Boosting Engagement with Clickable CTAs (Proven Strategies)

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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Ever wondered what makes you click on a "Sign Up" or "Learn More" button while browsing online?

That's the magic of a Call-to-Action (CTA) - a little nudge that prompts you to take action.

IONOS puts it perfectly: a CTA is a prompt on a website that urges you to do something, right here, right now.

It's not just about getting you to click; it's about creating a clear, engaging message that tells you exactly what you're signing up for​​.


Let's talk about making your CTAs pop in the bustling world of digital marketing.

This isn't about slapping a generic button on your content; it's about crafting an experience that speaks directly to your audience.

And guess what?

Tools like Doodly and Voomly are changing the game.

They're taking CTAs from mere text to interactive, engaging parts of your video content that viewers can't help but interact with.

Join us on this exploration into the world of CTAs.

We're set to uncover the secrets to making your messages not just seen, but irresistible.

It's about turning those views into actions, clicks into conversions, and browsers into buyers.

Ready to transform your digital content with CTAs that truly resonate? Let's get your audience clicking in ways they never have before!

Standard vs. Clickable CTAs

In the digital landscape, where every pixel counts, understanding the difference between standard and clickable CTAs can be a game changer.

Let's break it down.

The Classic: Standard CTAs

Standard CTAs are like the old friends of the digital world – familiar and reliable.

Think of them as the signposts of the internet, guiding users with simple prompts like "Read More" or "Subscribe".

They're the foundational elements of digital interaction, but they're not asking for much.

They're like a friendly invitation, suggesting a path without any pressure.

But here's the thing – standard CTAs are often part of the background noise.

They're there, but they don't always make your heart race.

They're like the polite guest at a party – necessary but not necessarily the life of the party.

The Game Changer: Clickable CTAs​

Now let’s get to know clickable CTAs – the new kids on the block.

These are not just mere suggestions...

They're more like a friendly handshake, inviting you to engage directly.

Clickable CTAs are all about interaction.

Whether it's a button that lights up when you hover over it or a link that takes you on a new journey, they're designed to be enticing.

Clickable CTAs are like that person at the party who draws you into a conversation.

They're engaging, they're interesting, and they make you want to know more.

As HubSpot notes, personalizing CTAs can significantly increase their effectiveness.

Imagine a CTA that changes based on who's looking at it – now that's personalization at its best​​.

The Psychology Behind the Click

Why do we click? That's the million-dollar question.

It turns out, color plays a huge role.

According to CXL, the red CTA button consistently outperforms the green one.

It's all about visibility and emotional response.

Red grabs attention and signals action, making it a powerful ally in the clickable CTA arsenal​​.

But it's not just about the color... it's about placement too!

As Michael Aagaard discovered, sometimes putting a CTA at the bottom of a long page can increase conversion rates by up to 304%!

It's about catching users where they least expect it, giving them a nudge right when they're fully engaged with your content​​.

Crafting Your CTA Strategy​

Now deciding between a standard CTA and a clickable one isn't just a choice; it's a strategy.

It's about knowing your audience and understanding the context of your content.

For instance, a standard CTA might be perfect for an informational blog post where a gentle prompt is all that's needed.

On the flip side, for a high-energy promotional video or a dynamic landing page, a clickable CTA could be the key to sparking that all-important engagement.

It's about striking the right balance.

Your content could benefit from a blend of both types of CTAs, each placed thoughtfully to guide your audience through a seamless and engaging journey.

The goal? To create a user experience that feels intuitive, one where each CTA naturally leads to the next step.

Now, let's turn our attention to the advantages of clickable CTAs.

These aren't just attractive buttons on your page; they're powerful tools for boosting user engagement and driving conversions.

In the next section, we'll explore why clickable CTAs are becoming a vital component in effective digital marketing strategies.

Why Clickable CTAs are a Big Deal​

Clickable CTAs, those engaging buttons and links that practically invite your fingers to tap them, are revolutionizing how we interact with digital content. But why are they so effective?

First off, they're about making things happen.

Unlike standard CTAs that sit quietly, clickable ones are like a direct conversation with your audience.

They're proactive, prompting immediate action, be it downloading a guide, signing up for a service, or starting a free trial.

HubSpot highlights the diversity of clickable CTAs, ranging from form submissions and banners to pop-ups and slide-ins, all designed to convert site visitors into leads or customers​​.

Then there's the trust factor.

According to IONOS, clear and engaging CTAs build trust.

When a customer knows exactly what clicking a button will do, they feel more confident in taking that action.

This trust can lead to higher engagement and sales​​, as it removes uncertainty and fosters a sense of security in their decision-making process.

The Creativity Factor

The beauty of clickable CTAs lies in their versatility.

They're not just "Buy Now" buttons; they can be creative invitations to explore, learn, and experience.

IONOS notes that imaginative CTAs, which focus on the benefits rather than just the action, can be more effective.

For instance:

"Take your piano playing to the next level" might resonate more than "Book piano lessons now"​​.

Checking Out the Clickable CTA All-Stars

So, we've talked a bunch about clickable CTAs and how cool they can be. But you know what?

Seeing them in action is a whole other ball game. There are some brands out there absolutely killing it with their CTAs.

It's not just a button on a page – they're turning these things into an adventure, an invite to something bigger and better.

Ready to meet the champs of the CTA game?

We're talking about brands from every corner – tech, fashion, you name it – who have mastered the art of enticing clicks.

It's not just about getting you to click; it's about making that click worthwhile.

No more run-of-the-mill buttons; we're entering the realm of CTAs that are as captivating as they are convincing.

Let's dive in and see how they're setting the bar high!​

1. Amazon's "Add to Cart"

Ever noticed how Amazon makes shopping dangerously easy?

Their "Add to Cart" button is like a friendly nudge saying, "Go on, you know you want it!". It's strategically placed right there on the product page, making it impossible to miss.

This CTA isn't just a button; it's a gateway to instant gratification.

It's like Amazon whispering in your ear, "Just one click, and it's practically yours."

And let's be real, who hasn't felt that thrill of adding something to their cart, even if it's just for the joy of virtual window shopping?

This simple button is a powerhouse in turning browsing into buying, making the path from 'just looking' to 'it's on its way' as smooth as silk.

2. Airbnb's "I'm flexible"

Airbnb's "I'm Flexible" CTA is a breath of fresh air in the world of travel.

It's like a nod to those spontaneous adventurers and laid-back travelers who are open to where the road (or the skies) take them.

When you spot this CTA on Airbnb's site, it feels like a friend suggesting, "Hey, why not explore somewhere new?"

This button isn't just about booking a stay; it's about embracing the adventure that comes with flexibility.

With "I'm Flexible," Airbnb taps into the desire for discovery and surprise in travel, offering an experience that's as open-ended as your travel plans.

It's their way of saying, "The world is your oyster, and we're here to help you explore it, one stay at a time.".

3. American Red Cross' "You Can Make a Difference. Donate Now."

The American Red Cross brings a personal touch to giving with their CTA, "You Can Make a Difference. Donate Now."

It's like they're reaching out through the screen, reminding you of the power you hold to change lives.

This CTA goes beyond a mere call to donate; it's an affirmation of your potential impact in the world of humanitarian aid.

When you see this message, it feels like a personal invitation to be part of something bigger, to be a hero in someone else's story.

It's not just about parting with a donation; it's about joining a cause, a community of lifesavers.

The Red Cross makes giving feel not just necessary, but empowering, reinforcing that each contribution, big or small, can have a profound effect.

4. Adidas' "Shop Now"                                

Adidas' "Shop Now" CTA is like a starting gun at the beginning of a race, beckoning you to sprint into a world of style and performance.

It's not just a simple invitation to browse their latest collections; it's a call to action that resonates with the energy and dynamism of the brand.

When you encounter this CTA on Adidas' website, it feels like an open door to a world where fashion meets functionality, where every click leads you closer to gear that's as about performance as it is about making a statement.

The phrase "Shop Now" is direct and to the point, mirroring the straightforward, no-nonsense approach of athletes and fashion-forward individuals alike.

It's Adidas' way of saying, "The best in sportswear is just a click away – ready, set, go!".

5. Banana Republic's "Keep Shopping"

Banana Republic employs a strategic CTA in their shopping cart interface. After a customer adds an item to their cart, a 'Keep shopping' button is presented.

This CTA is designed to encourage customers to continue browsing and potentially add more items to their purchase before checking out, effectively increasing the average order value and enhancing the shopping experience by suggesting continued engagement with their product offerings.

6. Eventbrite's "Find your next event"

Have you ever been on Eventbrite? Their "Find Your Next Event" CTA is like your personal event guide.

It's not just a button; it's an open door to all sorts of happenings around you.

Whether you're into concerts, workshops, or just looking for something new to do on the weekend, this CTA has got you covered.

It's like Eventbrite is saying, "Bored? Curious? Excited? We've got something for every mood."

And the best part?

It's all just a click away. So, if you're wondering what to do next, Eventbrite's CTA is your go-to for a world of experiences waiting to be discovered.

7. Khan Academy's "Learners, Start Here"

Khan Academy really knows how to talk to its audience.

Their CTA, "Learners, Start Here," is like a warm, inviting handshake to the world of knowledge.

Sure, "Start Here" is a phrase you see everywhere, but when they add "Learners" to it, it becomes something special.

It's like they're saying, "Hey, you're here to learn, and we've got everything set up just for you."

It's not just a button; it's the first step on an exciting learning adventure.

This bit of personalization turns a common CTA into a powerful magnet for curious minds, making the journey from curiosity to knowledge just a click away.

8. Fitbit's "Start the quiz"

When you land on Fitbit's page, curious about which sports watch is your perfect match, you'll find their friendly "Start the Quiz" CTA waiting for you.

It's like having a personal assistant who knows all about your fitness needs and preferences.

This isn't just any quiz; it's a journey to discovering the Fitbit that vibes with your lifestyle and fitness goals.

By engaging you in a few simple questions, Fitbit transforms the selection process from overwhelming to exciting.

It's their way of making sure you find the sports watch that's not just a gadget, but a companion on your health journey.

9. Hulu's "Get the Disney bundle"

Hulu really knows how to package a deal.

When you see their "Get the Disney Bundle" CTA, it's like stumbling upon a treasure trove of entertainment.

This isn't just a button; it's your ticket to a world where Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic all come together.

It's Hulu's way of saying, "Why settle for one when you can have it all?"

The best part? It's all wrapped up in one neat, irresistible bundle.

Whether you're a movie buff, a cartoon fanatic, or just love binge-watching, this CTA is like a magic portal to endless streaming joy.

Click it, and let the binge-watching begin!

10. Instagram's "Download on the App Store" and "Get it on Google Play"

Instagram keeps it really straightforward.

Whether you're an iPhone user or an Android fan, their CTAs have you covered.

With "Download on the App Store" and "Get it on Google Play," it's like Instagram is reaching out and saying, "Wherever you are, whatever device you're on, we're just a click away."

These buttons aren't just about downloading an app; they're your all-access pass to a world where photos, videos, and stories bring people together.

Instagram's making it super easy for you to jump into the sea of sharing, connecting, and exploring.

It's all about getting you in the loop, no matter your device preference.

So go ahead, hit that download button and start double-tapping your way into the Insta-world!

11. The New Yorker's "Subscribe"

Over at The New Yorker's website, they've mastered the art of the subtle yet effective invite.

Atop their page sits a sleek banner with not one, but two distinct "Subscribe" buttons. It's like they're politely saying, "Hey, want some top-notch stories? We've got plenty."

But wait, there's more – hover over "Newsletter," and boom, a third option for subscribing magically appears. It's far from being pushy; instead, it's like a gentle reminder of all the great content you could be getting.

The New Yorker makes it super easy, almost effortless, to get on their list. No loud pop-ups, just a smooth, classy way to stay connected with world-class journalism.

12. Levi's "Join"

Levi's keeps it cool and inviting with their simple "Join" CTA.

It's like they're opening the doors to a club where style and heritage meet. When you come across this button on their site, it's not just an invitation to sign up for emails or offers; it's more like becoming part of a legacy.

Levi's is all about classic vibes and timeless denim, and by hitting "Join," you're getting more than just fashion updates – you're tapping into a culture.

It's their way of saying, "Hey, become part of our story, where every pair of jeans tells a tale."

Whether you're a denim enthusiast or just looking for the perfect fit, Levi's "Join" is your first step into a world of iconic style.

13. Miro's "Start a whiteboard"

Miro's "Start a Whiteboard" is like an open invitation to unleash your creativity and collaboration.

It's not just a button; it's the beginning of an interactive journey.

When you click it, you're not just opening a digital tool; you're stepping into a virtual space where ideas can flow and teamwork thrives.

Miro makes it feel like you're walking into a room with a giant whiteboard, ready for brainstorming, planning, and innovating.

Whether you're plotting out your next big project or mapping out a complex process, this CTA is like a call to clear your mind and get those ideas down.

It's Miro’s way of saying, "Let's think big, together."

14. ModCloth's "Shop Halloween"

Step into ModCloth's world, and it's like walking into a Halloween wonderland. Their 'Shop Halloween' CTA isn't just about buying costumes; it's an invitation to step into a character, to revel in the quirky and the whimsical. This CTA is like a friendly nudge to celebrate Halloween with flair and fashion that's uniquely you.

15. Netflix's "Get Access"

Netflix's "Get Access" is like the golden key to a vast kingdom of entertainment.

When you see this CTA, it's not just about signing up for another streaming service; it's about unlocking a world where movies, series, and documentaries come to life at the click of a button.

It's as if Netflix is inviting you to a never-ending film festival, where the seats are always comfy and the popcorn is just how you like it.

Whether you're a movie buff, a series addict, or just in the mood for a good documentary, this CTA is your gateway to binge-worthy content that caters to every taste and mood.

With "Get Access," Netflix is saying, "Come on in, the show's about to start, and you've got the best seat in the house."

16. Nike: "Just Do It"

Nike's iconic "Just Do It" isn't just a slogan; it's a rallying cry that echoes through every corner of their branding, including their CTAs.

This phrase is more than a call to purchase; it's an invitation to embrace the athlete in you, to break barriers, and to push beyond your limits.

Whenever you come across "Just Do It" on Nike's platforms, it feels like a coach's motivating shout, pushing you to go further, faster, and stronger.

It's not just about buying sportswear; it's about buying into an ethos of perseverance and determination.

Nike's "Just Do It" encapsulates a mindset of relentless pursuit of goals, be it in sports, fitness, or life.

It's their way of saying, "Don't wait for tomorrow, make your move today."

17. Patagonia's "Act Now"

Patagonia's "Act Now" CTA is more than just a button; it's a call to arms for environmental activism.

When you visit their Action Works page, it's like stepping into a hub of global change.

Patagonia is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental causes, and this CTA perfectly encapsulates their ethos.

It's not just about buying eco-friendly products; it's an invitation to join a movement.

With "Act Now," Patagonia isn't just selling outdoor gear; they're rallying a community of activists, adventurers, and nature lovers to make a real difference.

It’s their way of saying, "Let's not just stand by – let's do something meaningful for our planet."

18. Secureworks' "Request Demo"

Secureworks turns the often complex world of cybersecurity into an approachable, hands-on experience with their "Request Demo" CTA.

Visit their website, and you're greeted with an invitation to see their security solutions in action.

It's like they're saying, "Don't just take our word for it, come see for yourself."

This CTA isn't just a pathway to a product demo; it's a confidence builder.

By offering a firsthand look at their services, Secureworks effectively removes the guesswork and builds trust.

It's their way of demonstrating commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, showcasing their advanced security solutions in a way that's accessible and engaging.

19. TurboTax's Various CTAs

TurboTax really knows how to speak the language of taxes without making it sound like a chore.

Their various CTAs aren't just calls to fill out forms; they're like friendly guides leading you through the tax jungle.

Whether it's "Start for Free," "File Now," or "Get Expert Help," each CTA is designed to make the tax process feel less daunting and more doable.

It's as if TurboTax is saying, "Hey, we know taxes aren't fun, but we're here to help make it as painless as possible."

Their CTAs cater to different needs - from those who want to dive right in and do it themselves, to those who'd like a bit of hand-holding along the way.

With TurboTax, it's not just about filing taxes; it's about finding the path that's right for you, making sure you feel supported and confident every step of the way.

20. Yeti's "Shop the collection"

Yeti's "Shop the Collection" CTA is like an open invitation to explore rugged, ready-for-anything gear.

It's not just about browsing products; it's about stepping into a world where durability meets design.

When you click on this CTA, it feels like you're gearing up for your next big adventure, whether that's a camping trip in the mountains or a backyard barbecue.

Yeti, known for their tough and reliable products, is saying, "Hey, check out what we've got. It's all built to last and ready for your next challenge."

This CTA is for anyone who loves the outdoors and values gear that can keep up with their lifestyle.

With "Shop the Collection," Yeti is inviting you to find the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures, be it a rugged cooler, a durable tumbler, or high-quality gear.

Creative Alternatives for Common Call-to-Action​

After exploring the diverse and creative ways different brands use CTAs to engage their audience, let's shift gears to explore how you can revamp common CTAs with a twist of creativity.

These catchy alternatives not only grab attention but also add a unique flavor to the standard prompts, making them more engaging and memorable.

Below are a few creative twists on everyday CTAs, designed to capture more attention and bring a fresh vibe to your call-to-action statements:

The Art of Crafting Clickable CTAs

Creating compelling CTAs isn't just about slapping a button on your page.

LogRocket suggests using clear, action-oriented language that communicates value clearly. Incorporating a sense of urgency or scarcity can also drive immediate action, while strategic placement ensures maximum visibility and engagement.

Moreover, the design should be visually appealing and consistent with your brand​​.

Business News Daily emphasizes experimenting with different CTA writing styles. They suggest trying emotional words, questions, time-sensitive offers, humor, or solutions to problems to see what resonates most with your audience​​.

​In crafting these elements into your CTAs, remember that the ultimate goal is not just to attract attention, but to prompt action.

This leads us to the next crucial step in our journey: making those CTAs not just visible, but interactively engaging.

And this is where tools like Voomly come into play. Voomly offers an innovative approach to transforming static CTAs into dynamic, clickable links within your videos, opening up a new realm of possibilities for audience engagement and interaction.

In the following section, we'll explore how Voomly can be leveraged to create CTAs that not only capture attention but also encourage active participation from your audience.

Creating Clickable Links Using Voomly

So, you've mastered the art of crafting compelling CTAs and now it's time to bring them to life in your videos.

This is where Voomly, an innovative video editing tool, comes into play, turning your videos into interactive experiences that engage and convert.

Let’s explore how you can use Voomly to create clickable links that transform your videos into immersive journeys.

Step 1: The Setup​

Alright, let's get your video up and running on Voomly.

It's pretty straightforward – just upload whatever video you've got.

It could be anything: a promotional video, an educational piece, or something purely for fun.

And here's a neat trick: if you're working with Doodly, you can directly export your video to Voomly.

This seamless process is what we call cloud rendering, making things smooth and easy for you.

Step 2: Crafting Your Interactive Elements​

Now, it’s time to add clickable links. Voomly makes this process intuitive and user-friendly. You can embed links directly into your video, creating interactive touchpoints that viewers can engage with. This feature is a game-changer, allowing you to link to product pages, additional information, or even feedback forms, directly from your video...

Step 3: Customize for Impact​

Customization is where your creativity shines. In Voomly, you can tailor the look and feel of your clickable links to match your video's style and your brand's identity. This includes adjusting the appearance, size, and placement of your links to ensure they complement, rather than distract from, your video content.

Step 4: Timing and Placement​

Timing is crucial. With Voomly, you control when and where each clickable link appears in your video. Place them at strategic points to maximize engagement without interrupting the viewing experience. This precise control ensures that your CTAs are seen at the optimal moment.

Step 5: Preview, Adjust, and Optimize

Before going live, use Voomly’s preview feature to see your interactive elements in action. This is your opportunity to make adjustments, ensuring everything flows smoothly. The goal is to create an interactive experience that feels seamless and natural.

Step 6: Share and Engage​

Once your video is polished and ready, it’s time to share it with the world. Voomly simplifies the distribution process, allowing you to share your interactive video across various platforms. This step is crucial for reaching your audience and driving engagement.

Tips to make CTAs stand out​

Now that we've explored how Voomly can enhance your videos with clickable links, let's focus on another key element of engaging your audience: making your CTAs pop. The art of creating an effective CTA involves much more than just a catchy phrase; it's about connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

Here's how you can craft CTAs that not only grab attention but also resonate and motivate your audience to take action.

1. Speak Like a Friend, Not a Salesperson​

Think of your CTA as a friendly suggestion from a pal, not a sales pitch. Use language that's conversational and relatable. Instead of “Purchase Now,” how about “Grab Yours Today!”? It’s like giving a nudge to a friend, making the action feel more personal and less transactional.

2. Use the Magic of Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. Why not weave a mini-narrative around your CTA? For instance, if you’re selling gardening tools, your CTA could be, “Start Your Gardening Adventure Here.” It paints a picture, right? Suddenly, it’s not just about buying a tool; it’s about embarking on a journey.

3. Color Psychology Can Be Your Secret Weapon​

Colors evoke emotions. A vibrant orange might convey excitement, while a cool blue can be calming. Pick a CTA button color that aligns with the mood you want to set. But remember, it should also pop out from the rest of the page. A splash of color against a muted background? That’s a CTA that catches the eye!

4. Create a Sense of Urgency (But Keep It Real)

“Limited time offer!” “Only a few left!” These phrases can create a sense of urgency, but only if they’re true. You don’t want to cry wolf and lose credibility. If there’s a genuine time limit or scarcity, let your audience know. It can nudge them to act before it’s too late.​

5. Play with Words – Be Witty or Rhymy

Who says CTAs have to be boring? A bit of wit or a playful rhyme can make your CTA memorable. “Join the Fun – Get One!” or “Don’t Delay, Start Today!” Such CTAs can bring a smile and make the clicking part a lot more fun.

6. Size Matters – But Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Your CTA should be easy to find, but you don’t want it to overpower everything else on your page. Find that sweet spot where your CTA is visible but not shouting at your audience. Think of it like a signpost, guiding rather than dominating.

7. Location, Location, Location

Where you place your CTA can make a huge difference. At the end of a compelling blog post? Above the fold on your homepage? Right after a powerful testimonial? Place your CTAs where they feel like a natural next step, not an afterthought.​

8. Test, Learn, Repeat​

Finally, remember that every audience is unique. What works for one may not work for another. So, test different CTAs, learn from your analytics, and keep tweaking. It’s a journey of discovering what resonates best with your audience.


And there we have it. You see, in the digital world, CTAs are a big deal. They're not just some flashy buttons; they're your key to getting audiences to really engage. And when it comes to making those CTAs pop, Voomly is your go-to. It lets you add those interactive touches to your videos, turning a simple watch into an engaging experience. Imagine your viewers not just seeing your content but interacting with it, all thanks to Voomly's nifty features.

So, if you're looking to give your digital marketing a boost, why not add a bit of Voomly magic to your CTAs? Let's get those viewers clicking, engaging, and loving what you create!

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