How To Make Interactive Videos (Quick & Easy!)

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Friday, July 14, 2023

If you’re looking to increase sales in your online business, there’s one thing you can do that 87% of people have reported increased growth after implementing...

Which, in the online marketing world, it’s really hard to just say “do this one thing and increase your sales”, but this is one of those cases where that may actually be true.

We’re talking about using interactive video in your marketing.

In this guide, we’ll show you the exact steps you can take right now to gain an edge over your competition.

So even if you are using these in your marketing, but you aren’t seeing the results you think you should be seeing, take notes because we’ll show you how the professionals are doing it.

But first…

Why Should You Use Interactive Videos?

If knowing that 87% of people who use interactive videos have seen a positive bump in their sales and revenue isn’t enough for you, check out some of these other stats:

  • 87% of people noted better online sales when they used an interactive video compared to a standard video. The level of engagement is substantially higher with interactive videos which takes people from passive watching mode to active watching mode.
  • 89.5% of people said their customers preferred an interactive onboarding video compared to text-based information. Showing people how to use your offer to its highest potential is easier to do when you’re actually showing them -- instead of having them read.
  • 68.2% of people noted a decrease in unnecessary customer service calls after launching their interactive video. People tend to retain information better when they’re watching a video, especially when they can engage with it.
  • 64% of people said they preferred viewing an interactive video to learn about a product rather than reading text-based information. A video gives you the ability to showcase everything about the product without forcing your visitors to read.
  • 83% of people said they viewed a product more favorably after engaging with an interactive video on it. There’s something about video that helps your audience take ownership of the product and the decision they’re making when they decide to buy it.

For marketers, entrepreneurs, online business owners, coaches, consultants, sales people, and client success managers, interactive videos:

  • ​Improve Engagement
  • ​Capture Attention
  • ​Drive Accountability & Action
  • ​Lifts Conversions
  • ​Reduces Unnecessary Steps

And, above all, helps your brand stand out in highly-competitive marketplaces.

Interactive videos can be used for:

  • Product Demos and Explainer Videos: While you’re showcasing the products and services that you’re offering to your visitors, you can give them an option to move forward after each feature and benefit that you break down.
  • Video Series and Video Sales Funnels: If you want someone to take an action, like becoming a customer, getting them to take actions that aren’t tied to monetary transactions helps make the process significantly smoother.
  • Customer service and FAQs: You can use questions and surveys to redirect them to videos that go deeper into the topic or give them other possible solutions to watch.
  • Brand Stories or Brand Videos: Getting people to interact and engage with your brand is how you develop relationships and build long-term loyalty with your audience.
  • Product Ads: By making your ads interactive, though, you can work to eliminate the feeling of being advertised to while getting potential customers involved in the transaction.

How To Make Interactive Videos (Quick & Easy!)

Each of these steps will help you create GREAT, stand-out interactive videos using Voomly -- while keeping it as simple and affordable as possible.

1: The ‘Invisible’ Video Squeeze Player

The Invisible Squeeze Player takes all of the strengths of a squeeze page (or opt-in page) and lets you enable them directly inside of your videos.

Voomly’s Turnstile feature helps you turn video viewers into new leads in ways that most video platforms can’t deliver on.

With most video platforms, all you get is a small description / bio section and potentially a small “card” or annotation in the top right-hand corner to grab people’s attention and hopefully drive them to a landing page where you can collect their data.

With Voomly’s Turnstile, though, all of that happens directly inside the video.

You can grab their attention, hook them with curiosity, tease what’s coming later in the video, then inject the Turnstile to grab their email before they’re able to keep watching.

It’s incredibly effective when you use it to:

  • ​Tease special offers or discounts.
  • ​Provide exclusive access to hidden features and content.
  • ​Invite the user to take action by subscribing.
  • ​To grant access to a lead magnet.

To see it in motion, check out the Voomly homepage by clicking here.

And if you want to see how easy it is to start using it in your videos, check out tutorial #10 on this page.

2: Interactive & Immersive Surveys

Surveying your audience is one thing.

But being able to survey them, ask questions, and then customize their user experience based on the answers they’ve provided is something completely different.

You can inject buttons into your videos that prompt your viewers to answer a quick question.

Then, based on the response they’ve given you can figure out the types of content that’s most important to them at that moment -- and deliver on it to build the relationship you have with them and increase their loyalty to your brand.

Voomly gives you quite a few different ways to generate these interactions:

  • ​Buttons
  • ​Text
  • ​Annotations
  • ​Image Annotations
  • ​Images
  • ​Shares
  • ​Turnstiles
  • ​Chapters

Depending on where your viewer is at on their customer journey, one may be better than another.

For instance, if they’re still early on, you may want to use the Turnstile interaction to collect their information.

However, if they’re further down the journey, you may want to use buttons to help custom-tailor their user experience based on additional content you can deliver.

Or, if they’re already engaged and you’re presenting educational videos, you can use chapters to help them skip and jump between content, depending on what they need most at the time.

3: Attention-Grabbing & Action-Enticing Annotations

Annotations are one of the best ways to guide attention after you’ve captured it.

For instance, let’s say you introduce a new lead magnet that you want your audience to take advantage of.

You can use an annotation inside the video to guide their attention to your CTA and start driving clicks to the lead magnet.

Or, if you’re helping solve problems inside of your video and want to feature products that may make solving those problems even easier, you can use image annotations of those products to introduce them at key moments.

This helps guide their attention to the product being available while the video keeps going.

When you’re using these annotations, you can dim the screen to help make the annotation stand out, drawing even more attention to it.

Compare this to most video platforms that give you barebones ways to drive clicks and you can start to see how effective the annotations you get in Voomly really are.

You have a ton of different options when it comes to using these in your videos.

4: Gain Followers with “Sharegate”

Now comes the fun part: generating more leads, shares, and followers using Voomly.

Since each of the 3 previous tips were focused on increasing engagement and taking your viewers from passive watching mode to active watching mode, it’s time to start converting that attention.

In Voomly, that means using a feature called Sharegate.

With Sharegate, you can install a button that comes on in your video (you decide where it goes) that prompts users to share your video on social media channels before they can continue watching it.

This is great because it helps your videos go viral and doesn’t take a ton of effort on your viewer’s part.

To make Sharegate as effective as possible, though, you want to make sure that your introductions are hooking people and teasing what’s coming, and then make sure the content that comes after the Sharegate is something they desperately want to see.

Grab their attention with your hook and introduction, then tell them what’s coming later in the video, why it should matter to them, and what the expected outcome is going to be, then inject Sharegate into the video to gate the content until it’s shared.

When you do it right, your visitors will be eager to share it on their social media -- which gets you in front of an even larger audience of people that may have been off-limits before.

You can choose which social media platforms you want it shared to as well as entice your viewers to share it by offering them a gift or asset after it’s completed.

Check out video #11 on this page for an in-depth tutorial on how to use it most effectively.

5: The Silent Salesman Video Funnel

With all the new leads, subscribers, and followers you’ll be generating from your higher engagement rates and the creative interactive videos you’ll be publishing, you’ll want to convert that attention into new sales for your business.

The Silent Salesman Video Funnel is a great way to do it.

There’s a couple ways you can use this feature:

  • ​Interactive Product Funnels
  • ​Interactive Nurture Funnels

To give you an example of how you can use it in your business, though, let’s say you’re a real estate agent and you’re using videos to capture the attention of people in your market.

Some of those people may be buyers, while others may be sellers, and then some may be investors.

Using the Silent Salesman Video Funnel, you can link videos together and then guide your users down the path they need to go down based on responses and engagements you’ve gotten from the videos.

You can ask them what they are and what they want to do, then take them to the video that meets their needs.

For instance, let’s say they’ve clicked the “I’m a buyer” button. You can then guide them to your next video that gives them tips on buying a new home, showcases a few properties you have under management, and keeps them from seeing videos that may be more tailored to investors or sellers.

This is a great way to make sure your content is as relevant as possible to your audience while also nurturing the relationship you’re starting to build with them.

To get started using it in your marketing, check out tutorial #12 on this page.

Final Thoughts

With more than 87% of businesses reporting growth in their online sales after implementing interactive videos and video funnels into their business, these videos are no longer the future -- they’re the present.

If you’re looking for new, creative ways to increase engagement, nurture relationships, and grow your business revenue, the 5 tips in this guide are a great way to get started.

If you want to implement these tips, and you haven’t already started using Voomly, click here to begin your free 14-day trial now to see how effective, simple, and affordable it can be.

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