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Monday, March 04, 2024

Hey there!

Ever noticed how a good thumbnail makes you want to click on a video?

That's because it's like a mini-poster for what's inside.

When you're scrolling through videos, a catchy thumbnail can really stand out and make you think, "I've got to see this!"

If you're using Doodly to make videos, you already know it's great for avoiding those dull, blank thumbnails.

And with Voomly, you can take your game even higher, crafting thumbnails that not only look great but also boost your click-through rate.

That's right, a cool thumbnail doesn't just look good; it makes more people want to click on your video, increasing your views and engagement.

​In this article, we'll show you how to design thumbnails that aren't just pretty but are click magnets too.

We'll break it down into clear steps to boost your video's allure.

Ready to boost your video's click-through success?

Join us as we explore how to design Voomly thumbnails that spark viewer curiosity and unlock more views.

The Significance of Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnails are your video's handshake, the first chance to make an impression on potential viewers.

They pack a big punch in a small package, offering a sneak peek into your content and setting the stage for what's to come.

With the right design, a thumbnail can pique curiosity, hint at the story inside, and make someone decide to click and watch.

When you create a custom thumbnail, you're taking control of that first interaction.

You get to choose an image that reflects the essence of your video, add text that captures its spirit, and use colors that draw the eye.

It's your chance to tell viewers, "This is something you don't want to miss."

Doodly has evolved to recognize the importance of a good start, especially with its latest updates.

Gone are the days of a default blank screen.

Now, Doodly ensures the first full scene of your animation is captured for your thumbnail, even if your video begins with a fade or delay.

This update means your video's thumbnail will always be meaningful and inviting, accurately previewing your content.

This enhancement is a game-changer for Doodly users, ensuring that your video's first impression on any platform is as compelling and descriptive as the content itself.

Unlocking Viewer Engagement with Thumbnails​

Creating a video and sharing it publicly is just the first step.

To truly maximize its reach, you need an element that stands out in the endless sea of content: a compelling thumbnail.

This isn't just about making something look attractive; it's about grabbing attention and conveying a message that what's inside your video is not to be missed.

Consider this: as you browse through YouTube, what compels you to click on one video over another?

Often, it's the thumbnail—a colorful, intriguing, or emotive image that hints at the video's content and promises value or entertainment.

To turn casual browsers into viewers, your video needs to not only be seen but clicked on.

This is where the click-through rate (CTR) becomes crucial.

CTR measures the effectiveness of your thumbnail in converting viewers by comparing the number of clicks your video receives to the number of times the thumbnail is shown.

It's a direct reflection of how well your thumbnail entices viewers to engage with your content.

​According to various sources, like TubeRanker and YouTube, a good thumbnail can significantly increase your CTR, directly impacting your video's views, engagement, and success on platforms like YouTube.

For instance, a vibrant, clear, and relevant thumbnail can lift your CTR, signaling to the platform that your content is worth promoting, thus increasing your video's visibility and potential audience reach.

Remember, even the most informative or entertaining video won't get the views it deserves without a thumbnail that captures and holds the audience's attention.

It's not enough to rely solely on your content's quality; your thumbnail must work hard to make that crucial first impression and entice viewers to click through and watch.

Personalizing Your Voomly Thumbnails​

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of what makes a thumbnail effective, it's time to infuse your unique style and personality into each one you create.

So, you've got your thumbnail from Doodly, and it's looking good—no more boring white screens for you!
But what if you want to take it up a notch?

That's where Voomly comes in, offering you many fantastic features to make that thumbnail your own.

Let's walk through how you can add some personal touches, make your thumbnails not just good but great, and really connect with your viewers.

Accessing Thumbnail Customization Options

Once you're in Voomly and have your video ready, head over to the video player settings.

You'll find the 'Thumbnail' menu on the left side under the player settings. This is your control panel for making a thumbnail that truly represents your video.

On the right side of the screen, you'll see your options laid out: video frame, video loop, and custom image. Each of these choices gives you a different way to capture your audience's attention right from the get-go.​

Thumbnail Options​

Video Frame

This option allows you to scrub through your video and select the exact frame that best captures the essence of your content. It's like picking the perfect moment that says it all about your video.

Video Loop

If you want to add a dynamic touch, the video loop option lets you choose a segment of your video to loop continuously in your thumbnail. It's an excellent way to show a preview of the action or the emotion of your video, keeping it lively and engaging.

Custom Image

For those who have a specific vision or a branded graphic, the custom image option lets you upload your creation. This could be anything from a logo to a key graphic that ties in with your video's theme, offering a unique and personalized thumbnail.

Enhancing Interactivity

Besides the visual aspect, you can also add interactive elements to your thumbnail:​


You can place a button on your thumbnail, inviting viewers to interact directly from the get-go. Whether it's to play the video, learn more, or visit a website, this feature can significantly enhance viewer engagement.

If the viewer clicks a button, the action you've set will occur immediately. This could mean the video starts playing right away, offering a smooth and engaging viewer experience, or it could take them to a different platform or page, expanding their interaction with your content or brand.


Adding text to your thumbnail can provide context or a call to action, guiding viewers with words that complement your visual cues.

While text itself isn't clickable, it works in tandem with other interactive elements to guide the viewer on what to do next. It sets the expectation and directs their attention toward the desired action, like watching the video or noticing accompanying interactive elements.


Additional images or logos can be placed to reinforce your brand or message, adding another layer of connection with your audience.

When viewers click on an interactive image, the response should be intuitive. Whether it's starting the video, providing more information, or linking to another resource, the outcome should feel natural and expected, enhancing the viewer's engagement without causing confusion.

Maximizing Clicks with Voomly's Thumbnails

Now that you've designed an eye-catching thumbnail using Voomly, it's crucial to understand how this can be a game-changer on social media platforms. Your thumbnail isn't just an introductory image; it's a key player in your strategy to maximize clicks and unlock more views.

Here's how to leverage your Voomly thumbnail for social media success:

Brand Consistency

Ensure your thumbnail reflects your brand across every platform. Whether your audience sees it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, they should immediately recognize it as yours. This consistency strengthens your brand identity and fosters audience loyalty.

​Platform Optimization

Tailor your thumbnail dimensions and design nuances to suit each social media platform's unique specifications. This attention to detail ensures your thumbnail looks great everywhere, whether viewed on mobile or desktop, enhancing its click-appeal.

​Interactive Engagement

Use your thumbnail as an engagement tool on social media. Encourage discussions, solicit feedback, or pose questions related to the thumbnail image. Engaging content prompts users to interact, increasing the likelihood they'll click through to view your video.

Performance Analysis

Monitor how your thumbnail performs across different channels. Identify patterns or styles that resonate with your audience and apply these insights to future thumbnails. Adapting your strategy based on data can significantly increase your video's click-through rates.

Cross-Promotional Tactics

Leverage the strength of a successful thumbnail by using it to cross-promote your video across all your social media platforms. A compelling thumbnail can attract attention and viewers from one platform to another, amplifying your video's reach and impact.

By strategically using your Voomly thumbnails on social media, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your posts but also significantly improve the chances of increasing your video's views and engagement. Remember, your thumbnail is your first impression on social media; make it count to truly maximize clicks and unlock more views.

Final Thoughts​

Great job making it to the end!

Every thumbnail you craft is a personal call to action, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in your narrative.

As you continue to harness Voomly's capabilities, envision each thumbnail as a unique piece of art, each with its own voice—some whisper, some shout, but all say, "Hey, look over here!" Your mission is to ignite curiosity, engage viewers, and weave them into the fabric of your story.

Remember, the creative journey you embark upon with each thumbnail is a path of discovery.

It's an opportunity to dig deeper into what captivates your audience, refining your approach to marry visual allure with viewer interest. The more compelling your thumbnails, the more they will drive clicks, views, and shares, amplifying your content's reach and impact.

Now, as we close this chapter, remember: your thumbnails are more than just digital doorways to your content; they are the silent ambassadors of your creative vision.

Each one holds the potential to turn a passing glance into a meaningful engagement, transforming viewers into a dedicated audience.

So keep pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and creating thumbnails that not only stand out in a sea of content but also resonate with the hearts and minds of viewers worldwide.

Cheers to your success and the many views you'll unlock along the way!

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