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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Imagine this: You're sitting on your couch, aimlessly scrolling through videos on your phone. You click on an interesting thumbnail, and soon, you're engrossed in a captivating video. Just as the content peaks your interest, a pop-up appears. It offers an exclusive eBook, an extended version of the video, or a unique discount code. All it asks for in return is your email address. Intrigued and excited about the offer, you quickly type it in. Next thing you know, you're engaged with the brand in a way you'd never expected.

Now, imagine you're the marketer behind that video. You've put countless hours into creating engaging video content, but the increase in views isn't translating into tangible results. You're left wondering: Where are the leads? Where are the sales?

What if the key to unlocking this puzzle isn't in the content itself, but in how you guide your viewers to the next step? This brings us to the importance of a key aspect of online marketing - lead generation.

The Power of Lead Generation Tools

Let's face it, simply creating content is not enough. The strategy that guides your viewer to the next step is just as crucial. You need an effective way to capture your viewers' interest, engage them, and eventually turn them into customers. This is where lead generation tools come into play.

The good news is, Voomly offers a comprehensive suite of lead generation tools designed to elevate your video marketing game and maximize viewer engagement. These tools not only keep your audience engaged but also capture their contact information, providing you with valuable data for follow-ups and relationship-building. With a more engaged audience and their contact information at hand, you can create more targeted marketing strategies that effectively drive conversions.

Let's explore some of the specific lead generation tools that Voomly has to offer and how they can significantly benefit your marketing efforts.

Voomly's Lead Generation Tools


Picture the potential of tapping into your viewers' vast social networks to broaden the reach of your video content. The Sharegate tool offered by Voomly empowers you to do just that. At a specific moment in your video, it prompts viewers to share your content on their social media profiles to continue their viewing journey.

In the world of online marketing, a personal recommendation holds substantial value. Each time a viewer shares your video, it's tantamount to a personal endorsement to their entire social network. The Sharegate tool leverages this inherent power of social media, extending the reach of your content beyond your direct audience.

With Sharegate, you can harness the influence of social networks to organically grow your audience and increase brand visibility. As your content spreads across platforms, it attracts a wave of new viewers who might have never discovered your brand otherwise. The ripple effect of sharing holds the potential to make your video content go viral, opening up a world of opportunities for lead generation and customer acquisition.

The benefits of Sharegate are clear:

Increases Reach
Sharegate helps your video reach a larger audience. When viewers share your content on their social media profiles, it exposes your video to their friends and followers. This organic sharing extends your video's reach, introducing your brand to new potential customers without any extra advertising costs.

Creates Potential for Going Viral
With each share, your video has the potential to go viral. When one person shares your content, it can lead to a chain reaction of sharing, spreading your video across different social circles. This viral effect brings in a wave of new viewers, increasing your chances of gaining more leads and customers.

Enhances Engagement
Sharegate encourages active engagement with your video. By linking continued viewing to sharing, it motivates viewers to interact with your content. This higher level of engagement strengthens the connection between your audience and your brand, leading to better brand recall and loyalty.

Builds Brand Advocacy
When viewers share your content, they become advocates for your brand. Their personal endorsement to their social networks adds credibility and trust to your brand. Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful, and Sharegate helps you leverage it to build a community of brand enthusiasts.

Amplifies Brand Visibility
Sharegate increases your brand's visibility in the online space. As more people share your content, your brand becomes more recognizable and memorable. This heightened visibility fosters brand awareness and establishes your presence in the digital landscape.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add Sharegate to your video in Voomly:

  • ​Start by moving the playhead to your desired spot in the video timeline.
  • ​Hover over the Share icon in the Interactions menu and click-hold it.
  • ​Drop the Share icon in the timeline at the chosen position.
  • ​Click on the Sharegate to open the customization menu.
  • ​Choose the social media platforms where you want your video to be shared, like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • ​Customize the title of the Sharegate to make the call to action more appealing to your audience.
  • ​Tailor the visual elements, such as colors, font style, and font size, to match your brand's aesthetics.


While sharing extends the reach of your video, wouldn't it be great to convert these viewers into a tangible database of leads? That's precisely what the Turnstile tool is designed to do, and it's conveniently available in Voomly's suite of lead generation tools.

Turnstile is an interactive feature that pops up at a predetermined point in your video, prompting viewers to enter their name and email address to continue watching or to receive something valuable, like an exclusive piece of content or a discount. This tool capitalizes on your viewer's engagement and turns it into a meaningful opportunity for lead capture.

The Turnstile tool helps you:

Gathers Leads
Turnstile directly collects leads from interested viewers. Instead of waiting for viewers to sign up for your email list, Turnstile proactively prompts them to submit their details. This direct lead generation method helps you build your email list more efficiently.

Segments Your Audience
With Turnstile, you can gain insights into who is genuinely interested in your content. By identifying viewers willing to provide their contact details, you can segment your audience based on their level of interest. This segmentation allows for more targeted and personalized marketing efforts.

Controls the Customer Journey
Turnstile gives you more control over your viewer's journey with your brand. You decide when to prompt viewers to submit their details and what they receive in return. This tool helps transition your viewers from passive content consumers to active participants in your email list.

Drives Viewer Engagement
By adding an interactive element to your video, Turnstile increases viewer engagement. Encouraging viewers to interact with your video by providing their information fosters a sense of active participation and investment in your brand's content.

Efficient Lead Generation
Turnstile streamlines the lead generation process. Instead of relying solely on website forms or external landing pages, you can capture leads right from your video content. This convenience makes it easier for interested viewers to become leads and move further down your sales funnel.

Here are the steps to add the Turnstile tool to your Voomly video:

  • ​Move the playhead to your desired spot in the video timeline.
  • ​Click and hold the Turnstile icon in the Interactions menu and drop it at the chosen location.
  • ​Click on the Turnstile button added to your timeline to access the customization menu on the right side of your screen.
  • ​Determine the information you want to collect from viewers, such as name and email address.
  • ​Integrate the Turnstile tool with your Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign account for seamless lead capture.
  • ​Personalize the Turnstile prompt's appearance to match your branding, including colors, fonts, and text.
  • ​Save your settings, and the Turnstile tool is now active in your Voomly video, ready to capture leads and enhance engagement.


The final piece of this lead generation trio is the Call-to-Action (CTA) button. You've sparked interest with your video, extended its reach via sharing, and collected leads with the Turnstile. Now, it's time to direct these engaged viewers towards taking an action that's valuable for your business, whether it's purchasing a product, signing up for a service, or visiting a web page.

With the Call-to-Action button, you have the opportunity to prompt your viewers to make a move, to go from being passive viewers to active participants in your brand's journey. This button serves as the catalyst that drives them towards your desired action, whether it's making a purchase, subscribing to your newsletter, or exploring more of what your business has to offer.

The benefits of using a CTA button include:

Directs Viewer Traffic
The CTA button serves as a clear and compelling prompt, guiding your viewers to the next logical step. Whether it's leading them to your website, a product page, or a subscription form, it directs their attention to take action.

Boosts Conversions
By making it easy for viewers to take the next step, the CTA button increases the chances of converting them into customers. It eliminates unnecessary steps, streamlining the process for interested viewers to engage further with your brand.

Tracks Viewer Engagement
The CTA button provides valuable data on viewer engagement. By monitoring how many viewers click on the button, you gain insights into the effectiveness of your content and the level of interest it generates.

Encourages Specific Actions
With a customized CTA button, you can tailor your message and entice viewers to take specific actions that align with your marketing objectives. This level of personalization increases the likelihood of viewers responding positively to your call.

Drives Sales and Conversions
Ultimately, the CTA button serves as a powerful tool to drive sales and conversions. By prompting viewers to take immediate action, you create a sense of urgency and incentivize them to make a purchase or sign up for your services.

Here's how you can utilize the CTA button in Voomly:

  • ​Start by moving the playhead to your desired spot in the video timeline where you want the CTA button to appear.
  • ​From the Interactions menu, click on the "Button" icon to add the CTA button to your video.
  • ​Customize the CTA button by selecting its size, position, and appearance, making it visually appealing to your viewers.
  • ​Next, you can assign the action for the CTA button upon clicking. Choose from the available options:
    Specify a relevant website link or URL to direct viewers to a specific action, such as your website, product page, or signup form.a. Do Nothing: The CTA button will serve as a visual element without any specific action when clicked.
    b. Unpause Video: Clicking the CTA button will unpause the video if it was paused, ensuring viewers don't miss essential content.
    c. Open URL: 
  • ​If you choose the "Open URL" option, enter the desired URL in the provided field.
  • ​Consider adding persuasive and compelling text on the CTA button to encourage viewers to take action. Use actionable language, such as "Sign Up Now," "Get Started," or "Learn More."
  • ​Preview your video to ensure the CTA button appears at the right moment, and its action works as intended.

Incorporating these three lead generation tools—Sharegate, Turnstile, and CTA Button—into your video marketing strategy can significantly enhance viewer engagement, widen your content's reach, and more importantly, convert passive viewers into active leads and customers. Remember, effective online marketing is not just about creating content; it's about creating a journey that guides your audience to become part of your brand's story. With Voomly's tools, you have the power to shape this journey and reap the rewards of successful online marketing.


The digital landscape is crowded, and standing out takes more than just creating great content. It requires an understanding of your audience, a strategy to engage them, and the right tools to guide them down the path to becoming customers.

Voomly provides these tools. With Sharegate, Turnstile, and the CTA Button, you have the ability to transform a passive video viewing experience into an engaging journey that not only captures viewer attention but also generates valuable leads for your business.

  • Use the Sharegate to leverage the power of social media, spreading your message far and wide.
  • ​Implement the Turnstile to capture viewer information, building your lead database.
  • ​Utilize the CTA button to guide your audience towards a specific action, translating viewer engagement into tangible results.

By strategically implementing these lead generation tools into your videos, you're not just reaching your audience; you're engaging them, you're speaking to them, and you're inviting them into your brand's story. But remember, these three tools are just the start of what Voomly has to offer. With Voomly's suite of interaction tools, you can do even more to enhance your videos. From adding text overlays to incorporating questionnaires and quizzes, you have the freedom to create engaging and interactive experiences for your audience.

So, take the next step with Voomly and harness the power of video to engage your viewers and turn them into valuable leads and loyal customers. Your audience is waiting, and Voomly is ready to help you succeed in online marketing. Explore the possibilities, engage your viewers, and elevate your brand's story with Voomly. Are you ready to create video content that captivates and converts?

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