Digital Marketing in the Wake of the Pandemic: A New Era of Engagement

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The global pandemic, a rare event of our times, has drastically altered our societal structure.

As nations battled the swift spread of the virus, actions like lockdowns and quarantines became the new norm.

While these steps were essential for public health, they came with deep economic consequences.

Worldwide, businesses, particularly small and medium-sized ones, confronted a crisis of survival.

From neighborhood cafes to small boutique shops, businesses had to close their doors, some temporarily, others for good.

The hospitality, travel, and entertainment industries were some of the most severely affected, with statistics showing a drastic drop in revenue.

But it wasn't just the economy that suffered. The human toll was immense.

Millions suddenly found themselves jobless.

The unpredictability of the situation, coupled with the challenges of working from home and homeschooling, contributed to a shared sense of stress.

A 2020 study highlighted the mental health struggles individuals faced during this time.

Despite the hardships, resilience shone through.

The pandemic only sped up what was always coming: a move towards a digital-first world.

Businesses switched up to online models, teachers welcomed the era of virtual classrooms, and working from home became the new norm.

This digital transformation wasn't just about getting by but flourishing in a world post-pandemic.

One trend that really stood out during this time was the boom in content creation.

With people spending more time surfing the web, it was clear to brands that they needed to really connect with their audience.

Specifically, video content took center stage.

From how-to guides to webinars, the digital world was buzzing with fresh ideas, paving the way for a new chapter in digital storytelling.

The Rise of Remote Work

As the pandemic continued, the concept of typical office spaces started to fade.

The work-from-home model surfaced as a lifeline, ensuring that businesses could keep running and employees could stay safe. Virtual offices and remote teamwork took the lead, greatly increasing remote job prospects in the post-pandemic world.

With the virus threat always present, companies put the safety and health of their employees first.

The work-from-home model came up as not just a temporary fix but a viable long-term solution for keeping businesses on track. Companies put their money into digital tools and platforms to help remote teams communicate and collaborate effortlessly.

Forbes sheds light on how remote opportunities leaped from under 4% of all high-paying jobs pre-pandemic to over 15% today.

Sure, remote work offered safety and flexibility, but it had its hurdles too.

From creating a suitable workspace at home to getting the work-life balance right, employees had to find their way through new situations.

But.. the pros outweighed the cons. Less time commuting, flexible working hours, and better work-life balance became some of the benefits enjoyed by remote workers.

A McKinsey study highlights the significant rise in remote working during the pandemic's height.

As companies start to see the benefits of a remote team, many are thinking about making this their permanent model or going for a hybrid approach.

The pandemic has proved that with the right tools and attitude, remote work can be as efficient, if not more, than the traditional office setup.

Business News Daily talks about how the pandemic showed that employees could keep up and even boost their productivity while working from home.

The Dawn of Digital Content Creation

In a world where face-to-face interactions became limited, businesses had to find new ways to connect with their audience.

This led to a rise in digital content creation, particularly video content, which experienced an unparalleled growth.

Brands started to realize the incredible potential of video storytelling, making it a key weapon in their marketing toolkit.

Storytelling isn't just about sharing information...

It's about connecting with the audience on a more personal level, evoking emotions, and creating memorable experiences.

Video content, with its ability to combine visuals, sound, text, and motion, offers a multi-sensory experience, making the message more engaging and impactful.

During this time, one tool that has stood out in the world of content creation is Voomly Cloud.

This cloud-based video hosting platform is designed with the modern content creator in mind.

It's not just about letting you host videos...

Voomly Cloud empowers creators to manage, share, and analyze content effectively.

It offers a suite of features that make creating, distributing, and monetizing video content more streamlined and efficient.

The Power of Video Hosting Platforms

Platforms such as Voomly Cloud have brought about a revolution in digital marketing by offering a range of tools, including Doodly, Voomly, Pyks, Talkia, People Builder, and Toonly.

These tools give creators the ability to craft captivating stories, boosting brand exposure and engagement.

Doodly & Voomly:

  • Doodly has made a name for itself with its whiteboard animation features. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface lets creators make animated explainer videos effortlessly. It's the ideal tool for simplifying complex concepts into easy-to-understand content.
  • Voomly complements Doodly by offering additional features for video creation and hosting, ensuring that your content reaches a wider audience.

People Builder:

  • People Builder is a game-changing software that allows anyone to create custom characters for their Doodly videos in minutes. This tool helps you tailor characters to your specific needs, including their age, gender, skin tone, body size, facial expression, outfit, and pose. With People Builder, you can enhance your video's relatability and impact, ensuring a cohesive viewing experience.

Pyks & Talkia:

  • Pyks is a versatile tool that simplifies the creation of professional-looking eCovers. Its stunning templates are designed to impress, enhancing the visual appeal of your content and potentially boosting sales.
  • Talkia specializes in voiceovers, allowing creators to add depth and personality to their videos. Whether it's a narration or character dialogue, Talkia has got you covered.


  • Toonly brings a touch of whimsy to your content. Specializing in cartoon-based videos, Toonly allows creators to design fun and engaging animations. Whether it's a promotional video or an educational piece, Toonly adds a unique flair to your content.

These tools, all part of the Voomly Cloud suite, have brought about a new era in digital marketing and content creation. They empower creators, giving them a platform to tell their digital stories, ensuring their brand stands out in the bustling digital world.

Mastering the Art of Video Content Creation

Creating videos that leave an impact is a mix of both art and science. It calls for a combination of creativity, strategic planning, and a deep knowledge of what your audience likes.

Here are 10 pro tips to help you create videos that truly connect:

1. Understand Your Audience.

Get to know the likes, challenges, and needs of your target audience. Make sure your content speaks to them, focusing on their interests and addressing their concerns.

2. Keep It Short & Sweet.

In today's fast-moving digital age, attention spans are short. Keep your videos brief yet powerful, making sure you deliver the main message in as little time as possible.

3. Use Voomly Cloud Tools.

Each tool in Voomly Cloud offers a unique feature. Use Doodly for eye-catching animations, Talkia for interesting voiceovers, and so on. Make the most of these tools to take your content to another level.

4. Share Across Platforms.

Don't just stick to one platform for your video. Post it on different social media channels, add it to your website, and include it in your email campaigns to increase its reach and effect.

5. Make It Interactive.

Add quizzes, polls, or clickable links to your videos. Interactive content can increase engagement and keep viewers interested.

6. Make It Mobile-Friendly.

With many users viewing content on their mobile devices, it's important to make sure your videos are mobile-friendly, both in terms of format and content.

7. Use Storytelling.

Stories have a powerful effect. Add a story to your video content to make it more relatable and unforgettable for your audience.

8. Focus on Video Quality.

A high-quality, well-edited video gives a professional image. Invest in good equipment and editing software to make sure your content is of high quality.

9. Add a Call-to-Action (CTA).

Guide your viewers on what to do next. Whether it's visiting your website, subscribing to a newsletter, or making a purchase, a clear CTA can lead to the actions you want.

10. Keep Up with Trends.

The digital world is always changing. Stay updated with the latest video trends and use them in your content strategy to keep your videos current and engaging.

The Future of Content Creation

The online world is an ever-evolving landscape, constantly influenced by new tech and changing user habits.

We're at an exciting point in time, on the verge of a fresh chapter in content creation.

This isn't just about the rise of new platforms or user preferences, but also how these elements interact in this dynamic arena.

As we look into the future, several trends are starting to emerge, pointing to the possible direction of content creation:

1. Customizing with AI.
AI and machine learning now allow creators to customize their content to fit each viewer's preference. This means more personal and engaging experiences that keep viewers hooked. 

2. Videos are King.
The saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words," has upgraded to, "A video is worth a million words." Videos are more lively and engaging, and they'll keep ruling the online world. Tools from platforms like Voomly Cloud are set to help creators shine in this era of video content.

3. Fun with Interactive and AR Content.
We're going to see more interactive videos and augmented reality (AR) experiences. These offer fresh and immersive ways for viewers to connect with content.

4. The Rise of Voice and Audio Content.
With the popularity of voice assistants and podcasts, audio content is on the up. Platforms like Talkia, part of the Voomly Cloud suite, are set to shape this audio revolution.

5. Keeping it Real and Green.
Today's audiences love real stories and green practices. Creators need to focus on genuine storytelling and eco-friendly ways to win over smart viewers.

6. Smooth Digital Tools Integration.
Platforms like Voomly Cloud provide video creation tools that work well with other digital marketing tools. This ensures a smooth and all-inclusive content strategy.

With the digital scene changing so quickly, platforms like Voomly Cloud are lighting the way for creators to tell engaging and powerful stories. Their wide range of tools, along with forward-thinking features, put them right at the front of the content creation revolution.

Jump on Board the Digital Revolution!

As we journey through the digital world, it's clear that there's a world of opportunities waiting not just for seasoned content creators, but for everyone willing to explore. Tools and platforms like Voomly Cloud are more than just helpers - they're game-changers, launching us into a new age of storytelling and engagement. So, it's up to us to make the most of these tools, roll with the changes, and create stories that connect, teach, and inspire.

Are you set to be part of this digital revolution? Dive into Voomly Cloud and discover what you can do with next-level content creation. Check out Voomly Cloud today!

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