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Monday, May 22, 2023

Hello there, Voomly user! Remember the excitement and slight anxiety when exploring a new city for the first time? That's exactly how it feels to embark on the Voomly journey. But don't worry, consider this article your friendly tour guide, equipped with a detailed map and insightful tips.

Today, our adventure is all about familiarizing ourselves with the streets and avenues of Voomly. We'll browse through its vibrant menus and investigate each feature, turning every stone and leaving no corner unexplored. But hey, we won't overwhelm you with information. Instead, think of this as a delightful sightseeing trip, getting the lay of the land before we get into each exciting location in the future blogs.

To kick start our journey, all we need to do is open Voomly Cloud. Consider this our airport, where our tour begins. Just log in using your trusty email address and password, or go the magic link route. And, when you see that 'Please confirm your login intent' pop up, click 'Yes, it's me' as promptly as you would board your flight.

Now, buckle up! Our Voomly journey is about to take off!

Navigating Through the Voomly Interface

Setting foot into the world of Voomly, you'll be greeted with three vibrant tabs: VIDEO DRIVE, INTERACTIVE VIDEO, and ANALYTICS. It's like the control panel of your spaceship in this digital universe. To those old-timers, the familiar COURSES tab may still appear. It's like an  old bookmark from a chapter we've moved on from, providing a sense of nostalgia for older users, while newer users may not have this feature in their view at all.


The moment your engines ignite in Voomly, your ship automatically lands in the VIDEO DRIVE. It's like your personal storage unit or a gigantic video library if you will. This is where all your uploaded videos call home, eagerly waiting for you to play, edit, or share them with the world.

Being new to the neighborhood, your VIDEO DRIVE might look a little empty, perhaps even echo a bit. But don't worry, it's just waiting for you to breathe life into it. Notice that you'll have the option to upload a video or even create a new folder right away. These are your tools to make this space truly yours.

Whether your video files speak the language of mp4, mov, avi, or wmv, Voomly is multilingual and accepts them all. Now, you might be wondering about the size of the videos you can store. Good news! There's no limit to the video file size. But remember, just like baking a larger cake takes longer, the longer your video is, the more time it will take to export.

As for the capacity of this cloud storage, it's like choosing your bag before a journey. It depends on the type of plan you decide to go with. Check out the different plans and prices to see which one suits your needs the best.

And don't be shy! You can invite multiple videos to your VIDEO DRIVE all at once. Take a look at them in a neat list or as a grid, it's your choice. And if you ever wish to download multiple videos, don't worry about doing it one at a time. Just put them all in one folder, select it, and download it. Easy peasy!

Now, let's talk about organizing these videos. You know how you can have drawers within a drawer in a well-organized cabinet? Same thing here. You can create folders within folders in Voomly. This is a godsend, especially if you're crafting a detailed sales funnel.

Every folder and video within the VIDEO DRIVE has its very own menu. See those three dots on the upper right side of each? Just give them a click to see what's in store. 

Here's a quick rundown of the options you have:

FOLDER Options:

  • ​Rename
  • ​Download
  • ​Delete

VIDEO Options:

  • ​​Customize Video Player
  • ​Rename
  • ​Download
  • ​Copy Link
  • ​Get Embed Code
  • ​Analytics
  • ​Replace Video
  • ​Delete

Among these options, you will probably spend most of your time under ‘Customize Video Player’. What exactly is within this option? Let’s find out.

Customize Video Player

As you journey through Voomly, you'll find that the 'Customize Video Player' is the bustling city center of the interface. This is your toolkit, your palette, your sandbox for video customization. Here, you will mold your vision into reality, transforming a simple video player into a unique, interactive experience tailored just for your audience. Once you’re inside the video player menu, you will discover a two-panel page packed with tools that allow you to customize your video player in ways that best suit your needs and preferences.

On one side, the Settings Panel stands ready, armed with a broad selection of customization menus, each offering its unique power to transform your video. Meanwhile, the General panel sits on the right, its options dynamically adjusting based on your choices made within the Settings panel. 

Here's a rundown of the different menus and their respective functions that you can find within the Video Player:

1. General
This is the pilot's seat, letting you control the basic functions of your video. Choose to set your video to autoplay, decide what action occurs when the video ends, and determine whether your video should begin in silence or with sound. You can even enable the video to resume where it left off on future visits - a nifty feature for longer content.

2. Thumbnail

This menu offers the freedom to set the perfect thumbnail for your video. You have a range of options from uploading your own image, selecting a frame from the video, or even opting for a video loop as your thumbnail.

3. Player Skin

The Player Skin menu lets you show off your fashion sense by customizing the style of your player. Add your brand's logo for that extra flair and personal touch. You can even play with the labels on your player - why stick with 'Play' when it could say 'Let's Go'?

4. Controls

The Controls menu is where you become the director, deciding which part of the control bar remains visible to your viewers. If you're presenting important content that can't be missed, you can disable the Play bar to prevent viewers from skipping ahead.

5. Subtitles

This feature allows you to enhance accessibility and understanding by adding subtitles to your video. And, because details matter, you can customize the font to your liking.

6. Interactions

The Interactions menu is your toolbox to turn your video into an engaging, interactive experience. You can add buttons, text, annotations, share links, turnstiles, and much more. You can even guide your viewer's journey before, during, and after they watch your video, directing them to your website or another video. Creating a video series in Voomly is a breeze with these tools on hand.

7. Video Page

The Video Page menu offers you control over the space where your video lives. Choose to enable or disable comments based on your preference.

8. Security

Voomly understands the need for privacy. With the Security menu, you can secure your video by setting up a password, ensuring your content reaches only your selected audience.

Each of these features within the Video Player menu holds promise and offers a chance to enhance your videos. In future blog posts, we'll take a closer look at each one, showing you how to use them to their full potential. For now, let's turn our focus to the next exciting feature - Interactive Video.


Imagine you're flipping through a choose-your-own-adventure book, where each decision you make influences the course of the story. That's essentially what the INTERACTIVE VIDEO tab brings to your video content on Voomly. This is where you get to create interactive video funnels. But wait, what exactly is an interactive video funnel? Let's break it down.

Interactive video funnels comprise multiple videos. Picture it as a pathway of interconnected video content. It starts with a primary video, and once that concludes, it automatically transitions into the next one that you've designated in your funnel. But here's where it gets exciting: the viewer isn't just passively consuming these videos. They have a say in the unfolding of the content too.

You can embed buttons within your videos, empowering viewers to choose the next video they want to watch. It's an engaging and dynamic way to present content, offering your audience an immersive experience, a real journey through your videos. It's not just about viewing anymore, it's about interacting, participating, and guiding the journey. This feature is truly unique and we're looking forward to exploring it further in an upcoming tutorial. Stay tuned!

Now that we've dived into the world of interactive videos and their immersive nature, it's time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. While creating engaging content is fundamental, understanding how your content performs is equally crucial. That's where the third tab, ANALYTICS, comes into play on the Voomly platform.


The Analytics tab acts as your personal data detective, offering you insightful metrics about how your videos are performing. It helps you answer vital questions like: Who's watching your videos? How long are they watching? At what point do they stop? Are your interactive elements working the way you anticipated?

The power of analytics lies in its capacity to turn raw data into actionable insights. With this information at your fingertips, you can refine your video strategy, bolster viewer engagement, and maximize your impact.

As we explore further the world of analytics, it's essential to mention one crucial aspect of data interpretation - the date range. To ensure the accuracy and relevance of your analysis, it's vital that you select the correct date range for your reports.

Think of the date range as the 'time frame' for your data detective to conduct the investigation. Whether you're keen on understanding the viewer trends of the last week, the past month, or perhaps a specific quarter, adjusting your date range accordingly is key. A mismatch here could lead to misinterpretation of the trends and the consequent actions you take.

So, as you explore the Analytics tab and begin to navigate the sea of data Voomly presents, remember to always start with setting the right date range. This simple yet significant step will ensure you are viewing and making decisions based on the most relevant and accurate information. Look out for more insights on this in our upcoming discussions!


Beyond the distinct tabs, Voomly also provides an "Account Settings" feature. You'll find this located at the top right corner of your screen, symbolized by a circular icon marked with your initial. Simply click this icon to open Account Settings.

Here, you'll discover five distinct menus, each catering to a different aspect of your Voomly experience:

Let's start with 'General'. The General menu serves a straightforward function - it's where you can alter your display name, as well as your Voomly password. Just remember, the password you set here is separate from your Voomly Cloud password, so make sure you keep track of both.

Next up is 'Plan'. As its name implies, this is where all your subscription details live. Here you can review your current Voomly plan, check out your usage, and get a clear overview of your subscription status.

In the 'Integrations' menu, you're given the tools to connect your Mailchimp and Active Campaign accounts directly to Voomly. This can streamline your workflow, allowing you to manage these platforms right from your Voomly dashboard.

The 'Import From' menu comes in handy when you're looking to bring over videos from Wistia. This option uses Wistia's token to facilitate the importing process, saving you time and making it much easier to centralize your video content in Voomly.

Last but not least, there's the 'Accounts Group'. This feature lets you add members to your Voomly account, making it a real team tool. Whether you're working collaboratively on a project or need to give someone else access to your Voomly account, this is where you can make it happen.

By taking the time to familiarize yourself with these settings, you can really maximize your usage of Voomly and make it a tailor-fit solution for all your video needs.


As we conclude our comprehensive walkthrough of the Voomly interface, it's important to remember that this is just the beginning. This introduction has covered the essentials, providing an overview of the various tabs, settings, and features Voomly offers. However, the true depth of Voomly's capabilities extends far beyond what we've touched upon today.

The versatility and functionality of the platform offer a wide range of features tailored to enhance your video content creation and management experience. Each aspect, from customizing video players to creating interactive video funnels and exploring analytics, is a universe on its own, ripe for discovery.

But fear not, we've got you covered. In our upcoming blogs, we will take a closer look into each individual feature, dissecting their functionalities and illustrating how to best utilize them to optimize your content creation process. We'll provide step-by-step guides, expert tips, and insightful discussions to further your understanding and mastery of the Voomly platform.

As we wrap up today's journey, remember that the world of Voomly is at your fingertips, waiting to be explored. Equipped with this knowledge, you're one step closer to transforming the way you interact with your audience through video content. So stay tuned for more insights, and let your journey with Voomly unfold into a world of creativity, innovation, and success. Until our next tutorial, happy exploring!

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