14 New Video Marketing Ideas To Leverage in 2023

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Sunday, October 29, 2023

The story of Clancy’s Auto Body captures video marketing in 2023 in a nutshell.

Here’s what happened.

Within a week of posting their first video on TikTok, the South Florida body shop got 6.3 million likes, 156k followers and interviews on NBC and Business Insider.

All because of a 9 second video of a cartoon cat and caption reading:

“Guys I lied on my resume and got a job doing the social media of this body shop, please blow this up so I don’t get fired”

Businesses jumped on the trend to post their own ‘guys I lied’ video.

But here’s the thing.

In an interview, the owner said that going viral hadn’t brought in more clients.

Isn’t that something?

In this blog post, we’ve gathered 14 new video marketing ideas to leverage in 2023 that are actually proven to work for businesses that use them.

Let’s get into it!

14 New Video Marketing Ideas in 2023 to Grow Your Sales

Video Marketing is constantly changing.

But that doesn’t mean you have to jump on every new trend – or feel bad when you don’t.

Below, we’ve covered a range of techniques, platform updates and strategies that businesses are using to succeed with video marketing in 2023.

Some of these will be specific to advertising platforms.

But all of them will have an impact on how you think about video marketing ideas to boost your leads or sales.

1. Viral TikTok Sounds

TikTok Sounds are audio tracks or snippets that you can use in your videos.

But with a unique benefit.

You can quickly click on a TikTok Sound and find all the other videos that use the same audio.

Every now and then, a specific TikTok Sound will blow up.

So businesses can leverage TikTok Sounds like hashtags to participate in popular trends and reach a wider audience with very little advertising spend or existing followers.

There are three ways to find and use sounds:

1. Find TikTok Sounds on the For You Page

a. Scroll the For You Page for videos with a lot of views and that are using a specific TikTok Sound.
b. Use the search filters to bring up videos for ‘This Week’ to find videos from brands and creators using the top trending sounds.
c. Tap ‘Use This Sound’ to film your video right away or choose ‘Add to Favorites’ to save it for later.

2. Search For Relevant TikTok Sounds

a. Type ‘trending sounds’ in the TikTok search bar, followed by a topic or trend like ‘in 2023’ or ‘dance’.
b. Use the search filters to bring up videos for ‘This Week’ to find videos from brands and creators using the top trending sounds.

3. Explore the TikTok Sounds Library

a. Click the ‘+’ sign at the bottom of your home screen when you open the app
b. Click ‘Add sound’.
c. You’ll be redirected to TikTok’s Sounds page, where you’ll find popular TikTok Sounds, Favorites, and Playlists.

Case Study – Glow Hub

Glow Hub is a small skincare business catering to Gen Z customers on TikTok.

They’ve seen a crazy 1,236% return on ad spend (ROAS) using paid TikTok ads, and it’s thanks to growing their followers through clever use of TikTOk Sounds.

For example, one of their most viewed videos using the TikTok Sound I am in a very good mood this morning from Miley Cyrus.

It’s a snippet from an interview where Cyrus says:

“I’m in a very good mood this morning. Because I’m doing my favorite thing: looking at pictures of myself!”

The TikTok Sound has over 31k videos and is used by creators to make a joke about a vain activity they love doing.

Glow Hub have their own take with the caption ‘curing my spots before they scar’.

When TikTok ran ads to their top product Scar Slayer which helps customers cure their acne scarring, it sold out five times!

2. Facebook & Instagram Advantage+ Campaigns

Advantage+ campaigns arrived on Meta platforms in late 2022.

Essentially, they let Facebook or Instagram test your ads out for you.

For example, instead of creating different ad sets, you can add everything into a Advantage+ shopping campaign and have Meta figure out which creative performs best.

Advantage+ saves a lot of time.

It’s really useful for anyone with a range of video marketing ideas who wants to know which will resonate most with the target market.

Here’s how you can set up an Advantage+ campaign:

1. You need to have a Meta pixel installed on your website
2. Then visit Ads Manager
3. Click ‘Create’
4. Select ‘Sales’ as the campaign objective
5. Select ‘Advantage+ shopping campaign’
6. Name the campaign
7. Choose a ‘Conversion location’ as either ‘Website’ or ‘Website and app’
8. Choose your ‘Budget and schedule’
9. Choose your ‘Optimisation and delivery’
10. Select ‘Import’ to upload your existing marketing videos and copy
11. Hit ‘Publish’

Now all you need to do is monitor the campaign to see which combination of video, copy and placement is performing best.

Case study – Homesick

Homesick is a candle, home fragrance and lifestyle brand.

They used Advantage+ shopping campaigns and got a 27% higher return on ad spend (ROAS) when they let Facebook and Instagram decide to send users to their website or Shop.

(Shops is a tool that lets you sell products directly on Facebook or Instagram – i.e. without directing people to your website.)

This kind of ad setup would be tough without Advantage+.

Homesick would have needed to set up two separate campaigns directing users to either the Shop or to their website.

But Advantage+ let them test their video marketing ideas while converting the highest number of customers.

3. Instagram Reels

Instagram launched support for 90-second videos in the summer of 2020.

In 2022, Instagram Reels blew up.

And in 2023 Instagram Reels are still the best-performing content type on Instagram.

Here’s some more statistics about Instagram and Reels

  • Instagram’s predominant user base is Millennials, rather than Gen Z
  • ​Instagram Reels get more saves than any other content type for smaller profiles
  • ​Instagram Reels have a reach rate and impressions rate twice as high as other post types

Here’s how you can create an Instagram Reel:

1. Select Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera
2. Use the creative editing tools you wish (e.g. audio, AR effects, align, speed)
3. Proceed to the share screen where you can save a draft of your reel, change the cover image, add captions and hashtags and tag any other profiles
4. Share you Reel to your Feed

The key difference between Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories is that a Story disappears after 24 hours, where a Reel remains on your Feed indefinitely.

Case study – Displate

Displate is a marketplace for metal posters.

The business increased their sales volume 67% after promoting Reels ads alongside regular static-image ads.

The new Reels video ads were able to show the entire purchase process, from buying a poster to unboxing it and mounting it on your wall.

Not only did it increase overall sales volume, but costs per conversion dropped 40% too.

Click the image above to watch the video.

4. User Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) has evolved in-step with social media platforms.

UGC videos are effectively customer testimonials – though businesses today reverse-engineer the process.

There’s a huge market where you can pay to have UGC videos produced for you.

Industries like fashion, beauty, and travel heavily rely on UGC, as visual and experiential content is influential in their marketing videos.

Here are 4 of the most popular UGC video styles:

  • Customer Testimonials
    You can encourage satisfied customers to record video testimonials sharing their positive experiences with your products or services. (Or pay to get a UGC influencer or production house to do it for you.)
  • ​User Challenges
    You can create branded challenges or contests on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, encouraging users to share videos using your products in creative ways. (Or pay an influencer to start a challenge for you.)
  • ​Product Unboxing and Reviews
    You can send products to influencers or customers for unboxing videos and honest reviews, providing authentic content that can boost trust.
  • ​User-Generated Stories
    You can ask customers to share their personal stories or use cases related to your products through video testimonials, showcasing real-life applications and benefits. (Or pay to get a UGC influencer or production house to do it for you.)

Case study – Glossier

As you might expect, customers can often see through UGC when it’s not authentic.

That’s why Glossier stands out.

Glossier’s video marketing strategy is almost entirely founded on UGC video content provided by fans, which they upload to their Instagram channel.

But Glossier makes a point of never paying for its UGC.

This approach boosts trust and credibility and has helped Glossier hit a valuation of around $390 million.

Click the image above to watch the video.

5. Video Funnels

Video funnels are the 2023 upgrade to the traditional sales funnel.

Many sales funnels work like this:

  • Page 1 in the funnel is an opt-in page, where visitors enter their email address to receive a download or eBook
  • ​Page 2 in the funnel is a sales page with a low-ticket product
  • ​Page 3 in the funnel is a sales page with a mid-ticket product
  • ​And so on…

In the past, you needed three separate pages to build this funnel.

Now you can do all three with a single video.

For example, with a video funnel you can ask users to enter their email address right inside the video window.

You can redirect them to a new video without switching website pages, and you can add buttons at a specific timestamp with buttons to more videos or a checkout page.

Video funnels are a new video marketing technique in 2023 which is fast catching on.

Voomly is one of the first platforms to offer video funnels.

If you sell products or services via your website, then a video funnel could be the answer to growing your email list and generating more leads and sales.

Case study – Voomly

The ClickFunnels group acquired Voomly in 2021 specifically to help its audience start using our video funnels.

It all started when ClickFunnels co-founder Russell Brunson stumbled across a video.

The video was of Brad Callen, the original creator of Voomly.

Brad had managed to generate 735,127 email addresses from a single video by pausing the content half-way through and asking viewers to enter their email opt-in to keep on watching.

You can see a live example of a video funnel right on the Voomly homepage.

Click the image above to launch Voomly's homepage.

6. Thumbstop

The thumbstop rate is the rate at which viewers stop scrolling and watch past the first 3 seconds of your video.

The thumbstop rate is crucial for success in selling online.

If you can’t get viewers to watch past the first three seconds of your video, then you’ll never get them to stick around and find out what you’re selling them.

In fact, many video marketers find the thumbstop rate is the single-most important video marketing idea to focus on.

Here’s a few ideas you can use to improve your thumbstop rate:

  • Start with a question that invites curiosity
  • ​Make a controversial statement
  • ​Use a quick cut or sudden change in pace
  • ​Create an unexpected scene
  • ​Include a bizarre prop

Case study – Funnel.io.

A thumbstop rate of 20-30% is usually considered good.

It means that 20-30 out of every 100 people stopped scrolling to watch past the first 3 seconds of your video.

But we found a video with a 55% thumbstop rate.

The marketing team at Funnel.io were testing out different ways to start their videos when one of them took off.

The video started with someone knocking on the camera – so it looked like they were tapping on the screen of your mobile phone.

7. Personalized Video Marketing

Personalized video marketing is a buzzword in 2023.

But in truth, it’s not a new concept.

Marketers have been personalizing their content ever since the days of direct mail when copywriters would mass-produce handwritten envelopes and signatures so it looked like the letter was addressed to the recipient alone.

Fast-forward to today and there are hundreds of ideas for how you can personalize your video marketing.

The ideas range from creating unique screencasts to send to one single prospect all the way to using advanced AI software to generate thousands of personalized videos to your customers all at once.

Case study – PAOK

Here’s an example of mass-produced personalized video marketing.

Ahead of the 2023-2024 soccer season, the Greek team PAOK wanted to increase sales of season tickets.

So they sent each follower a 45-second video showing top players Stefanos Tzimas and Konstantinos Koulierakis messaging each other and traveling to the soccer stadium.

Throughout the video there are advertisements, mugs, personalized cards and a reserved space in the changing room with the fans’ name.

Obviously, they used software to auto-generate the name of each fan who sent the video.

But the results were a 23% conversion rate from each video view!

8. Shoppable Videos on Facebook & Instagram

Shoppable videos let you sell on every video you post to Facebook and Instagram.

This is done through product tags and stickers.

Users can tap on one of the tags and be redirected straight to your product page (or to your Shop hosted on Facebook or Instagram).

You can publish shoppable videos to your Facebook or Instagram feeds, as well as in your stories.

Shoppable videos make it much easier to market your products on Meta platforms as users don’t need to find the right link in a description – the product on-screen comes with its own interactive tag.

In fact, 32% of sales on Instagram and Facebook now come from tagged content in 2023.

To tag products you first need to add them to your Facebook or Instagram Shop.

Then follow these steps:

  • Go to your page and click ‘Create post’
  • ​Upload your video
  • ​Next to ‘Add to your post’, click the Shop icon
  • ​Click ‘Upload photos or video’
  • ​Then choose the product that you want to tag
  • ​Click ‘Finished tagging and save’

Case study – One Boy

Tawainese fashion brand One Boy cut their cost per purchase by 30% with shoppable videos.

They also got 20% more clicks from marketing videos that had a product tag, compared with video ads that had no product tags.

One Boy linked the tags directly to products they featured inside their Instagram Shop.

This made the purchase journey much faster and smoother than before.

9. Interactive Video

Interactive video lets viewers to actively engage with content rather than passively watch.

In 2023, this kind of content is just starting to take off.

Businesses across various industries such as e-commerce, education, and entertainment, use interactive video to:

  • captivate audiences
  • ​enhance user participation
  • ​gather valuable data
  • ​drive sales
  • ​increase brand loyalty

Interactive videos are still something of a novelty so you can use this to your advantage before more businesses catch on.

Case Study – Doodly

Doodly is the world’s leading whiteboard animation software.

It’s also part of every Voomly Cloud subscription, which allows video marketers and businesses to use video funnels, interactive video elements and doodle drawings all together.

A case in point is the interactive video which has helped to sell over 150,000 subscriptions to the Doodly video editor.

The interactive video is effective because it asks the viewer to select their niche.

They can choose from:

  • Coaching
  • ​Health & fitness
  • ​Digital marketing
  • ​Real estate
  • ​Education
  • ​Spiritual
  • ​For fun
  • ​Other

And then they are redirected to another video which shows them how useful Doodly can be to create marketing videos in that industry.

Watch it below!

Click the image above to launch Doodly's Sales Funnel Video.

10. AR/VR Video Marketing

Apple’s VR headset came out in 2023.

But AR/VR video marketing had already arrived a while ago.

And you can use AR/VR video marketing ideas right now to create viral launches or unique product demonstrations that drive leads and sales better than ever before.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Virtual Try-Ons
    AR allows customers to virtually try on products like clothing, cosmetics, or eyewear before making a purchase. Brands like IKEA also let you visualize how an item of furniture would look in your house by using your smartphone camera.
  • 360-Degree Product Tours
    VR enables immersive 360-degree product demonstrations, enhancing the customer's understanding and engagement. Hotels and real estate agencies also use 360-degree tours to help visitors get a feel of the location before booking or buying.
  • ​Interactive Product Configurators
    AR/VR can be used to create interactive tools where customers customize products to their preferences before checking out.

While AR/VR technologies can give you endless video marketing ideas, they’re likely still expensive or difficult to produce in 2023.

Case study – Sokos

Finnish department store Sokos managed to cut its cost per acquisition by 69% after promoting an augmented reality filter in Facebook and Instagram ads.

Here’s how it worked.

The company worked with Meta to develop 5 different filters that would let customers test out different makeup products without leaving their coach.

For example, users could view themselves in their own camera with a blue-colored eye shadow makeup.

11. AI Video Marketing

AI is transforming video marketing.

In fact, if you’ve already published a video to promote your product or service it’s likely you’ve used AI technology without realizing it.

Video marketers are using AI in 2023 to:

  • Generate captions
  • ​Create chapters
  • ​Transcribe audio content into show notes
  • ​Cut short form clips from longer videos
  • ​Adjust camera lighting, colors and effects
  • ​Turn text into human-sounding voice overs
  • ​Zoom in at key moments
  • ​And many more!

You’ve probably also seen marketing videos appear with an AI-generated speaker talking to camera.

Soon, we’re likely to see a lot more capabilities added.

But for the time being there are hundreds of AI video marketing ideas which will help you save time during the video production process.

Case study – DocuLife

DocuLife is a German SaaS company that connects documents and data with Salesforce Apps.

The head of marketing began making product explainers for a video marketing strategy.

But there was a problem.

It was taking forever to produce, record and edit the videos for launch.

DocuLife used the AI video platform Synthesia to create these product explainer videos for him – all he had to do was to upload a script, select an avatar and generate an AI video.

12. TikTok Stitch & Duets

Stitching and duetting are two more TikTok features that businesses can use to gain followers and drive sales.

Duets are side-by-side clips played at the same time.

Stitches are shown in sequence with the original clip first and then a new recording.

Businesses can pick a trending duet or stitch and create a video on TikTok to generate views, or with enough creativity they can create their own duet or stitch and hope it catches on!

To create a duet video on TikTok:

  • Tap the Share button on the side of the video you'd like to duet.
  • ​Tap ‘Duet’ at the bottom.
  • ​Choose from the filming options on the side panel.
  • ​Tap the Record button to start and stop your recording, then tap the check mark.
  • ​Edit your video
  • ​Tap ‘Next’.
  • ​Adjust your settings
  • ​Write a caption
  • ​Tap ‘Post’

(Note: not all videos had the duet feature enabled.)

To create a stitch video on TikTok:

1. Tap the ‘Share’ button on the side of the video you'd like to Stitch.
2. Tap ‘Stitch’ at the bottom.
3. Choose the part of the video you'd like to Stitch, then tap ‘Next’.
4. Choose from the filming options on the side panel.
5. Tap the ‘Record’ button to start and stop your recording, then tap the check mark.
6. Edit your video.
7. Tap ‘Next’.
8. Adjust your settings
9. Write a caption
10. Tap ‘Post’.

Case study – Apple

Apple’s ‘Close Your Rings’ challenge was a TikTok duet designed to get Apple Watch users to complete an exercise challenge.

It soon went viral.

Users posted their own attempts at following the instructors fitness moves in the original video, and soon the Close Your Rings challenge had over 32 billion views.

It was one of the most viral TikTok Stitch videos ever created by a business.

Click the image above to launch the video.

13. YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts ads arrived in early 2023.

For the first time, advertisers can now create vide os that play in between YouTube’s answer to short-form content.

It’s a new opportunity for video marketers to reach new audiences – according to a YouTube update in May, YouTube Shorts are getting 50 billion views daily!

There are a variety of ways to get seen on Shorts and it’s a platform that’s still relatively untouched in 2023.

If you get started now, it’s a rare opportunity to be ahead of the next video marketing trend.

Case study – Cider

Ecommerce clothing brand Cider needed to find a way to lower their customer acquisition costs.

So they turned to YouTube Shorts earlier this year.

Cider created vertical videos promoting first-time purchase discounts and combined these with custom intent targeting – this meant their ads were shown to people most likely to convert.

The results?

Cider reduced their cost per acquisition by 46%.

They also saw a 40% increase in new customers and a 46% higher conversion rate.

14. Influencer Video Marketing

Influencer video marketing has evolved from its roots in celebrity endorsements to become a dominant force in modern digital advertising.

Initially, celebrities and athletes were the primary influencers.

But today, almost anyone can be an influencer.

Industries that rely most on influencer video marketing tend to be fashion and beauty – but influencers are also powerful in tech and gaming too.

While influencer marketing is not new, the way in which partnerships are promoted is.

Key trends in 2023 include:

  • Micro and nano influencers are on the rise, promoting niche products to niche audiences
  • ​Brands are looking for long-term partnerships rather than one-off projects
  • ​TikTok is booming – influencer marketing spend amounted to $800 million in 2022, and is expected to break $1 billion this year
  • ​Performance-based deals are increasingly common
  • ​Transparency and authenticity are more and more important

Case study – Tentree

Tentree is a great case study that demonstrates the shift in influencer marketing in 2023.

It all started with a campaign goal to plant 1 billion trees, financed by product sales.

The company reached out to a number of small influencers and tracked sales through the use of affiliate links and discount codes.

The campaign saw a 13x ROI generated per creator and 1,000 new sales.

Final Thoughts

A lot of businesses think that ‘going viral’ on social media is the answer to all their marketing problems.

The truth in 2023 is the opposite.

With so many people on social media platforms, all you need to do is engage a specific audience on a specific platform, and you’ll find more than enough new customers.

But you need to have video marketing ideas to get started.

The 154 examples here can be used on either social media or your website – or both

We hope you’ve had a number of lightbulb moments to get inspired!

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