Integrating Voomly Videos in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Sunday, February 18, 2024

When you check your emails, what makes you click on one and not the other? Is it because of the catchy subject line or maybe a familiar sender’s name? Is it the promise of something new and exciting? Or perhaps an offer too good to miss?

The truth is, it's often something that piques your interest or offers you value. It's these elements that make an email stand out in a crowded inbox.

Email marketing isn't just another task on the to-do list. It's your direct line to your audience's world.

Mailchimp says it's not just about pushing products; it's about building a rapport with your subscribers, offering them something valuable that keeps them coming back for more.

And here's a fact: personalizing your emails can really make a difference AND that's what Voomly brings to the table.

It makes your emails not just another one in the inbox, but a memorable experience.

Social Media Today points out that adding a personal touch can boost your click-through rates by 27% and generate a median ROI of 122%.

It's like hitting the jackpot in terms of reaching your subscribers effectively!

With email marketing, you can see what clicks with your audience (literally) and tweak your approach to keep them interested.

Now.. imagine mixing Voomly’s eye-catching videos with your emails.

This approach transforms your message into a dynamic, visual experience, capturing your subscribers' attention in an instant.

You're not just sharing information; you're creating an engaging, memorable experience. It’s a great way to make your brand stand out in your audience's busy inboxes.

In today’s article, we’re not only going to show you how to embed Voomly videos into your email campaigns.

We will also explore ways to make these campaigns more engaging and effective.

So if you are ready, let's get started and see how Voomly can transform the way you connect with your audience.

Benefits of Incorporating Videos in Email Campaigns

Adding Voomly videos to your email campaigns is like unlocking a whole new level of engagement.

It's about taking the leap from plain text to vibrant storytelling that captivates your audience.

Just imagine turning every email into an immersive experience that not only delivers your message but also leaves a lasting impression.

As we gear up to explore the top 10 benefits of integrating Voomly videos, remember, we're not just talking about a simple add-on to your emails.

We're talking about transforming them into a powerful communication tool that combines information with entertainment.

Let’s explore these benefits and see the difference they can make.

1. Enhanced Email Engagement

Videos grab attention in ways text can't. They make emails more interactive, leading to increased engagement. Emails with multimedia elements like videos perform better than text-only emails.

​Studies validate the effectiveness of video in email campaigns. For instance, a Wistia experiment revealed that emails with video thumbnails experienced a significant increase in engagement, with some tests showing a 40.83% rise in clicks compared to standard images.

2. Boosted Click-Through Rates

A video thumbnail in an email can increase subscriber engagement by about 41%. Also, including the word “video” in the subject line can uplift open rates by 6%.

​These enhancements not only make the email more visually appealing but also signal to recipients that engaging content awaits, leading to a notable uptick in user interaction and interest in the content presented.

3. Improved Message Retention

Videos make your message more memorable. They convey complex ideas effectively, aiding in better information retention among viewers.

​ Research indicates that the human brain processes most information visually, which makes videos a particularly powerful tool for conveying marketing messages.

Notably, adding videos to content has been shown to help audiences remember specific details, increasing message retention by up to 95%. This is a significant improvement compared to text-based content, where only about 10% of the information is typically retained.

4. Effective Communication in Brief

Videos allow for concise yet impactful communication. They are ideal for conveying detailed messages without overwhelming the reader with text.

​Their ability to combine visuals, sound, and motion creates a rich, multi-dimensional experience that can convey information more effectively than text alone.

Videos can encapsulate narratives, demonstrate products, or explain concepts in a more digestible format, making the content more accessible and engaging for the viewer.

5. Creative Flexibility

Videos break the monotony of traditional emails, offering new creative avenues. They can be used to convey messages in unexpected and memorable ways, helping your brand stand out.

​This flexibility allows for various storytelling methods, from animation to live-action, catering to different audiences and objectives.

Moreover, videos offer the freedom to experiment with visual effects, tone, and narrative style, making each email campaign uniquely tailored to your brand's voice and message.

6. Cross-Channel Repurposing

Videos created for email campaigns can be repurposed across other marketing channels like social media or websites. This extends their reach and value.

​This strategic reuse maximizes the return on investment for video content, allowing you to present a consistent message across various platforms.

It also saves time and resources, as the same video can engage audiences in different online spaces, from a Facebook post to a homepage feature.

7. Enhanced Brand Recognition

Videos improve brand recall and recognition. They create lasting impressions, making your brand more memorable and familiar to the audience.

​Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to remember and recognize a brand that uses video content compared to one that relies solely on text or images.

8. Emotional Connections

​Videos can evoke emotions like humor or nostalgia, creating deeper connections with viewers. This emotional engagement is a powerful tool for storytelling, allowing brands to convey their message in a way that resonates on a personal level.

Emotional content in videos can foster a stronger, more personal connection between the brand and its audience, making the brand more relatable and memorable.

9. Cost-Effective Marketing

Creating high-quality videos might seem expensive, but they offer a high return on investment. The initial investment in video production can be offset by the significant engagement and conversion rates that videos often bring.

Advancements in technology have made video production more accessible than ever. Businesses no longer need to rely on high-end production companies for quality video content.

With a range of affordable editing software and equipment, companies can produce quality videos in-house. This reduces costs significantly while still maintaining a professional look and feel.

10. Distinctiveness in Crowded Inboxes

In a sea of emails, those with videos stand out. They are more likely to be opened and viewed, increasing the chances of your message being seen and acted upon.

​This distinctiveness is crucial in today's crowded digital landscape, where capturing a recipient's attention is half the battle. The visual appeal of a video thumbnail or the mere mention of a video in the subject line can pique curiosity and encourage opens.

Creating Effective Voomly Videos for Email

Creating effective videos for email campaigns using Voomly involves understanding and leveraging the unique features it offers.

Voomly is not just a video hosting platform; it's a comprehensive tool that allows for creative video editing, adding interactions (CTAs), and providing detailed analytics.

Let's explore how to make the most of Voomly for your email campaigns.

Choosing the Right Video Type

Depending on your message, you might want different types of videos. For explainer videos, Doodly is a great option. If it’s animated videos you’re after, Toonly offers excellent solutions. For professional voiceovers, Talkia is your go-to resource, and for creating animated videos with customized characters, People Builder is perfect.

Adding Interactive Elements

Use Voomly’s features to add calls to action in your videos. This could be a button leading viewers to your website or a prompt for them to sign up for more information. Interactivity keeps viewers engaged and encourages them to take action.

Customizing the Video Player

Tailor the look and feel of your video player in Voomly. You can adjust colors and settings to match your brand’s style, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance.

Creating Interactive Video Flows

Design interactive video paths in Voomly. This feature allows viewers to choose their journey through your video content, making the experience more engaging and personalized.

Utilizing Analytics

Monitor the performance of your videos using Voomly’s analytics tools. Track views, click-through rates, and viewer engagement to understand what works and refine your strategy.

Embedding Videos in Emails

Voomly offers several options for embedding videos in emails. You can use a video page link, video embed code, floating modal, open modal, or even export a portion of your video as a GIF for a lighter touch. Choose the method that best fits your email design and campaign goals.

  • Video Page Link: Directs recipients to a standalone page hosting your video.
  • Video Embed: Allows you to embed the video directly into the email body.
  • Floating Modal: Displays the video in a small, floating window within the email.
  • Open Modal: Opens the video in a larger modal window for viewing.
  • Export GIF: Offers a lightweight, animated preview of your video content.

Testing and Optimization

Before finalizing your email, test different video formats and embedding options to see which performs best. Consider factors like email client compatibility and loading times.

By effectively using Voomly's array of features, you can create videos that not only enhance your email campaigns but also drive higher engagement and better results. 

Now with your Voomly videos ready to go, the next crucial step is ensuring they're embedded seamlessly within your emails.

Embedding Voomly Videos in Emails

Embedding Voomly videos in your emails is a fantastic way to increase engagement and interest in your content. Here are some best practices to ensure that your videos are effectively integrated into your email campaigns:

Choose the Right Embedding Option

Voomly offers several embedding options, including video page links, embed codes, floating modals, and open modals. Consider the style and layout of your email when choosing an option. For instance, a floating modal might be ideal for a newsletter, while a direct embed code could be better for a more focused promotional email.

Ensure Mobile Responsiveness

With a significant number of emails opened on mobile devices, it's crucial to ensure that your embedded videos are mobile-friendly. Voomly’s player is designed to be responsive, but always test your emails on different devices to check the viewing experience.

Optimize Loading Times

Large video files can slow down email load times, which might lead to lower engagement. Optimize your video for web and email use to ensure quick loading without sacrificing quality.

Preview and Test Your Emails

Before sending out your email, preview it to see how the video appears in different email clients. Testing helps identify and rectify any issues with video playback or email layout.

Use Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

Choose or design a thumbnail that is visually appealing and relevant to the video content. An enticing thumbnail can significantly increase the likelihood of viewers clicking on your video.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

If your video serves a specific purpose, such as driving traffic to your website or promoting a product, include a clear and compelling CTA within or immediately after the video in your email.

Track and Analyze Performance

Utilize Voomly’s analytics tools to track how your video is performing. Pay attention to metrics like view counts, click-through rates, and engagement duration to understand how viewers are interacting with your video.

Consider Accessibility

Ensure your video content is accessible to all viewers. Include captions for those who might watch without sound and ensure that the video player is navigable for users with disabilities.

Consider Accessibility

The video player and content should align with your brand's style and messaging. Consistency helps in building brand recognition and trust among your audience.

Educate and Entertain

Lastly, your video should both inform and entertain your audience. Striking the right balance between educational and engaging content can make your emails more effective and memorable.

By following these best practices, you can effectively embed Voomly videos into your emails, making your campaigns more dynamic and engaging. Remember, the goal is to create an enjoyable and seamless experience for your audience that encourages interaction and deepens their connection with your brand.

Voomly's Analytics

Lastly, diving into the heart of measuring your campaign's effectiveness, Voomly's analytics emerge as a critical toolset.

Equipped with a comprehensive range of data at your fingertips, Voomly's features enable you to meticulously gauge the success of your video email campaigns and refine your strategies for even greater impact.

Here's a closer look at how leveraging Voomly's analytics can transform your approach to email marketing:

Engagement Percentage

Engagement Percentage serves as a cornerstone in Voomly's analytics suite, measuring the extent to which your video captivates the audience. A higher percentage indicates strong viewer interest, suggesting that the content is compelling enough to keep the audience engaged from start to finish.

Why It's Important:

This metric offers direct insight into your video's ability to hold attention, highlighting areas for improvement or elements that resonate well with viewers. It's a reflection of content quality and effectiveness in engaging your audience.

Measuring Success:

High engagement rates are often linked with successful video content that supports broader marketing objectives, such as enhancing brand awareness or boosting lead generation efforts.

Tips for Optimization:

  • Monitor and Analyze: Keep a close eye on engagement trends across your videos, identifying what content captures attention most effectively.
  • Content Refinement: Leverage these insights to fine-tune your video strategy, experimenting with varying content types and structures to maximize engagement.
  • Quality Enhancement: Address low engagement by elevating your video's quality through improved storytelling, visuals, and presentation.
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate interactive features like quizzes to boost engagement, particularly at points where interest may wane.

Total Plays

Another crucial metric offered by Voomly is the Total Number of Plays, which quantifies the overall viewership of your video. This figure reflects the reach of your content, offering a snapshot of its popularity and appeal.

Tips for Optimization:

  • Promotional Strategies: Amplify your video's reach by promoting it across multiple channels, utilizing social media, website embeds, and other platforms to increase visibility.
  • Content Diversification: Test different video formats and messaging to cater to a wider audience, observing which variations drive the most views.
  • Engagement Analysis: Use Voomly to dissect play trends, adjusting release times and marketing tactics based on when your audience is most active.

Why It's Important:

Total plays indicate the level of interest your video generates, serving as a gauge for its attractiveness and the effectiveness of your promotional efforts.

Measuring Success:

An upward trend in plays can signal a successful content strategy, pointing to increased brand visibility and audience growth.

Play Rate

Moving on, the Play Rate within Voomly analytics highlights the proportion of viewers who engage with your video upon encountering it. This metric assesses the immediate appeal of your video content, influencing the likelihood of a viewer pressing play.

Why It's Important:

It measures the effectiveness of your video's presentation, including the impact of thumbnails and titles in enticing viewer interaction.

Measuring Success:

A strong play rate suggests that your video is well-positioned and crafted to draw in viewers, marking a key component of an engaging email campaign.

Tips for Optimization:

  • Thumbnail Optimization: Craft compelling thumbnails that accurately represent the video content, enticing viewers to click.
  • Title and Description: Craft engaging titles and descriptions that provide a clear, enticing preview of the video’s content.
  • A/B Testing: Experiment with different video introductions and thumbnail designs to find the most effective combination for maximizing play rates.


Heatmaps offer a detailed visual representation of viewer engagement across different segments of your video. This Voomly feature illuminates the parts of your video that capture the most attention and those that may cause viewers to lose interest.

Tips for Optimization:

  • Content Optimization: Analyze heatmap data to identify patterns and tailor your content accordingly, focusing on enhancing areas of high interest and reworking or removing less engaging segments.
  • Narrative Pacing: Use heatmap insights to adjust the pacing of your video, ensuring that key messages are placed within segments that historically maintain viewer interest.
  • Visual Enhancements: Implement visual cues or transitions in segments where engagement drops to recapture viewer attention.

Why It's Important:

Heatmaps provide invaluable insights into viewer behavior, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where your video excels or falls short in maintaining engagement.

Measuring Success:

Successful utilization of heatmap data involves identifying high-engagement areas to replicate those elements in future content and addressing sections with significant drop-offs to improve overall viewer retention.

Geographic Insights

Geographic Insights provided by Voomly enable you to see where in the world your viewers are watching from. Understanding the geographic distribution of your audience can help tailor your content to better suit regional preferences or highlight untapped markets.

Why It's Important:

Geographic insights allow for more targeted marketing efforts, ensuring that your content resonates with cultural nuances and preferences across different regions.

Measuring Success:

Leveraging geographic data effectively leads to increased viewer relevance and engagement, potentially opening up new markets for your content.

Tips for Optimization:

  • Regional Customization: Use geographic insights to adapt your video content for different regions, possibly including language translations or culturally relevant references.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Develop region-specific marketing campaigns based on the geographic distribution of your audience to maximize engagement and reach.
  • Scheduling Optimization: Tailor the timing of your email campaigns to coincide with the optimal viewing times in different time zones.

Device Usage

Transitioning to the importance of Device Usage analytics, Voomly helps you understand the types of devices your audience uses to view your videos, be it mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers.

Tips for Optimization:

  • Responsive Design: Ensure your videos and email layouts are responsive, offering an optimal viewing experience on any device.
  • Content Testing: Regularly test your video performance across different devices to identify and address any playback issues.
  • Engagement Analysis: Monitor device-specific engagement to tailor your content strategy, potentially creating different versions of your video for different devices.

Why It's Important:

Device usage data ensures that your videos are optimized for viewing on the most popular devices among your audience, providing a seamless viewing experience regardless of the platform.

Measuring Success:

Effective optimization for preferred devices can lead to higher engagement rates and a more positive viewer experience.

Browser Insights

Understanding the Browser Insights through Voomly equips you with knowledge about the web browsers your audience prefers, which is crucial for ensuring compatibility and optimal video playback.

Why It's Important:

Browser compatibility can significantly impact the viewer's experience, affecting video load times, playback quality, and overall engagement.

Measuring Success:

Success in this area means your videos perform well across all major browsers, minimizing technical issues that could deter viewers.

Tips for Optimization:

  • Cross-Browser Testing: Conduct thorough testing of your videos on various browsers to ensure consistent performance.
  • Technical Adjustments: Be prepared to make technical adjustments based on browser insights, optimizing your videos to address any specific browser-related issues.
  • Feedback Loop: Encourage viewer feedback on playback experience across different browsers to proactively identify and resolve any issues.

Other Metrics to Monitor

Voomly not only offers robust analytics to gauge the performance of your videos in email campaigns but also supports seamless integration with leading email marketing platforms. This integration allows you to extend your analytics capabilities beyond Voomly’s in-built metrics.

By connecting Voomly with email providers such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, GetResponse, Zoho, and Zapier, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of email marketing analytics. These platforms offer critical metrics like Bounce Rate, Open Rate, and Unsubscribe Rate, among others, providing a holistic view of your email campaign's performance.

Email marketing platforms provide valuable insights into how recipients interact with your emails, from the moment they are delivered to the actions recipients take after opening them.

  • Bounce Rate: Helps identify the quality of your email list and the effectiveness of your delivery.
  • Open Rate: Offers insights into how compelling your email subject lines and sender name are, influencing recipients to open the email.
  • Unsubscribe Rate: Indicates the relevance and reception of your content among your audience, guiding content strategy adjustments.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Measures the effectiveness of email content and calls-to-action in motivating recipients to engage further with your content or offerings.

Tips for Optimization:

  • Integrate Voomly with Your Email Platform: Seamlessly combine video analytics with broader email campaign metrics for comprehensive insights.
  • Regular Analysis: Consistently monitor and analyze both sets of metrics to understand your campaign's performance fully.
  • Optimize Based on Insights: Use the data gathered to refine your email content, video strategy, and overall campaign approach for better engagement and conversion rates.

By harnessing the power of Voomly's comprehensive analytics and integrating with email marketing platforms, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness and reach of your video email campaigns.

In conclusion...

The integration of Voomly videos into your email marketing campaigns represents a dynamic shift towards more engaging, memorable, and effective communication with your audience.

By leveraging the unique capabilities of Voomly, from creating compelling content to analyzing critical engagement metrics, marketers can significantly boost their campaign's performance. This strategy not only captivates your audience's attention but also drives meaningful interactions, leading to higher conversion rates and fostering lasting relationships.

Embrace Voomly's video solutions to transform your email marketing into an immersive experience that resonates with viewers and achieves unmatched results!

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