenges. There's a need to understand vast and varied audience segments, craft compelling narratives for each, and effectively distribute them.

Voomly simplifies this process, providing businesses with a streamlined approach to precisely reaching their target audience.

In an age where seamless access to content is crucial, Voomly employs cloud solutions to ensure videos aren't just stored but delivered flawlessly to viewers.

Its in-depth analytics, powered by modern technology, ensures that businesses aren't just broadcasting their content but are truly engaging with their viewers on a deeper level.

With Voomly, businesses are equipped not just to navigate the world of personalized video marketing but to lead in it.

So, Why are Platforms like Voomly Essential?

The significance of platforms like Voomly can be better understood by examining the following key advantages they offer:

Special Videos for Everyone: People today want videos that feel like they're made just for them. Platforms like Voomly allow businesses to create these tailored videos. When a viewer feels like a video speaks directly to them, they're more likely to engage with it and remember the message.

Standing Out: The online world is filled with videos. To get noticed, you need to be different and unique. With tools like Voomly, you can create standout videos that grab attention.

Growing Bigger but Staying Personal: As businesses grow, it can be tough to keep that personal touch. Platforms like Voomly ensure that even as you scale up, you can still produce videos that feel personal to each viewer.

Making Smart Decisions: Knowing how well your videos are doing is super important. With the Voomly Cloud's tools, businesses get insights that help them improve future videos.

All-in-One Solution with Voomly Cloud: The Voomly Cloud isn't just about Voomly. It's a package of powerful tools:

  • Doodly lets you create engaging doodle animations.
  • Toonly focuses on animated cartoon videos.
  • Talkia provides voiceover services, turning text into speech.
  • Pyks offers ways to edit and share photos.
  • People Builder is about creating animated people for videos.

Staying Updated: The digital world keeps changing. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. Platforms like Voomly keep updating and innovating, ensuring businesses always have the latest features and tools at their disposal.

Real-time Engagement: It's not just about broadcasting anymore. With Voomly, businesses can interact with their viewers in real time, building a stronger connection.

Customizable Video Templates: No need to start from scratch. Voomly provides templates businesses can tweak to fit their brand, saving time and effort.

Resonate and Be Memorable: Voomly ensures videos don't just get watched; they leave a lasting impression. By creating content that truly connects, brands become unforgettable.

All-In-One Solution: Voomly isn't just a video tool. From creation to analytics, it offers a full suite of features, making it the one-stop platform for all video marketing needs.

With these advantages, platforms like Voomly are not just useful but indispensable for businesses wanting to maximize their video marketing efforts in today's digital age.

Future Trends in Video Marketing

With platforms like Voomly firmly establishing their place in today's digital era, what does the horizon hold for video marketing? Let's explore the forthcoming trends:

  • Integration of AR and VR. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will immerse consumers in enhanced interactive video experiences.
  • AI-Personalized Video Content. The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to craft video content tailored to user behavior, preferences, and search history cannot be understated.
  • The Dominance of Video Platforms. The emphasis on platforms like YouTube is growing, with over 85% of teens believing they can achieve anything if a relevant tutorial is available. Leah Logan, VP of Media Products at Inmar Intelligence, highlights the importance of these platforms, noting that not having a presence on YouTube is akin to being absent on major web search engines. With such influence, tools like Voomly can be instrumental in optimizing content, ensuring brands resonate amidst the sea of available videos.
  • The Drive for Authentic Connections. In a statement to MarTech Advisor, Danielle Cravatt, SVP of Client Partnerships at VDX.tv, emphasizes the importance of genuine brand-consumer connections. With the saturation of marketing messages, video marketing offers an avenue for brands to foster these essential relationships.
  • Rise of Smart VideosBrian McNeill, Co-founder & COO of Stringr, underlines the growing interest in content that's entertaining and offers value, like "edutainment" tailored for platforms like YouTube. Brands must innovate to ensure their content captivates the audience's attention.
  • Cross-Platform Video Integration. The landscape is shifting towards a model where brands connect with consumers across various devices — phones and TVs. The explosive growth in the OTT space, as Danielle Cravatt pointed out, indicates video's role in upcoming marketing strategies. Platforms like Voomly can assist brands in navigating this multifaceted digital landscape.


As the digital landscape unfolds, it's clear that the future of video marketing is rich with potential. Adapting to new trends is about more than just staying relevant; it's about tapping into the future and harnessing the unmatched power of video to forge meaningful connections. As the landscape evolves, having the right tools in hand becomes imperative. Voomly stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering cutting-edge solutions for today's creators and marketers.

Ready to embrace the future of video marketing? Start your journey with Voomly and redefine what's possible!

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