How Doodly Animations Can Make Your Webinars More Memorable

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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Say you're running a webinar.

You have your content prepared, your slides polished, and you are confident in your topic.

But here's a question:

How can you keep your audience's attention, ensure they remember your main points, and, most importantly, feel inspired by your message?

Now I want you to recall the last webinar you attended.

What do you recall???

If your presentation is a swirl of slides and a boring voice, you're not alone.

That's the issue that many webinar hosts face: keeping their audience engaged in a virtual environment when distractions are only a click away.

But what if you could alter the narrative?

What if your webinar was the one people remembered with a smile, where learning felt enjoyable?

According to research, pictures can enhance the willingness of individuals to read text by up to 80%.

That's where doodly animations come in.

Doodly animations are a creative tool that infuses life into your webinars, changing them from basic presentations into unforgettable experiences.

They  do more than just add flair; they capture and maintain attention, transforming your webinar from forgettable to memorable.

They're about developing a connection, telling a story, and getting your message out.

Doodly can help you make an impact by simplifying a hard subject with a playful doodle or transforming a dry statistic into an engaging visual story.

In today's blog, we will look at how Doodly animations can improve your webinars.

We'll provide practical advice, inspiring examples, and creative ideas to help you make your next webinar memorable.

So if you're ready, let's dive in and discover how to bring your webinars to life with Doodly animations!

Why Doodly Is A Game Changer For Your Webinars

Before anything else, let's explore why Doodly is such a significant asset in the world of webinar presentations.

Well, we've all experienced it, haven't we?

Enduring one webinar after another, we find our attention wavering as we're bombarded with slide upon slide packed with mere text.

That feeling of disengagement, the longing for something more stimulating than just relentless text blocks or bullet lists, is all too familiar.

Recall a moment when something on TV truly captured your attention, prompting you to lean in closer.

That's the kind of engagement we aim to replicate with Doodly.

In crafting webinar presentations, we often lean on software to structure our narratives or convey our subjects clearly.

PowerPoint has been the cornerstone in this arena, prized for its simplicity and ease of use.

Yet, while PowerPoint provides a solid foundation, Doodly steps in to infuse your presentations with the vibrancy, color, and dynamism they deserve.

Doodly extends beyond merely enhancing your visuals; it transforms the way you engage with your audience, fostering a connection that's both meaningful and memorable.

What's truly exciting?

You don't need to be a whiz at animation to harness Doodly's potential.

Its intuitive interface empowers you to tell compelling stories, emphasizing your key points so they're not just seen but felt.

In the next section, we'll walk you through the step-by-step guide on applying Doodly animations to your webinars.

Enhancing Your Webinar Presentations with Doodly

Step 1: Start with Your Title Page

The first step is to start with your title page. Take a good look at your Title Page in PowerPoint.

You need to figure out the perfect spot for your Doodly animation.

Should it be a rectangle or a square? Think about the design of your slide and what fits best.

The size matters because your animation needs to blend in seamlessly, not stick out awkwardly.

So, think about the overall layout and how your animation will complement it.

Step 2: Dive into Doodly

Once you know the size or resolution you need for your Doodly animation, dive into creating your video.

Log in to Doodly,  and hit the 'Create New Video' button.

Here, you'll choose the canvas size that corresponds with the aspect ratio identified on your PowerPoint slide.

Opting for 720p resolution is advisable as it offers a good balance between quality and file size, ensuring your animation is clear but not excessively large.

Step 3: Pick the Right Props and Characters

Next, head to the Props section in Doodly and pick out items that align with your webinar's theme.

Doodly provides a wide array of free props and characters, so you're likely to find something that suits your topic.

If you're after something specific or want custom props that resonate with your brand, you can upload your own images.

Just remember to resize them to fit the screen space appropriately—they should integrate seamlessly, neither dominating the scene nor getting lost in it.

Step 4: Incorporating Text and Fonts

After you've added your props and characters, it's time to include your title into the animation.

Choose a font that suits the style and tone of your presentation.

Doodly has a large selection of fonts, but if you're looking for something specific or want to keep your brand consistent, you may upload a custom font.

Simply click the blue plus sign to add your preferred font.

This versatility ensures that your text not only conveys the content effectively, but also matches your overall branding and look, making your animation even more impactful.

Step 5: Customize Hand Style

You also have the creative freedom to customize the hand style that draws your assets in Doodly.

Simply go to Video Settings, and you'll find an array of options to choose from, including realistic hands and cartoon styles.

Whether your presentation could benefit from a left-handed artist or a right-handed one, Doodly has you covered.

This customization allows you to align the drawing hand with the tone and style of your presentation, adding an extra layer of personalization and engagement.

By selecting a hand that complements your content, you enhance the visual appeal and maintain consistency throughout your animation.

Step 6: Fine-Tune Your Timing

Play around with how long each element shows up on screen to highlight your main messages effectively.

Adjust their display duration or add strategic delays. Give your props and characters enough time to be noticed.

For your webinar’s title, adjust its on-screen duration to ensure attendees can comfortably read the text.

These adjustments help your animation flow seamlessly, capturing attention without feeling rushed or too slow.

For elements that don't require animation, like background objects, simply set their animation duration to zero.

This way, you can keep certain assets stationary, providing a stable backdrop for your dynamic content.

Step 7: Add Extra Time

Doodly's Extra Time feature, located in the Scene Settings menu, is a game-changer.

It allows you to tack on additional seconds at the end of your scenes. This extra bit isn't just filler; it's a strategic pause.

Think of it this way: right after your opening slide, this pause can serve multiple purposes.

Perhaps the speaker wants to offer a brief overview or break the ice with a light-hearted comment.

Maybe there's a need to remind attendees of key points or prompt them to log in.

By weaving in these pauses using the Extra Time feature, you keep your webinar flowing smoothly.

It prevents the session from feeling hurried and ensures that each segment has the time to resonate with your audience.

Step 8: Strategic Layering and Sequencing

When putting together your animation, make sure to think about the order you want things to show up and how they stack up.

This isn't just about making it look good; it's about getting your viewers to pay attention to the right things at the right time.

Start with your static background, then introduce your animated characters, and finally, bring in the title.

This sequence helps lay a clear path for your viewers' attention, moving from the general backdrop to the engaging characters, and ending with the central message of your title.

By lining everything up in a smart way, you create a smooth experience that keeps people interested and makes your key points stand out.

Step 9: Opting Out of Erase Animations

Another feature to consider is the Erase animation option in Doodly.

This tool can be toggled on or off based on your project's needs.

When enabled, it shows the hand erasing before it starts drawing your props or characters, adding a playful element that's great for storytelling or building anticipation.

However, if your aim is more direct and you prefer the hand to dive straight into drawing without erasing first, you can easily disable this feature.

Simply go to Video Settings and select OFF in the Erase Mode dropdown menu.

This adjustment lets you tailor the animation style to suit your content, whether you're aiming for whimsy or straightforward clarity.

Step 10: Add Some Background Music

While this next step is entirely optional, adding background music or sound effects to your title slide can enhance the viewer's experience.

Doodly offers a wide selection of royalty-free background music and sound effects for you to choose from.

Just head over to the Sounds tab and select the track that best compliments your content.

If you prefer using a specific track or sound effect, you can upload your own audio file by clicking the blue plus sign.

The right sound can transform your slide from good to great, making your presentation more dynamic and enjoyable.

Step 11: Preview your Changes

Lastly, always preview your work after making any changes.

This step ensures that the timing of each element is spot on and that your overall presentation flows as intended.

It's your chance to catch any hiccups and make sure everything looks and feels just right before you finalize your video.

A thorough preview helps you avoid surprises and guarantees that your audience gets the smooth, engaging experience you've designed.

Step 12: Export Your File

Finally, now that you've completed all the customizations within Doodly, it's time to bring your creation to life outside the application by exporting it.

When you're ready, click the 'EXPORT' button.

You'll then see the file path where your video will be saved.

If you need to change this location, simply click the 'Change' button to select a new destination for your video file.

By default, the file format is set to mp4, which is ideal for most uses.

Next, you'll need to select the resolution for your video. Choose 720p from the resolution dropdown to ensure your video is clear but not excessively large.

Once you’re all set, click the EXPORT green button to process and save your video.

Importing Animation in PowerPoint

So, you've crafted a compelling animation for your title slide, and now it's time to bring it into your PowerPoint presentation.

Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Navigate to the Insert Tab.

Open your PowerPoint presentation and click on the 'Insert' tab, which you'll find at the top of your screen.

Once there, look to the far left side to find the 'Video' menu.

Click on it and then select "Insert Video from This Device..." to browse for your Doodly animation file.

Step 2: Adjust Your Video.

After inserting your video into the slide, you might need to adjust its size so it fits just right on your title slide.

Simply click on the video and drag the corners to resize it to your liking.

Step 3: Set Video to Autoplay.

To ensure your video plays automatically when you reach this slide, move to the 'Playback' tab.

Here, you'll see the 'Start' option. Click on it and choose "Automatically" from the dropdown menu.

This setting will make your video start playing as soon as the slide appears during your presentation.

Step 4: Preview Your Slide.

Last but not least, always preview your slide after making these changes.

This step is crucial to ensure that your video looks and functions exactly as you planned, providing a seamless experience when you present.

Incorporating Animation into Your Agenda Slide

Just like you've animated your title slide to kick off your webinar with impact, you can also bring dynamic animations to your agenda slide.

The process is virtually the same as what you've already mastered.

Here’s how you can extend that engaging touch to the section where you outline what your audience can expect:

Step 1: 

Repeating the Process

Simply follow the same steps you used for the title slide.

Whether it's choosing the right props, setting the duration, or selecting the hand style, the same principles apply.

Step 2: 

Choosing the Right Resolution
for Square Format

If you're aiming for a square resolution, perhaps to align with the stylistic norms of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, select the option in Doodly's resolution dropdown that specifies this format, typically 1000 x 1000.

This adjustment ensures your animation fits perfectly into a square frame, making it ideal not just for your webinar but also for sharing across these social platforms if needed.

Step 3: 

Importing Your Animation into PowerPoint

Once you've customized your agenda slide animation in Doodly, import it into PowerPoint following the identical steps for the title slide.

Adjust its size, set it to autoplay under the Playback menu, and don't forget to preview your slide to ensure everything transitions smoothly.

By animating your agenda slide, you provide a clear and engaging overview of what's to come, maintaining your audience's interest and setting the stage for a memorable and interactive webinar experience.

The title page, typically the first slide, and the agenda page, often the second, are just two key areas where animation can enhance your webinar.

In the next section, we'll offer creative tips on additional ways you can utilize Doodly throughout your webinar presentation.

Webinar Presentation Tips

As promised, let's explore how you can truly make your webinars pop. It's the small details that can elevate your presentation from good to unforgettable.

Here, we'll share some handy tips and imaginative ways to bring more energy and connection to your sessions using Doodly animations.

Introduction Slide

Kick off with an engaging start by using Doodly to animate a hand-drawn outline of your presentation's theme or an interesting fact related to your topic. This visual hook can captivate your audience right from the beginning.

Agenda Overview

For the agenda page, have the hand draw out the list of topics you'll cover. This can help attendees visually track what to expect and keep them engaged as they follow the drawing process.

Section Headings

At the beginning of each new section, use Doodly to draw the heading or a relevant icon that represents the section theme. This not only adds a visual marker but also refreshes the audience's attention.

Key Concepts and Ideas

When introducing critical points, illustrate these concepts with Doodly. The process of watching the hand draw helps reinforce the information, making it more memorable.

Data Visualization

Transform stats and data into hand-drawn charts or graphs. Seeing these figures drawn out can help demystify complex information and make it more accessible.

Storytelling Elements

If you're sharing a story, case study, or example, use Doodly to illustrate it as you narrate. This can make your storytelling more immersive and engaging, allowing the audience to visualize the narrative.

Interactive Segments

During interactive parts of your webinar, use Doodly to pose questions or highlight audience responses. The act of the hand writing out these interactions can make the engagement feel more personal and direct.

Testimonials or Important Quotes

Emphasize testimonials or impactful quotes by having them drawn out in real-time. This approach adds weight to these words and can make them stand out in the audience's mind.

Summary and Recap

At the end, summarize the key takeaways with a series of quick, concise Doodly illustrations. This visual recap can help cement the main points in your audience's memory.

Call to Action

Conclude with a strong call to action by having it drawn out, emphasizing the next steps your audience should consider. The dynamic nature of the drawing helps underline the importance of this message.

That's a Wrap!

So, you've mastered the Doodly basics, and now it's time to unleash that knowledge on your webinars.

This isn't just about adding some fancy doodles here and there; it's about creating a bond with your audience, making your message stick.

When you make that connection, everything changes.

Your content becomes memorable, impactful, and a whole lot more fun.

Now go on, put these tricks to good use in your next webinar.

Add that extra zing, make your audience smile, and keep them hooked.

After all, isn't it great when learning is fun?

Here's to your success in delivering webinars that not only inform but also inspire and entertain.

Cheers to making an impact, one doodle at a time!

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