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Monday, March 20, 2023

Did you know that a customer review is the most important factor in your SEO strategy? It can be hard to get and keep customers, but once they move to a sales funnel, it's vital that they leave positive reviews. A good review is like a star on Yelp. It's something that can help get your company even more business and make those negative reviews disappear. Reviews are important – how else do we know if the service/product was great?

Reviews help customers decide why they should choose your product over your competitors. The easiest way to do that is by creating a video and showing it off on the web. Using Doodly, it's possible for you to create videos for every satisfied customer who purchases from your company.

It's really easy to create a whiteboard animation that will effectively present the reviews of your customers and other influencers in your business. Before we get started, let's first look into some of the most common best practices when it comes to managing your customer reviews:


Your customer reviews are the key element to your presentation, and they should be prepared in advance. It is best if you have a system in place that allows you to monitor and take note of all incoming reviews and feedback about your business. You can use software to capture all data or just simply put everything on an excel file. How you collect your data is totally up to you, as long as you can update it when there's a need to. But, before you post anything online, it is important to first get permission from your customers. This is important, especially if these reviews are sent to you via email and not posted on the internet for the world to see. Some customers prefer to have their names hidden, while others are okay with revealing their identities.


When you create your whiteboard animation video, don't dump all reviews in one scene. This will make it very difficult for your viewers to read your reviews especially if your video transition is so fast.

Instead, break up the review into multiple scenes. Or, you can place 2-3 reviews per scene if you have several reviews to showcase in your video. This will make it easier for your viewers to read every comments and reviews made by your customers. Apart from being readable, it makes your presentation look tidy. You can use the same review template for all of your reviews, or you can use a different one for each customer. Also, unlike pictures, your audience doesn't need to scroll through your page just to read all your reviews. So, take this opportunity to show all your great feedback. Sometimes you receive a bad review and that's okay. Take it constructively and use it as an opportunity to improve your service. While you will not be including the not-so-good reviews in your video, make sure that you take action to address any issues raised that are within your control.


When you have reviews that are 2-3 sentences long or more, do not put them all in one scene. Chances are, your audience might miss some of the great comments because your scene flips immediately to the next. It's hard to catch up reading long comments on a video, so you might as well do something about it.

One thing you can try is to divide the review into several parts using the same characters in your first scene (see sample #4 below). Another thing that you can do if you really want to keep them together is to add extra time at the end of your scene. That way, your audience would have enough time to read the review and won't feel rushed. This might affect though the momentum of your video since your long review will have a different timing than the rest, so just keep that in mind.


To prevent consolidating too many reviews in one video, you may want to create them constantly by scheduling video posts weekly or, whenever there's one available. By doing this, you can make sure to present your customer reviews in a timely manner and you'll have a system in place that you can follow.

So how do we exactly present the reviews using Doodly? We have listed some ideas below:

1. Flex that 5-star

Start with the hand drawing 5 stars followed by a Doodly character. Next is to write the customers' comments and finish off the illustration with another Doodly character. You can make each asset get drawn either faster or slower by adjusting their animation duration from Doodly's Layers menu.

2. Enable Doodly rainbow and make stars appear

Turn on the Doodly rainbow feature to add color to your asset and use a cartoon hand to draw your character. If you don't have this in your package, you can import your own colored character instead. Next, instead of drawing your 5 stars, have it appear on your screen one at a time without getting it drawn. You can do this by setting the asset animation to "None" which you can access from the asset settings.

3. No Hand drawing

Another way to present your reviews is by disabling the hand that is drawing your presentation. You can do this by going to either video settings or scene settings, and select NO HAND from the hand style options.

4. Comics style

The comic style is ideal when presenting a long feedback or review. You can create one scene with your chosen character and add a speech bubble to it. Duplicate the scene and just replace the text inside the speech bubble for every new scene created to complete the entire review.

5. Use an actual image

If the customer is willing to let you use their own image to their comment, you can import them in Doodly and place it beside their own review. This will make your reviews look more authentic.

6. Use your own cartoon character

Lastly, you can use your own animation image by importing them to Doodly. Place your text review beside it including the name of your reviewer. It's great if you can have a cartoon character that looks exactly just like the buyers persona of the person who provided the review.

Apart from JPG and PNG files, you can also use GIF format to add more animation to your video.

..and there you have it!

We are finally done listing down some tips that you can try on your own when presenting customer reviews using Doodly. Apart from what is listed, there are tons of other ways that you can do to customize your video and we're sure they're all fun to watch and create. Creativity never stops when you're using Doodly so keep those great ideas coming. Before we end this blog, here's our sample customer review video created using Doodly. Happy Doodling! :)

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