10 B2B Video Marketing Methods That Are Proven To Convert

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Monday, November 06, 2023

Much of what you can find online about B2B video marketing is not going to help you.


Because according VidYard’s latest The State of Virtual Selling report the top 2 challenges in the B2B sales process are:

  • Budget constraints
  • ​Booking meetings with new prospects

So, sure, you can find a huge range of B2B marketing video examples online.

But most are either from the world’s biggest companies (and require 7-figure budgets) or they’re brand awareness videos that won’t book you a meeting by next week.

This blogpost is a bit different.

We wanted to share B2B video marketing methods that are proven to convert.

We’ve gone through hours of marketing videos to pick out the ones that come with specific results or can be instantly put into practice at no upfront cost.

We hope these 10 B2B video marketing methods help you fill your pipeline to bursting!

10 B2B Video Marketing Methods That Are Proven To Convert

The 10 methods you’re about to see aren’t what you’ll expect.

They’re out-of-the-box methods that nevertheless work to drive leads, sales and revenue.

If you set your assumptions aside for the next 5-10 minutes, one of these tactics could turn out to be just what you’re looking for.

Let’s get started!

Method #1 – Demonstrate Your Product

Case study – Matt Hall from Woodway UK

Matt Hall was a winner in the 2020 Vidyard Video in Business award.

The awards named Matt as the B2B sales rep with ‘the most impactful use of personal video for outbound prospecting’.

Matt used to get 1 meeting booked from 40 outbound calls…

But in 2020, he started getting 2 meetings booked for every 11 videos sent to cold prospects!

How did he do it?

Matt works for a packaging company based in the UK.

In each video he sends to a potential client, he films himself unboxing their products and then demonstrates how his company could save the client time, money and environmental waste.

For example, in one video he sent to an e-commerce business, he shows how he could cut their packaging materials by under a third.

Then he asks the prospect to book the call to find out how.

Method #2 – Save Your SDRs and Account Executives Time

Case study – Slack

When Sandwich was asked to create a video for Slack they decided to film a mockumentary of them actually using it.

It turned out to be a winning format.

The video covered the main pain points the team faced: employees using different communication channels and getting lost.

The video then covers the company-wide transition to Slack.

But here’s the thing.

The video came out just a few months after Slack launched and when it wasn’t the benchmark communication tool for businesses it is today.

When the video launched in 2014, it helped take Slack to $12 million in revenue by the end of fiscal 2014 and win more than 30,000 companies as users.

The video works because it demonstrates exactly how Slack works.

The video got some amazing testimonials by itself, like these:

“Holy crap! This is easily the MOST engaging and entertaining video for a SaaS application ever! I have seen and briefly considered using Slack for my little start-up (there are only 4 of us). But I never really gave it a chance. I read a few pages and didn't understand the product and said 'meh'. But THIS!!! This video is fantastic! Not only do I want to immediately sign up for at least the free tier to try it out, but I want to rewatch the video a few more times!

“Slack has really changed (for the better) the way my team and I work. Before, we used to have just Trello, which was fine at first, but having more and more cards & comments just to talk in between the important stuff was a real pain and pretty much everyone hated it. With Slack we got something we didn't even notice we needed: We started having fun communicating again. And that's a big deal for a small company or startup with a "remote-first" focus and vision.”

“It's easy to sing Slack's graces, it's the best communication tool I have ever used. It's just getting people to use it. I wrote a paper on Slack that I share with any organization I join to save them the hassle of me gushing about it and gently whispering its name in everyone's ears.”

These are all YouTube comments from 2014.

Can you imagine how easy it would be for an SDR or Account Executive to explain Slack to a new enterprise customer after watching this video?

Sure, there’s more budget involved to produce a video like this.

But the end result of saving your SDRs and Account Executives time is a B2B video marketing method you can’t ignore.

Method #3 – Generate a Huge Amount of Leads

Case study – HubSpot

This method doesn’t use one standalone video…

But it demonstrates the power of using video to generate a huge amount of leads.

In 2020, HubSpot needed to replace its annual "Inbound" conference with a virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But they wanted to do this in a way that generated leads and sales.

Here’s what they did.

HubSpot created an online platform for a multi-day virtual event that featured keynote speakers, breakout sessions, workshops and networking opportunities.

Then, they asked people to provide contact information when registering.

This gave HubSpot more than 26,000 leads.

Following up on these leads created an increase in sales opportunities, with many who attended the event going on to subscribe to HubSpot’s marketing and sales software.

Could you launch a webinar, event or create a high-value eBook?

It could be an opportunity for you to collect registrations and follow them up to drive new leads and revenue.

Method #4 – Entertain Your Cold Prospects

Case study – Fresh Relevance

The average open rate for B2B emails is only 19.2%.

Here’s how one SDR uses video to beat that.

Sam Kean was another winner of Vidyard’s Video in Sales award in 2020 and he also won recognition for generating the highest number of SQOs among all UK Top100 retailers.

How does he do it?

Sam uses personalized video to connect with cold prospects.

He does this by being entertaining.

For example, in one video pitching to a retailer of gym equipment he filmed himself talking while lifting weights.

Sam has achieved 95% open rates and 3x higher reply rates than the industry average.

He’s used the method to land meetings even with large enterprise accounts.

In fact, Sam has consistently been the top SDR at Fresh Relevance and played a role in helping the company get acquired by Dotdigital in 2023.

Method #5 – A Product Demo Like No Other

Case study – Volvo feat. Jean-Claude Van Damme

At the beginning of this post we said expensive productions might not be the most relevant for you..

But if you’re going to do one of these B2B Marketing videos, do it like Volvo.

Their ‘Epic Split’ video with Jean-Claude Van Damme hit 40 million within 10 days of being launched in 2014.

The video featured Van Damme doing the splits while standing on the wing mirrors of two Volvo trucks driving backwards.

It was meant to demonstrate the precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering.

The video reportedly cost $3-4 million and generated $170 million in revenue for Volvo in a single year.

Method #6 – Don’t Try to Talk to Everyone

Case study – Nuance

B2B enterprise vendor Nuance needed a marketing strategy to boost awareness of their customer experience software.

Here’s the problem: software products can be tedious to explain.

Here’s what the Vice President of Solutions Marketing at Nuance said:

“We wanted to refresh the messaging and positioning of our enterprise solutions portfolio through a video. A typical corporate video seemed a bit dry, so we needed a creative approach to really tease out the pain points that resonate with our audiences and buyers.”

The result was a video called ‘We, The Customers’, which spoke to the pain points felt by customers and the pain points felt by the enterprise clients Nuance was targeting.

The video became Nuance’s #1 performing enterprise video with 70% more views than the #2 performing video.

Two months later, Nuance was acquired by Microsoft.

Method #7 – Make an Inside Joke

Case study – Premiumbeat.com

PremiumBeat.com sells high-quality audio tracks for filmmakers and video editing studios.

But they wanted an advertising campaign to increase brand exposure among the small market they sold to

Here’s how they did it.

They made an inside joke.

PremiumBeat.com lets editors try out their audio tracks for free with an audio watermark of someone reading out ‘premiumbeat.com’ every few seconds.

So in the video they made a joke about ‘Todd’, the employee who reads out ‘premiumbeat.com’ on every track.

It was a joke only people in the industry would get.

But here’s why it worked.

Without spending a dollar on advertising the video got 50x more engagement on social media as well as a 95% increase in website click – increasing sales.

A video like this has its production costs, and humor can be tough to pull off…

But the tactic here is about creating a video that your target audience wants to share and so save you the advertising cost.

Method #8 – Hyper-Personalized Video

Case study – Salesloft

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform.

Ellie Twigger is one of their top SDRs who managed to hit 120% of her sales target by using a hyper-personalized video method.

Here’s how her process works:

  • She finds a prospect on LinkedIN
  • ​She sends them a connection request and mentions that she’s sent them a video via email
  • ​She researches the company, their annual reports and any interviews with the prospect in order to highlight problems and tailor hyper-personalized solutions
  • ​She sends the video via email
  • ​She follows up via LinkedIn Messenger to remind them of the video

Ellie says she gets email responses like this: “You’ve completely got my attention. I wish my reps would do stuff like this. Let’s have a conversation.

Bonus tip.

Ellie used to make 90-second-long videos but noticed people drop off after 45 seconds.

Now she makes her videos only 40-50 seconds long.

Method #9 – Make an Emotional Connection

Case study – Umault

Umault is a B2B video marketing agency.

As they specialize in B2B video marketing, they wanted to produce their own video to generate leads and new business.

Here’s how they did it:

Umault wanted to connect with businesses not currently looking for video marketing.


Because according to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, only 5-01% of customers are in-market.

That means around 90-95% of your potential customers are not looking to buy right now.

Is it worth targeting them?

Umault’s B2B marketing video proves it is.

Umault wanted to create an emotional response so that their name would pop up anytime someone thought of making a video in the future.

They did this by making their audience laugh with a video about sending your kids to space for 2 weeks.

(The video was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The result?

Huge traffic on the website, a doubling of MQLs in the 30 days after the video’s release and 6x ROI on the video’s production costs.

An important factor was that the video featured on the front page of Reddit and on the front page of Ads of the World.

It was then picked up by AdSpot and featured alongside agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and Droga5.

Of course, it takes a budget and marketing genius to pull off a video like this.

But the tactic here is: make an emotional connection with potential customers who aren’t in the market for your service… yet.

Method #10 – Qualify Leads with Video

Case study – BBC

BBC is a Belgian B2B creative agency.

They wanted to see if they could use video to pitch and qualify new business while saving time.

BBC’s Head of Digital Experience Dieter Jaspers had already been recording his screen and sending personalized videos instead of writing emails to internal staff.

Then he thought… What if I use video to pitch new businesses?

To do this, here’s how he optimized the sales cadence

  • After someone fills out a contact form, BBC sends them a video introduction and requests a video call to gather information
  • ​Following the discovery call, BBC follows up with video case studies that introduce the team and show them at work

How did the strategy do?

Jaspers said that using video in the sales process helped them win six of 10 accounts pitched – with 3 still in the decision process at the time of writing.

Jaspers said:

“Recently, we received a request for proposal (RFP) from a client that had a strict submission process. It needed to be formatted just so and submitted in a certain way. We threw caution to the wind and the rulebook out the window and instead submitted a video proposal. And we won. The client loved our creativity so much they broke their own RFP process to award BBC their business.”

This method shows again how personalized videos can work to get better response rates, get more meetings booked and close more accounts.

Final Thoughts: B2B Video Marketing Methods that Convert

It’s easy for you to go online and find a list of the most popular B2B video marketing methods.

You’ll probably find a list like this:

  • Explainer videos
  • ​Product demos
  • ​Case studies
  • ​Customer testimonials
  • ​Webinars and live streams
  • ​Interviews
  • ​Whiteboard videos
  • ​Etc…

While these are also winning styles..
The problem is that you probably need a B2B marketing video that gets a specific result for you, right now.

Which video is best if you need to boost MQLs?

Which video is best in your need to boost revenue?

Which video is best if you want to close more accounts?

The methods you’ve seen above are all out-of-the-box and might not have been what you were expecting.

But here’s the thing.

They’ve been proven to work!

Ready to get started?

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