10 Video Marketing Examples That Will Inspire Your Own!

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Friday, January 05, 2024

Okay, so you’ve seen all those video marketing examples that look amazing and have enjoyed huge success. You want to dive into VIDEO too because you *know* how powerful they can be.

But … you don’t know where to start 🤔

You see everyone finding success with it, but is it really that easy? I mean, nothing in this business game is easy… right? You don’t want to waste your time, let alone your money.

Fret not, my entrepreneurial friend 🙌

Because although video marketing isn't easy, it doesn’t have to be hard — not when you have the following video marketing examples to lead you on your way. So sit back and take a breath because soon you will know where to start and you will know what to do.

… in a way that won’t cost you all that time ⏱️ and money 💰

But before we get to those sweet video marketing examples, first we have a few VERY important foundational steps to cover — skipping these will cost you 😔

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a pretty simple concept … it’s the use of videos to promote and market your product/service, increase your online engagement, educate your existing audience, and reach exciting new ones.

Done right, it can be uber-powerful, providing game-changing benefits like these 👇👇

  • Increased Reach
  • ​Improved Engagement
  • ​Optimized SEO
  • ​Better Conversions
  • ​Spiked Leads, Followers, Retention, Loyalty… you name it 🚀

Studies suggest 66% of consumers actively search for video content to find out more about a brand … so that means right now (this very second) there’s someone out there in the online world looking to learn more about YOU and they are turning to VIDEO for help.

The question is … are you delivering on this?

Chances are, you’re not. But don’t worry because righting this wrong isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. It isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard so long as you focus on the right type of video for you, your brand, and your audience.

Different Types of Video Marketing Examples

The first big lesson here is to appreciate not all videos are the same. There are different types, as the video marketing examples below show 😎

So before we dive into them and explain what we love (and why they work), let’s first cover the main types of video marketing so you can choose the *right* one for your brand…

The Explainer Video
With this type of video, you help your audience better understand how your product works and what it is you offer. Often, you’ll use some kind of story or customer journey to walk them through what working with you looks (and feels) like.

The Animated Explainer Video
Similar to above, but this time using a tool like Doodly or Toonly to create an eye-catching animation that stands out in the sea or talking-head videos 🥱

The Product Example/Demo Video
This type of video explains (and shows) how your product works, taking your audience on a tour of how your product.software/service works.

The Brand Promo Video
Here, your aim is to promote your brand overall with a video that dives into your story, culture, values, or anything else that sets you apart from your competitors.

The Live/Event Video
With this type of video, you get to showcase your events, live talks, presentations, and even a behind-the-scenes peek into what your business does and its inner workings.

The Educational/How-To Video
It’s said 30.6% of consumers search for tutorials/how-to videos, making it one of the most popular forms of video marketing. Although it can center around your product/offer, it often gives your audience value, showing them how to do something/solve a problem. By being of help and value, you quickly build trust and credibility.

The Interview Video
Your aim with this type of video is to connect your brand with some kind of expert (or customer), interviewing them and building a bridge between their credibility and your offer.

The Customer Testimonial/Case Study Video
You saying a thing is fine, but most of the time your audience wants to know what other people like them think, feel, and have experienced. Through a video like this, you bring their words to life so your potential customers can literally see what your existing ones have to say.

The Customer Review Video
This final type of video can be powerful, especially when a customer takes the time to record an in-depth review like this one for Toonly

You’ve likely already noticed this, but YouTube is a big deal these days. There are channels dedicated to reviews like these, covering every industry and niche you can imagine.

It’s by far one of the more powerful video marketing examples 💪

Speaking of examples … let's dive into some more. Because although learning about these different types is valuable, it’s nothing compared to seeing them in action 🎬

10 EPIC Video Marketing Examples

We’ve made it to the good stuff and some of our favorite video marketing examples around — complete with commentary and context so you know WHY they work 🙌

But before you dive in, take a step back and prepare yourself to take notes.

Study these videos and keep bringing it back to you … your brand … your audience … and how each video relates to your world 🌏 There’s no such thing as the perfect video in marketing!

All that matters is you choose the *right* one for you 🙏
Let the following video marketing examples inspire you 🤜

1: ClickFunnels

Type of Video Marketing: Brand Promo

What We Love About This Video
The first thing you’ll notice about ClickFunnel’s Brand Promo video is that it uses humor to capture and keep attention. This is important no matter what video you create. Unless you trigger some kind of feeling in your audience, you won’t achieve what you desire.

And humor is one of the best emotions to trigger 😎

But it’s not all about the funnies, because this video also leverages

  • Data & Stats to back up what they say
  • ​Credibility, with screenshots of Tony Robbins (among others)
  • ​Problems, and how ClickFunnels solves them
  • ​A Show Not Tell approach that showcases how the software works

At no point is this video about the product itself. It keeps everything high-level, but within a few minutes, you know what ClickFunnels does, who it helps, how, and what sets it apart.

What You Can Learn From This Video Marketing Example
Make sure your video triggers an emotion, be it humor, fear, desire, or whatever else…

2: Okta

Type of Video Marketing: Explainer Video

What We Love About This Video
What stands out with this Explainer Video is that rather than recording a ScreenFlow of HOW the software works—something most brands do—Okta brings the experience to life with an ever-moving shot that never stands still.

It’s the difference between creating an active and passive experience.
And ACTIVE, if you couldn’t have guessed, is much-much better 🚀

Yet it isn’t just a fast-paced video that keeps your attention, but one that constantly uses its customer’s problems to guide the narrative. Without *showing* what the Okta software does (or even looks like), you know exactly who it helps (and how).

A very clever and fresh approach to an otherwise stale type of video marketing.

What You Can Learn From This Video Marketing Example
Don’t settle for the obvious … ensure your video feels immersive and keeps attention.

3: Easy Entrepreneur

Type of Video Marketing: Animated Explainer Video

What We Love About This Video
The problem with the often stale approach to an Explainer Video is that it’s expensive and hard to achieve what Okta did above. HOWEVER … there is another way, which is where an Animated Explainer Video like this one comes in 😎

Similar to Okta, this Explainer Video from Easy Entrepreneur keeps the pace flowing with ever-changing scenes, backgrounds, and characters. And, like Okta, the end user and their pain/problems/current situation are used to frame HOW the service works.

Again, you don’t get to see the product in action but know exactly who it’s for and how it works — this is the whole point of an explainer video 👍

What You Can Learn From This Video Marketing Example
By using a tool like Toonly, you can easily and affordably make a non-stale and non-boring explainer video … speaking of Toonly 👇👇

4: Toonly

Type of Video Marketing: Animated Educational/How-To

What We Love About This Video
As we mentioned earlier, “How-To” videos are some of the most craved in the online world. They educate and inform your audience, which is often important — especially if what you offer is complex and isn’t easily explained in a couple of minutes.

The other big WIN here is that with a “How To” video like this one ☝️☝️ you can create a long video that keeps your audience’s attention for a looooong time (without it feeling that way).

What You Can Learn From This Video Marketing Example
Think about your product/offer and what aspects of it are more complex and nuanced. Once you hone in on these, think about how you can bring them to life by *showing* your audience how it works — watch the above Toonly video and take notes on how it's done 🖊️

5: Dollar Shave

Type of Video Marketing: Brand Promo

What We Love About This Video
We had to showcase this one, didn’t we … even all these years later (and 28+ million views) it remains one of the best Online Brand Promo videos around.

Similar to ClickFunnel’s from earlier, Dollar Shave uses humor to capture and keep attention.

And, as you may notice, at no point is the actual product shown. This is the power of Triggering Emotions and making your audience FEEL. So long as you achieve this, the actual message becomes an afterthought — yet it still roots its way into your audience’s brain regardless 🤯

What You Can Learn From This Video Marketing Example
Spend some time thinking about your ideal audience and the type of emotion that will best capture their attention — from there, think about how you can KEEP their attention with a video that doesn’t just talk about your product/offer (yawn 🥱)

6: Funnel Hacking

Type of Video Marketing: Live/Event

What We Love About This Video
What you notice when you watch this video is the ENERGY it brings to the table. The event takes center stage, but the video itself never focuses on buying a ticket.

Instead, it does a great job of SHOWING the excitement, value, benefits, and vibes you experience when you attend 🥳

When it comes to a video that focuses on an event (or a behind-the-scenes peek into your business/world) bringing all those feelings to life is key 🔐

What You Can Learn From This Video Marketing Example
With a Live/Event Video, you have the power to SHOW instead of telling your audience what’s on offer. As such, don’t get caught up in details; focus on feelings and emotions.

7: Russel Brunson & Tony Robbins

Type of Video Marketing: Interview

What We Love About This Video
Although the main feature of this video is an exclusive interview with a highly-credible and famous person like Tony Robbins, the thing we love about it is it doesn’t just dive straight into the conversation 🎤

Instead, Russel lays the foundations, sharing the story BEHIND the interview 🫶

It gives it an added layer that sets it apart from a standard interview video.

What You Can Learn From This Video Marketing Example
Always look for ways to go BEYOND … even though the interview may take center stage, think about how you can complement it with stories, different camera angles, and additional footage.

8: Dropbox

Type of Video Marketing: Customer Testimonial/Case Study

What We Love About This Video
One of the best ways to add credibility to your offer is to hand your customers the mic 🎙️

This is what Dropbox does, and they do a great job of not just sharing one or two customer perspectives, but several. In addition to this, they complement what they say with relevant B-Roll footage that brings the video to life and keep your attention 👀

What You Can Learn From This Video Marketing Example
Leverage your existing customers. Speak to them. Invite them to share their experiences and pass the mic over to them. Doing so makes some of the most relatable and impactful videos.

9: ClickFunnels

Type of Video Marketing: Product Example/Demo

What We Love About This Video
We’ve already seen some high-production value from the ClickFunnel team, but this video shows you can achieve A LOT with a simple video that anyone can record 📼

The key (and focus) here is to provide relevant information.
That’s the whole purpose of a DEMO video like this one 💪

In fact, the simpler you keep it the better as you don’t want to take away from the information on the screen — this is, after all, how you SHOW your audience HOW your product works.

What You Can Learn From This Video Marketing Example
When it comes to a DEMO video, simple is best.

Your aim is to hone in on what your audience needs to know. Once you’re clear on this, think about how you can share it with them in the easiest way possible.

10: Voomly Brand Video

Type of Video Marketing: Brand Promo

What We Love About This Video
We’re obviously proud of this Voomly Brand Video, but the reason we share it in this list is it’s a great example that:

  • ​Highlights our audience’s pain (in the opening few seconds)
  • ​Showcases the various features that solve this pain (throughout the video)

Be sure to study this one ☝️☝️ because although your Brand Promo is about you, you can never make it solely about you; in fact, the star of the show should always be your customer 🌟

What You Can Learn From This Video Marketing Example
Think how you can simultaneously highlight your audience’s pain and SHOW your offer is what solves it in an engaging way without a list of long features (remember, show… do not tell!)

BONUS: Doodly

Type of Video Marketing: Animated Explainer Video

What We Love About This Video
We just had to share this with you as a BONUS because creating a hand-drawn explainer video is one of THE best ways to capture and keep attention—and rise above the crowd of videos 🙌

By using your customer’s journey, you can effortlessly show potential customers how your offer takes them from pain to pleasure. And with an animated approach like this ☝️☝️ you do it in a way that 1) stands out, 2) keeps their attention, and 3) is both affordable and easy to create

👉👉 see for yourself by test-driving Doodly today (for FREE) 🚀

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is no longer a luxury in the business world, reserved only for giants of the game with bottomless budgets. It’s open for anyone to use, and the creative direction you can take — as you can now see after studying these video marketing examples — is vast 🤯

What’s more, video marketing is fast becoming an ESSENTIAL part of business.

You need to do it to stay in the game, let alone stand out for the right reasons.

So take some time to study each one of these video marketing examples and constantly ask yourself: how can I capture and keep MY ideal customer with a great video?

That’s all that matters. This is about you + them.

Once you have the idea, use the *right* tools to bring it to life — the best place to start is with your Free Voomly Trial which gives you access to an array of interactive features (unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere online) PLUS game-changing tools like Toonly, Doodly & more.

Explore today with your free trial 🚀

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