Transform Your Doodly Videos into Interactive PDFs

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Monday, January 29, 2024

Hey fellow doodlers!

I bet many of you are pretty savvy with Doodly, creating all those cool videos and animations. But…

Did you know you can take your Doodly video and turn it into an interactive PDF?

Yes, you heard that right.

Today, we’re going to show you exactly how to do that.

Imagine taking your dynamic Doodly videos and sharing them in a whole new way.

Whether it’s for a presentation, a project, or just to share your creativity, transforming your videos into interactive PDFs opens up a world of possibilities!

We'll guide you through each step, making it super easy and fun.

So, if you're ready to add an exciting, interactive twist to your Doodly videos, let's dive in!

Setting the Stage: Before We Dive Into the Transformation

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of transforming your Doodly videos into interactive PDFs, let's set the stage for what we're about to do.

First, you'll want to have your Doodly video ready – maybe it's a tutorial you've created, an engaging story, or an explainer video about your latest project.

Next, it's crucial to understand what makes a PDF interactive.

Unlike a standard PDF, an interactive one can include elements like clickable links, embedded videos, or even animation.

This isn't just about converting a video into a document; it's about creating a PDF that engages and interacts with your audience.

We'll be covering everything from exporting your Doodly scenes to adding those interactive touches that'll make your PDF stand out.

Remember, the goal here is to make your content not just seen but experienced.

Ready to start? Great!

In the following sections, we’ll guide you through each step of this exciting journey.

First Steps: Preparing Your Doodly Video

Alright, let's roll up our sleeves and start this creative adventure.

The first thing you need is your Doodly video.

Maybe you've already got a bunch of these videos in your collection, or perhaps you're planning to create a new one for this purpose.

Either way, choose a video that best fits the message or story you want to convey in your interactive PDF.

Once you've selected your video, here's what you need to do:

  • Watch your Doodly video carefully. Think about the key scenes or moments you want to highlight in your PDF. These will be the scenes that you’ll transform into interactive elements later on.
  • Doodly lets you export individual scenes as images. This feature is your best friend in this process. Go through your video, pick the scenes you want to use, and export them as high-quality images. These images will form the visual basis of your interactive PDF.
  • Besides the scenes from your Doodly video, think about any other materials you might want to include in your PDF. This could be text descriptions, additional images, or even links to external resources. Gathering all these materials beforehand will make the process smoother.

Now that you've got your Doodly scenes and additional materials ready, you're all set to start creating your interactive PDF. In the next section, we’ll dive into how to bring all these elements together and add that interactive magic!​

Creating Your Interactive PDF: The Transformation Begins​

With your Doodly scenes selected and additional materials at hand, it's time to start the transformation. This is where your Doodly video begins to morph into an engaging, interactive PDF. Here’s how you can start:

  • Open your preferred word processor or PDF creation tool. This could be Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other software that allows you to save or export documents as PDFs. Start by setting up a blank document.
  • Insert the images of your Doodly scenes into the document. Arrange them in the order they appear in the video or in a way that best tells your story. Remember, each image will serve as a visual anchor point in your PDF.
  • Next to each image, add text descriptions or any relevant information that complements the scene. This could include context, explanations, or even questions that prompt reader interaction.
  • Now for the fun part – making your PDF interactive. You can embed links within your text that lead to additional resources, related videos, or even websites. If your PDF creator tool allows, you can also embed other interactive elements like fillable forms or animated GIFs.

Once you’ve placed all elements, take a moment to review your document. Check for the flow of information, visual appeal, and interactive elements. Make sure everything is aligned with your goal of creating an engaging and interactive experience.

Finalizing and Sharing Your Interactive PDF​

You're almost there! Now that you've laid out your Doodly scenes and added all the interactive elements, it's time to put the finishing touches on your interactive PDF. Here’s what to do next:

1. Give your PDF a professional touch. Adjust the layout for readability, choose fonts that are easy on the eyes, and maybe add some color or branding elements that reflect your style or your company’s identity.

2. Double-check all your interactive elements. Ensure that all links are working, and if you've included animations or fillable fields, test them to see they function as intended. This step is crucial to make sure your audience has a smooth experience.​

3. Once everything looks good, it’s time to convert your document into a PDF. Most word processors and PDF tools have a simple 'Save As' or 'Export' option where you can select PDF as the format.

4. Before sharing, open your PDF and go through it one more time. Click every link and interact with every element to ensure everything works seamlessly.

5. Now for the grand finale – sharing your interactive PDF! You can email it, share it on social media, embed it on your website, or even use it in presentations. The beauty of an interactive PDF is its versatility in sharing and the ease with which your audience can engage with it.

Congratulations, you’ve just elevated your Doodly video to a new level of interactivity and engagement! These interactive PDFs are not just documents; they're immersive experiences that can educate, inform, and entertain.

Benefits of Converting Doodly Videos into PDF Format

Now, you might be wondering why it's such a great idea to convert your Doodly videos into PDFs. Let me break it down for you:

Perfect for Reviews and Approvals
When you need someone to review or approve your video, a PDF can be a game-changer. It allows reviewers to pinpoint specific scenes and jot down their thoughts right next to the image. This way, you get precise and organized feedback, making the revision process a whole lot smoother.

Ideal for Handouts in Presentations
Imagine giving a presentation and having handy PDFs to distribute to your audience. These PDFs, derived from your Doodly video, can highlight key points, making it easier for your audience to remember and reference your content later.

Ensures Broader Accessibility
Videos are great, but not always the most accessible format. PDFs, on the other hand, can be opened on almost any device, making your content more reachable to a wider audience, regardless of their tech setup.

Interactive Elements Add Engagement
Interactive PDFs can be a delightful surprise for your audience. By embedding clickable links, animations, or even quizzes, you turn a standard document into an engaging, interactive experience.

Simplifies Complex Information
For those detailed, information-packed Doodly videos, a PDF can help break down the content into more digestible parts. It's a great way to simplify complex subjects and ensure your audience grasps the key concepts.

Acts as a Reliable Record
Having a PDF version of your Doodly video is like keeping a detailed record. It's handy for archival purposes, future references, or when you need a static version of your dynamic content.

Supplements Educational Content
In educational settings, a PDF version of your Doodly video can be an invaluable resource. It serves as a study guide, reinforcing the learning material and providing students with a reference point they can always go back to.

In short, converting your Doodly videos into PDFs is about more than just changing formats; it’s about enhancing the reach, accessibility, and impact of your content.

Advanced Tips for Seasoned Doodly Users

For those of you who have been using Doodly for a while and are looking to push the boundaries even further, here are some advanced tips to create even more engaging interactive PDFs:

  • ​Think of your PDF not just as a static page, but as a layered story. Integrate your Doodly scenes with interactive elements that reveal additional layers of information, such as pop-up texts or hidden links, to create a more dynamic storytelling experience.
  • ​Beyond static images, consider embedding short video clips or audio snippets from your Doodly videos. This multimedia approach can add depth and richness to your PDF, making it more immersive.​
  • ​Create an interactive table of contents or navigation menu within your PDF. This allows users to easily jump to different sections or scenes, providing a more user-friendly and engaging experience.
  • ​Design parts of your PDF where viewers can input their own responses or choices. This can be through fillable forms or embedded surveys, which not only engage but also can provide valuable feedback or data.
  • ​If your PDF software allows, adding subtle animations to your Doodly images can bring a lively feel to your document. Even simple transitions or animated annotations can make the PDF more interactive and enjoyable to navigate.
  • ​Explore the advanced features of your PDF software. This could include adding bookmarks, using layers for different types of content, or even integrating JavaScript for more complex interactions.
  • ​Regularly test your interactive PDF on different devices and platforms to ensure compatibility and smooth functioning. Also, gather feedback from your audience to continuously improve the interactivity and engagement of your PDFs.

By incorporating these advanced techniques, you can transform your Doodly videos into truly interactive and immersive PDF experiences that captivate and engage your audience on a deeper level.

And that's a wrap!

Who knew that your creative Doodly projects could take on such an exciting new form?

By following the steps we've discussed, you've not only learned a cool new way to present your ideas but also opened up a whole new avenue for engaging with your audience.

Whether you're using these interactive PDFs for education, marketing, or just to showcase your creativity, the possibilities are endless. They're a perfect blend of visual appeal and interactive fun, making your messages more impactful and memorable.

So, go ahead and experiment with your Doodly creations. Transform them into interactive PDFs and see how they can make your presentations, lessons, or storytelling more dynamic and engaging. Remember, the only limit is your imagination!

Thank you for joining me on this journey to explore the potential of Doodly and interactive PDFs. I'm excited to see the amazing creations you’ll craft from your Doodly videos. Let your creativity flow and watch as your stories come alive in new and interactive ways.

Here's to your success in both doodling and creating impactful PDFs!

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