Voomly Video Player: Exploring the Essential Menus (Part 1)

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Friday, June 09, 2023

Hello, fellow content creators and digital innovators! It's time to unlock the potential of your video content with the dynamic capabilities of Voomly's video player customization. As artists, educators, entrepreneurs, and entertainers, we know that the true power of content lies not just in its creation but also in its presentation. It's this presentation that becomes a platform to not only engage your audience but also to encapsulate your unique brand voice, setting you apart in an increasingly crowded digital space. At Voomly, we're committed to empowering you to create and curate a viewer experience that's as distinctive as your content. This goes beyond basic customization - this is about equipping you with a dynamic toolkit to amplify viewer engagement and content retention.

Our journey today takes us into the heart of the Voomly video player, with its nine feature-rich menus, each designed to offer robust customization options. However, we believe in nurturing a detailed, hands-on understanding, and hence, we'll approach this systematically. In this post, we will guide you through the first four menus: General, Thumbnail, Player Skin, and the Control Menu. Each of these menus has unique capabilities to transform the way your audience interacts with your content. As for the remaining five menus - Subtitles, Interactions, Security, and Video Page - we'll get into those in our subsequent post, ensuring you're well equipped to master every facet of the Voomly video player.

So are you ready to elevate your content and captivate your audience? Let's dive in!

Navigating to the Video Player Screen

The first step on this trail is to familiarize yourself with navigating to the Video Player screen. This is the main hub of your video player customization, where you'll find all the tools to make your video content just the way you want it. Accessing the Video Player menu on Voomly is straightforward and intuitive, designed to be as efficient as possible.

There are two routes that lead you to the Video Player menu:

  • Click on the three-dot circle icon: This icon is conveniently located at the upper right corner of your video, just a click away. Think of it as your express gateway to the realm of customization.
  • Click directly on the name of your video: If you're reviewing your content and decide to tweak the video player settings, simply click on the video name. This will also lead you straight to the Video Player menu. It's a quick and effortless way to navigate, designed keeping in mind your content creation workflow.

Whichever option you choose, it's a direct route to the Video Player screen, the main hub for all your customization needs.

When you reach the Video Player settings, you'll find a super easy-to-use layout. There's a big video screen smack dab in the middle, ready to show off your personal touch. This screen is like a blank slate for your creative journey, quickly showing any changes you make to the settings.

On your left, there's a settings panel. Think of it as your control center, packed with a bunch of different settings for you to play with. To your right, there's a panel that changes depending on the menu you pick from the left. This layout makes the customization process easy and fun, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Now that we've familiarized ourselves with the Video Player screen, it's time to dive deeper. Let's explore the feature-rich menus Voomly has to offer, each promising a unique way to elevate your video content. Onward we go!

A - General Menu

Let's begin our journey into video customization with the General Menu. This is your main switchboard for your video settings, managing your video's behavior from the first scene to the last. As we kick things off, keep in mind that Voomly typically autoplays your video by default. This feature ensures that your video begins to play immediately as soon as a viewer lands on your webpage. However, Voomly understands that your content and your audience are unique, and one size does not fit all. Therefore, you are given complete control to adjust this setting to suit your viewers' preferences and your content strategy.

The General Menu is like a toolshed full of customization choices, each made to give you total control over your video's viewing journey. This is where you find the tools to shape the initial impact your video makes, and the lasting impression it leaves when it finishes playing. Within the General Menu, you can tweak settings such as Autoplay to control whether your video starts playing automatically or waits for viewer interaction. This menu also provides you with the flexibility to fine-tune your video's ending through a feature called 'Actions at the End'. Whether you want your video to pause on the last frame, reset to the thumbnail, loop for a repeat viewing, or even redirect to a specified URL - all these choices are at your fingertips.

Remember, each of these settings can play a significant role in determining how your viewers engage with your content. Thus, feel free to experiment, mix and match, and find the perfect combination of settings that resonate best with your audience and align with your content strategy. So, with a wealth of features at your disposal, it's time to unlock the full potential of the General Menu. Let's dig into each setting and see how they can be used to make your video experience even better.


The Autoplay feature is the first tool within the General Menu. When enabled, it guarantees that your video springs to life the very moment a viewer lands on your webpage where your video is embedded. It's like having a personal greeter who instantly engages your visitors. This feature can be a powerful tool to catch your viewers' attention and draw them into your content from the get-go.

Voomly understands that each video and each viewer group may require a different Autoplay approach. Thus, it provides a diverse range of options that you can adjust to optimize the Autoplay feature to your advantage:

The Autoplay feature is the first tool within the General Menu. When enabled, it guarantees that your video springs to life the very moment a viewer lands on your webpage where your video is embedded. It's like having a personal greeter who instantly engages your visitors. This feature can be a powerful tool to catch your viewers' attention and draw them into your content from the get-go.

Voomly appreciates that each video and each viewer group may require a different Autoplay approach. Thus, it provides a diverse range of options that you can adjust to optimize the Autoplay feature to your advantage:

1. Start Muted

This option is ideal if you wish to ensure that your video autoplays without making a sound. It's a subtle way of saying, "Here's a video. When you're ready, please feel free to unmute and enjoy." It's a great strategy if you are targeting viewers who might be browsing in a noise-sensitive environment, or if your video is designed to pique curiosity before revealing its audio content.

2. Start with Sound if Possible

When this option is selected, your video bursts into life with both visuals and sound. Note that this feature depends on browser support, which varies across different browsers. Still, when enabled, this feature can create an immediate audio-visual impact, quickly capturing viewer attention and setting the tone for what's to come. It's a fantastic option if your video starts with engaging sounds or crucial spoken information.

3. Allow to Resume on Future Visits

If you are creating content that invites repeat visits or has longer duration, the 'Allow to Resume on Future Visits' option can be a game-changer. When you enable this, your video remembers where a viewer left off during their last visit and picks up from that point on their return. It's a bit like bookmarking a page in a book. This option is especially valuable for educational or training videos, where viewers may want to progress through the content at their own pace.

Each Autoplay feature has its unique strengths. By understanding your content and your viewers' preferences, you can fine-tune these settings to create a viewer-friendly, engaging starting point for your videos.

Actions at the End

The ending of your video is just as important as the beginning. The "Actions at the End" settings empower you to define exactly how your video concludes, providing a finishing touch that aligns with your content strategy and viewer expectations. Here's how you can utilize each option:

1. Pause the Last Frame

By choosing to "Pause the Last Frame", you ensure that the video's concluding image stays on screen after the video ends. This can be a potent tool to drive home a powerful message or to keep a striking image in the viewer's mind. It could be a dramatic conclusion, a thought-provoking question, or even your brand logo that lingers, continuing to engage viewers even after the video has ended.

2. Reset to the Thumbnail

Opting to "Reset to the Thumbnail" means that once the video concludes, the initial thumbnail you've set reappears on the screen. This feature can provide a tidy finish and a subtle reminder of where the video journey started, encouraging the viewer to possibly re-watch or explore other videos. It also ensures a visually pleasing image stays on the screen, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your webpage.

3. Loop Video

Selecting the "Loop Video" option will make your video replay from the beginning as soon as it finishes. This is particularly useful for videos with high re-watch value, or if you are featuring an animation, demonstration, or background ambiance video. Looping keeps the content running and maintains a dynamic element on your webpage.

4. Redirect to a Specified URL

"Redirect to a Specified URL" is a feature that allows you to take your viewers to a designated webpage or another video once your current video finishes. This can be an effective tool to guide your viewers through a curated viewer journey, possibly leading them to more of your content, an interactive platform, or a sales page.

Remember, these end-actions are all about viewer experience and engagement. By understanding your audience and experimenting with these options, you can discover the perfect concluding act that best compliments your video content and viewer behavior.

B - Thumbnail Menu

Next, we'll look into the Thumbnail Menu, a powerful tool that lets you set the initial image your viewers encounter before your video starts playing. The thumbnail serves as the gateway to your video content—it's a visual appetizer that captivates your audience and prompts them to step into the world you've created in your video. Therefore, if you want your audience to truly absorb your chosen thumbnail and create anticipation, you might want to consider disabling the Autoplay feature.

In Voomly's playground of customization, you're offered three distinct types of thumbnails to lure your audience in:

1. Video Frame

This option allows you to handpick a specific frame from your video to represent as the thumbnail. You might choose a particularly captivating moment, an intriguing scene, or a frame that encapsulates the essence of your video. This creates a direct connection to your content and arouses curiosity about what unfolds next.

2. Video Loop

With a Video Loop thumbnail, you have the opportunity to define a start and end point within your video, thereby creating a short looping preview. This snippet offers a dynamic glimpse into your video content, adding an extra layer of allure. It's advisable to keep it succinct, ideally less than a minute, to maintain interest without revealing too much. Remember, this feature is an exclusive perk to Voomly Plus, Cloud, and Pro accounts.

3. Custom Image

If you're looking to make a unique impression, Voomly gives you the freedom to upload your personalized thumbnail image. This is where you can exercise your creative prowess, designing a thumbnail that is as distinct as your video. Whether it's a professionally designed image, an intriguing graphic, or a compelling title card, this is your chance to make a memorable first impression.

But that's not all, Voomly goes a step further by allowing you to overlay buttons, text, and images on top of your thumbnail, bringing a whole new level of interactivity. With this, your thumbnail isn't just a static image but a responsive element that not only attracts but interacts with your audience. It's about creating a compelling invitation to your video content, one that is impossible for your viewers to resist.

C - Player Skin Menu

As we continue to navigate the customization landscape of Voomly, we now reach the Player Skin Menu. This platform gives you the opportunity to personalize your video's playback bar, not just enhancing its aesthetic appeal but making it a true representation of your brand identity. With the tools on offer here, your video won't just be another face in the crowd but a unique content piece that exudes your brand personality.

Let's explore the avenues for customization within Voomly's Player Skin:

Player Color

Voomly understands the profound impact of color—it evokes emotions and sets the mood for your video. As such, you are in complete control of the color palette of your play bar. Whether you select a shade from the color wheel or input your brand's hex code, you can synchronize your video player's color with your brand's aesthetic. This simple yet powerful feature lets you paint the mood of your content right from the get-go.


Speaking of branding, Voomly empowers you to swap the default Voomly logo with your brand logo. This is your opportunity to leave your imprint on every frame, to seamlessly weave your brand into the viewing experience, and to make each video unmistakably yours.

Player Skin

Beyond color and branding, Voomly presents ten unique player skins for your selection. Each skin offers a distinctive aesthetic that lets you decide how your play bar, the control center of your video, appears. This is not just about functionality; it's about style, personality, and brand consistency.

Border Skin

To further complement your design, Voomly provides twelve diverse border skins for your video player. Each border option adds a different feel, allowing you to tailor the overall look of your player and ensure it's in perfect harmony with your content.

Captions and Captions on controls hover

To complete your personal touch, Voomly allows you to rename the labels of each icon on your video player. Break away from the standard labels and inject your brand's unique tone of voice. Instead of a regular 'Play', why not make it 'Let's Dive In'? How about a fun twist to 'Pause' with 'Catch a Breather'? Or perhaps transform 'Playback Speed' to 'Pace Yourself'? The possibilities are endless.

To spark your creativity, consider these innovative label suggestions:

1. Caption:

  • Rewatch - "Encore", "Take Two", "Replay the Magic", "Experience Again"
  • Enable sound - "Sound On", "Hear Us", "Unmute the Adventure", "Aural Access"
  • Playback speed - Normal - "Regular Rhythm", "Standard Stride", "Normal Pace", "Usual Tempo"

2. Captions on Controls Hover:

  • Play - "Kick Off", "Embark Now", "Unveil the Story", "Let's Roll"
  • Pause - "Intermission", "Time for a Break", "Hold On", "Quick Pause"
  • Playback Speed - "Fast Forward", "Slow It Down", "Set Your Pace", "Speed It Up/Down"
  • Volume - "Sound Check", "Silent Mode", "Amp it Up/Down", "Soundwave Control"
  • Quality - "HD Experience", "Resolution Revamp", "Clarity Command", "Visual Magic"
  • Logo - "Our Signature", "Brand Icon", "Meet Us", "Our Identity"
  • Fullscreen - "Go Big", "Max View", "Expand View", "Immerse Fully"

Remember, these suggestions are a springboard for your creativity. Feel free to modify them or devise your own, ensuring they're in sync with your brand's language and the theme of your content. The aim is to transform your video player from a mere tool to an integral part of your content narrative, amplifying its uniqueness and engaging your viewers at every step.

D - Controls Menu

Moving forward in our tour of Voomly's customization options, we land at the Controls Menu. This menu is packed with features that you can modify to upgrade your audience's video experience. You get to decide how viewers interact with your video, from deciding if the play bar is visible, to where the 'Enable Sound' button is positioned. This is the place where you can adjust the interactive parts of your video to match what your audience likes and how your content is designed.

Now, let's go through each feature in the Controls Menu:

Play bar

Voomly provides an extraordinary degree of flexibility to your play bar through its control settings. This feature enables you to determine how much command your viewers have over your video playback. If your content is a meticulously timed presentation where you, the conductor, wish to guide your audience's journey, you might consider disabling the play bar. Alternatively, if you aim to maintain a minimalist aesthetic, hiding the play bar may help to keep the focus firmly on your content.

What if you're looking for a compromise, though? What if you want your viewers to have some control but not total autonomy? Voomly caters to this too, allowing you to select which features are displayed on the play bar. Perhaps you want to provide volume control but remove other options - Voomly makes this possible. The power is in your hands.

Play Button

The play button is a familiar sign that tells viewers they're about to start exploring your content. With Voomly, you can customize this important button to match your brand and the style of your content. You can upload your own play button design, use the standard design from Voomly, or choose a big or small play button. It's up to you - do you want it to be a bold prompt for action or a gentle hint to engage?

Rewatch Button

Creating compelling content can inspire your viewers to return and watch your video again. Voomly considers this need by providing a Rewatch button, conveniently positioned at the end of your video. This feature gently encourages your viewers to experience your content again, reinforcing your message or narrative. However, bear in mind that if you enable the rewatch button, it will override any other end-of-video interactions.

«Enable Sound» button location

In a time when videos often play automatically, offering your viewers an easy way to manage the sound is a considerate move. The controls menu in Voomly lets you decide the placement of the "Enable Sound" button, whether that's on the left or the right side of the screen. This icon is particularly useful when your video is set to autoplay, allowing viewers to toggle the sound on or off as they wish.

In essence, Voomly's comprehensive control settings put you at the helm of your viewers' experience. You can choreograph each element of interaction, ensuring it is harmonious, engaging, and perfectly attuned to your content strategy. After all, it's not just about delivering great content; it's about crafting a memorable, unique viewing experience.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it - a crash course in the magic of Voomly's customization features! We've explored the power of the general settings to the nitty-gritty of the controls menu. Each tool offers a unique way to transform your video content into a personalized experience that your audience won't forget.

But this is just the first half of our journey. In the second part, we'll dig deeper into the features of Voomly, uncovering even more ways to make your content stand out. So stay tuned, because there's so much more to learn and discover. With Voomly, the possibilities for video customization are only limited by your imagination!

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