Transform Your Child's Artwork into a Digital Father's Day Gift

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Monday, June 17, 2024

Father's Day is a cherished tradition celebrated around the world, honoring the fathers and father figures who play such vital roles in our lives. Particularly in the United States, Father's Day is a time for families to come together, show appreciation, and create lasting memories. From breakfast in bed to handmade cards, the ways we celebrate may vary, but the sentiment remains the same: gratitude and love for the dads who do so much.

This article explores a unique and modern twist on a classic Father's Day gift—transforming your child's real artwork into a digital masterpiece using Doodly. While this example focuses on parents with toddlers, the method is versatile enough for anyone looking to preserve handwritten artwork in a digital format. In an era dominated by digital media, where dads frequently use phones, laptops, and other devices, converting physical doodles into digital art offers convenience and accessibility. Being able to pull up your child's heartwarming drawings with just a tap, without the hassle of carrying around fragile paper, is a game-changer.

The challenge, however, lies in how to effectively convert those precious scribbles into polished digital art. This is especially useful for first-time dads who might spend long hours at the office and miss out on daytime activities with their kids. A digital version of their children's artwork can be a constant, heartwarming reminder of their little ones, available anytime, anywhere.

In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of creating a personalized Father's Day video using Doodly. We'll show you how to clean up and digitize those adorable drawings, turning them into a professional-looking animation. Whether you’re a tech-savvy parent or a complete beginner, this guide will help you bring a touch of modernity to your Father’s Day celebration.

Let’s get started on creating a digital keepsake that will make this Father’s Day truly unforgettable.

Getting Started 

Prepare Your Child's Artwork

Choose a Piece of Artwork to Use

The first step in creating a memorable Father's Day video is selecting the perfect piece of artwork created by your child. This could be anything from a colorful doodle to a cherished drawing. The goal is to choose something that holds sentimental value and captures the essence of your child's creativity. For example, a drawing your child made of their family or a simple hand-drawn card can be ideal. These personal touches make the video heartfelt and unique.

Example: Drawing by a Child

Imagine you have a drawing your child made when they were four. It might be on a piece of paper that has been folded multiple times, perhaps even turned into a paper airplane at some point. This drawing, with all its imperfections and love, is what you will transform into a digital masterpiece using Doodly.

Cleaning Up the Artwork

Use a Free Online Stencil Maker at

To ensure the artwork looks clean and professional in your Doodly video, you’ll need to clean it up a bit. Instead of using expensive software like Photoshop, you can use a free online stencil maker available at This tool helps you convert your child's drawing into a clean, digital stencil.

Steps to Upload and Clean the Image

1. Search for the Tool

Instead of going directly to, it's easier to find the specific tool by using Google. Go to Google and search for "free online stencil tool." This will help you find the exact page you need.

2. Select "Photograph to Pattern"

In the search results, you will find two main links for Rapidresizer. One link is for alphabet letters and number stencils, and the other is for "Photograph to Pattern." Click on the second link, which will take you directly to the tool that traces photos and pictures into stencils.

3. Upload Your Child's Drawing

Click on the option to upload an image from your device. Locate the drawing on your computer and upload it.

4. Adjust the Settings

Once the image is uploaded, you can adjust various settings to clean up the drawing. Play around with the threshold and other filters until the artwork looks neat and the unwanted marks are minimized. The goal is to have clean lines that will look good when traced by the Doodly animation hand.

5. Download the Cleaned Image

After you’re satisfied with the cleaned-up version of the drawing, download it to your computer. This file will be used in the next step.

Creating the Father's Day Video

Creating a New Video Project

Now that your child's artwork is ready, it's time to create a new video project in Doodly. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Open Doodly

Launch the Doodly software on your computer. If it’s not installed yet, you’ll need to download and install it first.

2. Create a New Video

Click on the "Create New Video" button on the Doodly dashboard. A prompt will appear asking you to name your project and choose the dimensions. Name your project something like "Father's Day Video" and select the appropriate dimensions. For sharing on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, choose the square format.

Adding and Arranging Images

Import the Cleaned Artwork

With your project set up, the next step is to import the cleaned artwork and arrange it on the canvas.

1. Go to Props

In the Doodly interface, navigate to the "Props" tab on the left-hand side.

2. Upload the Artwork

Click on the "blue plus" button and locate the cleaned artwork file you downloaded from Rapidresizer. Upload this image to your Doodly library.

3. Place the Image

Drag and drop the uploaded artwork onto the canvas. Resize and position it to fit your design vision. You might want to center it or place it in a specific part of the frame depending on your overall plan for the video.

4. Add Additional Images

To enhance the video, consider adding a few royalty-free images that match the hand-drawn style. Websites like Pixabay and Freepik offer a great selection. Download these images and upload them to Doodly just like you did with the artwork.

5. Arrange the Images

Place these additional images around your child’s artwork to create a cohesive and visually appealing composition. Make sure the arrangement looks balanced and draws attention to the main artwork.

Adjusting Image Durations and Transitions

Set Appropriate Durations

To make the video engaging, adjust the duration and transitions for each image.

1. Select All Images

Click and drag to select all the images on the canvas. Alternatively, you can select each image one by one while holding down the "Shift" key.

2. Adjust Durations

Right-click on the selected images and choose "Settings." Change the duration to 0.5 seconds (half a second). This ensures that the images appear quickly and keep the viewer's attention.

3. Set Transitions

To make the images appear smoothly, change the transition effect. Click on the pencil icon for each image and select "Fade" instead of "Draw." This will make the images fade in and out, creating a seamless and professional look.

Customizing Hand Style and Erase Mode

Select a Cartoon Hand Style

Since the video features a child’s artwork, a cartoon hand style adds a playful touch.

1. Go to Settings

In the Doodly interface, navigate to the settings menu.

2. Change Hand Style

Look for the hand style options and choose a cartoon hand that matches the playful theme of your video.

3. Turn Off Erase Mode

For a cleaner animation, turn off the erase mode by toggling off the "Smart Move" feature. This prevents the hand from erasing parts of the drawing, resulting in a smoother animation.

Adding Text and Speech Bubbles

Include a "Happy Father's Day" Message

Adding text and speech bubbles makes the video more personal and engaging.

1. Select a Font

Choose a kid-friendly font that looks like handwriting. This adds to the charm of the video.

2. Add Text

Click on the text tool and type a heartfelt message like "Happy Father's Day!" Position the text where it’s easily visible, and use word wrap to keep it neat.

3. Add a Speech Bubble

To make the text stand out, add a speech bubble around it. You can find speech bubble props in the Doodly library or upload your own.

4. Customize Appearance

Adjust the size and position of the text and speech bubble to fit well within the composition. Make sure it complements the overall design without overshadowing the artwork.

Final Touches

Add Delays and Extend End Time

To ensure a smooth and polished final product, add some final adjustments.

1. Add Delays

Give a slight delay before the text appears to keep the flow natural. A delay of 1.5 seconds works well for the text and about 1 second for the speech bubble.

2. Extend End Time

At the end of the video, add a few extra seconds to allow viewers to fully appreciate the final message. Extending the end time by 7 seconds provides a good balance.

Hand Draw Paths for Animation

For the final touch, create hand-drawn paths for the animation.

1. Select the Drawing

Click on the artwork and go to the pencil icon to start drawing paths.

2. Draw Paths

Trace the lines of the drawing in a way that mimics how a child would draw. Adjust the path size to match the lines of the artwork. This process might take some time, but it ensures that the hand animation looks natural and engaging.

3. Save and Preview

Once you’ve finished drawing the paths, save your work and preview the video to ensure everything looks perfect. Make any necessary adjustments to timing or transitions.

Exporting and Finalizing the Video 

Preview Your Video

Before finalizing your video, it's crucial to review your work and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it meets your expectations.

1. Preview the Video

Click on the "Preview" button in the Doodly interface to watch your video from start to finish. Pay attention to the flow, timing, and overall appearance.

2. Check for Errors

Look for any mistakes or areas that need improvement, such as timing issues, misplaced images, or transitions that don’t look smooth. Make a note of these areas so you can adjust them.

3. Make Adjustments

Go back into the settings and make any necessary changes based on your preview. This might include adjusting the timing of certain elements, repositioning images or text, or changing transition effects.

4. Preview Again

After making adjustments, preview the video again to ensure everything looks perfect. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the final product.

Adding Music and Voiceover

Enhance with Background Music

Adding background music can greatly enhance the emotional impact of your video.

1. Choose a Music Track

Doodly offers a selection of royalty-free background music and sound effects. Browse through the available options and select a piece that complements the theme and mood of your Father's Day video. If you have a specific track in mind, you can also upload your own audio file.

2. Upload the Music

If you are using your own audio file, go to the "Sounds" tab and click on "Upload New Sound." Locate the music file on your computer and upload it to your Doodly library.

3. Add Music to the Timeline

Drag and drop the music track onto the timeline at the bottom of the Doodly interface. Adjust the length of the track to match the duration of your video. You can trim the track if it's too long.

4. Adjust Volume

Ensure the music volume is balanced with the other audio elements. You might need to lower the music volume so it doesn’t overpower the voiceover.

Include a Voiceover

Adding a voiceover from your child can make the video even more special and personal.

1. Record the Voiceover

Use a simple recording device, such as a smartphone or a computer microphone, to record your child’s message. Encourage them to say something heartfelt, like "Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I love you!"

2. Upload the Voiceover

Similar to the music track, go to the "Sounds" tab and click on "Upload New Sound." Locate the voiceover file on your computer and upload it to your Doodly library.

3. Add Voiceover to the Timeline

Drag and drop the voiceover file onto the timeline. Position it appropriately so that it aligns with the visual elements. For example, you might want the voiceover to play during the final message or when the child’s artwork is first revealed.

4. Adjust Timing and Volume

Ensure the voiceover is clearly audible and well-timed with the visual elements. Adjust the volume levels if necessary to maintain a good balance with the background music.

Exporting the Final Video

Export Your Completed Video

Once you are satisfied with all the elements of your video, it’s time to export it.

1. Go to Export Options

In the Doodly interface, click on the "Export" button. A menu will appear with various export options.

2. Choose Export Settings

Select the appropriate settings for your video. For most purposes, a resolution of 1080p and an MP4 format will be ideal. Ensure the quality setting is on high to maintain the best visual clarity.

3. Export the Video

Click on the "Export" button to start the export process. This might take a few minutes depending on the length and complexity of your video.

4. Save the File

Once the export is complete, save the video file to your computer. Choose a location where you can easily find it, such as your desktop or a dedicated video folder.


Creating a personalized Father's Day video with Doodly is a unique and heartfelt way to show your appreciation for the dads in your life. By transforming your child's artwork into a digital masterpiece, you not only preserve precious memories but also create a gift that can be cherished forever. This project is perfect for busy dads who might not always have time to spend with their children during the day, providing them with a constant reminder of their little ones' love and creativity.

This method is not only applicable to Father's Day but can be used for any occasion where you want to showcase handwritten artwork. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a simple way to say "I love you," turning these cherished drawings into digital art ensures they are preserved in a modern and accessible way.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Doodly and see how easy and fun it is to create professional-looking videos with personal touches. Doodly’s intuitive interface and versatile tools make it simple for anyone, even beginners, to bring their ideas to life. Start your free trial today and discover the joy of creating customized videos that leave a lasting impression.

Try Doodly now and let your creativity shine. Your loved ones will appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness you put into making something truly special. Happy doodling!

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