10 Ways to Infuse Emotion into Your Whiteboard Videos for Greater Impact

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

So, you've decided to dive into the world of whiteboard videos for your marketing, huh? Great choice!

You've got a killer storyline and the slickest software ready to roll.

But let's pause for a sec— does having all the right tools guarantee your video's gonna be a hit?

Not so fast.

Let's get real: not every video strategy nails it.

Beyond the tech and the tale, the real magic happens when you strike an emotional chord with your audience.

It's not about making them reach for the tissues (unless that's your aim!), but sparking an emotion that resonates.

Here's the scoop: Playing the emotion card right can skyrocket your social shares and sales.


Because when people feel a genuine connection, they're more inclined to stick around, share, and even whip out their wallets.

And get this—emotionally engaged customers are like gold, boasting a lifetime value 306% higher than the just-okay ones.

With predictions stating video will dominate 80% of consumer internet traffic, it's evident we're all aboard the video train.

But here's a fun fact to chew on:

happiness in your videos can work wonders, making viewers more likely to fall a little bit more in love with your brand.

In today's article, we'll explore how to transform your videos from mere visuals to deeply felt experiences.

Get ready to turn those views into visceral experiences that stick with your audience long after the video ends!

Why Emotional Engagement is Everything in Video Marketing​

Ever watched a video ad that left you with a lump in your throat or a burst of laughter that you just couldn't contain?

That's emotional engagement at work, and it's a game-changer in the world of video marketing.

Let's dive into why making that emotional click with your audience isn't just nice to have; it's a must.

The Magic of Emotions

Think about it: when a video tugs at your heartstrings or sends you into a fit of giggles, it sticks with you.

It's all about creating a memorable experience that goes beyond the screen.

This isn't just us talking; it's backed by science.

Emotional responses light up our brains like a Christmas tree, making those ads more memorable and shareable.

So, next time you're moved by an ad, know that there's a whole lot of brain chemistry at play.

Crafting Stories That Resonate​

Now, creating an ad that resonates emotionally isn't about pulling at heartstrings for the sake of it.

It's about crafting a narrative that feels real and relatable.

Imagine an ad that shows a family reunion; it's not just about the product being sold.

It's about the moments that matter to you.

That connection is what makes you remember the brand, maybe even with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Why You'll Remember That Funny Ad

Ever wonder why you can recall some ads from years ago as if you watched them yesterday? That's emotional engagement working its magic.

When an ad makes you laugh or cry, it's not just passing entertainment. It's creating a bond between you and the brand.

It's like the brand is saying, "Hey, we get you," and that's powerful stuff.

Empathy: The Secret Ingredient

Empathy in advertising is like seeing a piece of yourself reflected back.

It's powerful because it shows you that the brand understands your joys, pains, and everything in between.

When an ad mirrors real-life struggles or achievements, it's not just selling a product; it's connecting with you on a human level.

And that connection?

It's what makes you more likely to support the brand, share the ad, and remember it long after it's over.

How to Make That Emotional Connection​

So, how do brands make this emotional magic happen?

It starts with being genuine.

Authenticity is key because let's face it, nobody likes feeling like they're being sold to.

Then, there's storytelling, which isn't just about telling a tale.

It's about taking you on a journey that you can see yourself in.

And when a brand aligns with causes you care about?

That's when you know they're not just about the bottom line; they're about making a difference.

Platforms like Doodly and Voomly are revolutionizing the way we create and share video content.

With Doodly, you can bring stories to life through captivating whiteboard videos that tap into the power of visual storytelling.

And Voomly?

It's your go-to for not just hosting these videos but also ensuring they reach the right audience.

Together, they're a dynamic duo in the world of emotional video marketing.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the next section, we're going to dive deep into "10 Ways to Infuse Emotion into Your Whiteboard Videos for Greater Impact."

We'll explore strategies that can turn a simple video into an emotional journey for your audience.

So, keep reading; the next part is just a scroll away, and it's packed with insights that could revolutionize your approach to video marketing with the help of Doodly and Voomly.

10 Strategies to Infuse Emotion into Your Whiteboard Videos

1. Kick Things Off with a Bang of Curiosity​

Ever stumbled upon a video that just made you go, "Wait, what's this about?" and before you know it, you're hooked?

That's the power of starting with a bang of curiosity.

It's all about grabbing attention from the get-go with something so intriguing that your audience can't help but stick around for more.

Why Curiosity is Your Best Friend

Curiosity isn't just about asking questions; it's about opening a door in the viewer's mind that they can't resist walking through.

It works because of a simple psychological principle: the information gap theory.

When there's something we don't know but want to, it creates a kind of mental itch.

And guess what?

Your video has the power to scratch that itch.

How to Craft the Perfect Hook​

The Intriguing Start

Begin with something unexpected. This could be a surprising fact, a provocative question, or a statement that goes against common beliefs. The key here is to disrupt the viewer's normal scrolling behavior and make them pause.

Visuals That Pull Them In

If you're using Doodly, sketch out an opening scene that visually represents your hook. For example, if you're asking a provocative question, maybe illustrate that question with a surprising or humorous image. The contrast between what they expect to see and what you show them can heighten curiosity.

Title and Thumbnails

Don't underestimate the power of a compelling title and thumbnail. These are the first things your audience will see, so make them count. Use action words, pose questions, or hint at secrets to be revealed. Your thumbnail should also be visually appealing and relevant to the title.

Leverage Storytelling Techniques

Start your video with the end of a story, then say, "Let's take a step back to see how we got here." This narrative technique can be very effective in making viewers stick around to see the whole story unfold.

Use the Power of Pause

Sometimes, a well-timed pause before revealing crucial information can heighten anticipation. Use this in your scriptwriting and editing to build up to your key points.

Incorporating Tools Like Doodly, Voomly, and Talkia

Utilize Doodly's extensive library of customizable doodle animations to create visually captivating introductions. From lively characters to dynamic transitions, Doodly offers a wide range of options to engage your audience right from the start.

With Voomly, you not only host your video but also gain access to valuable analytics. Dive deep into viewer engagement metrics to understand how your captivating opener is resonating with your audience. Voomly's analytics provide insights into viewer retention, helping you refine your video strategy for maximum impact.

Elevate your video's intrigue factor by incorporating a captivating voiceover with Talkia. Craft a compelling narrative that hooks viewers from the first word, setting the stage for an immersive viewing experience. Talkia offers a variety of voice options and customization features to tailor the voiceover to match the tone and style of your video.

Consider the viral success of the "Dumb Ways to Die" campaign. It started with an unexpected premise, cute animations, and a catchy song—all elements that piqued curiosity. The video left viewers wondering, "What's next?" and "How can this possibly end?" By analyzing similar successful campaigns, you can identify patterns and techniques that resonate with audiences.

2. The Color Wheel of Emotions

Ever noticed how certain colors make you feel a certain way?

That's no accident.

Colors have the power to evoke emotions, set the mood, and even influence decisions.

It's like they speak a silent language, one that we all understand on a subconscious level.

This is where the color wheel of emotions spins into action in your videos.

Why Colors Can Make or Break Your Video

Colors do more than just beautify; they communicate.

Based on color psychology, different hues can trigger different feelings and reactions.

For instance, blue can calm the mind, while red might pump the adrenaline.

This isn't just artistic theory; it's backed by science.

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that color influences perception and can significantly affect marketing and branding efforts.

So, when you're crafting your video, think of colors as your emotional palette.

Painting Your Video with the Right Hues

Understand the Emotion You Want to Evoke

Before you pick a color, ask yourself, "What emotion am I trying to evoke?" If you're aiming for trust and security, lean towards blues. For excitement or urgency, reds and oranges can be your allies.

Use Color Contrasts to Highlight Key Moments

Contrast grabs attention. Use contrasting colors to highlight important points in your video. This can help guide your viewer's focus to where you want it.

Background and Foreground Harmony

Ensure your background and foreground colors work in harmony to support the video's mood without overpowering the content. Soft, neutral backgrounds with strategically placed vibrant colors can make your message pop without overwhelming viewers.

Consistency is Key

Keep your color scheme consistent throughout the video. This doesn't mean using only one color, but rather maintaining a palette that supports the video's tone from start to finish.

Incorporating Tools Like Doodly, Voomly, and Talkia

With Doodly, you can easily select and apply your chosen color scheme to the characters, props, and scenes. This tool allows for precise control over the shades and tones, ensuring every scene perfectly encapsulates the intended emotion.

After uploading your video to Voomly, use the platform's features to further enhance your video's appeal. For example, you can add colored overlays or filters to your video thumbnails for increased emotional impact right from the get-go. Plus, Voomly's analytics can offer insights into how different color schemes might affect viewer engagement and retention, allowing for data-driven decisions in future projects.

The iconic "Inside Out" movie by Pixar uses color brilliantly to represent different emotions, from Joy's bright yellow to Sadness's deep blue. This not only helped viewers connect with the characters on an emotional level but also reinforced the movie's themes and messages. By analyzing how successful films and campaigns use color to evoke emotions, you can gather inspiration for your own video projects.

3. Faces That Tell a Story

Let's dive into something super cool: the power of faces in your videos.

Ever noticed how just a glance at someone's expression can tell you a whole story?

That's because our brains are wired to connect with faces, to read emotions and stories in the blink of an eye.

And guess what?

You can use this superpower to make your marketing videos a hundred times more engaging.

Why Faces Are Like Emotional Magnets

When we see a face, we don't just see features; we feel what they're feeling.

Happy, sad, surprised, or worried, these emotions jump out at us, and we can't help but feel a bit of that emotion too.

It's all about empathy.

When your video's characters show real emotions, your audience isn't just watching; they're feeling.

And feeling is the first step to remembering and acting.

Bringing Characters to Life

Start With Real Emotions

Think about what your character is going through. Are they tackling a problem your audience knows all too well? Show that frustration, that hope, that eureka moment. Let your audience see their own struggles and triumphs in your character's journey.

Detail Matters

It's amazing how much emotion you can pack into the small details. A slight frown, a wide-eyed look of surprise, a slow smile of satisfaction. These are the things that make your characters relatable. And when your audience can see a bit of themselves in your characters, you've got them hooked.

Consistency is Key

Your characters' emotions should evolve naturally throughout the video. This emotional journey is what keeps your audience engaged, riding the highs and lows right alongside your characters.

Diversity Wins

The more diverse your characters, the wider the audience you can connect with. Different backgrounds, ages, and lifestyles make your video richer and more inclusive.

Incorporating Tools like People Builder

When you're creating characters for your whiteboard videos, it's all about making them relatable and full of life. You want your audience to see a bit of themselves in these characters, to connect with their joys, struggles, and triumphs. To achieve this, you can use various tools or online editors that allow you to customize your characters in detail, just like People Builder does. These tools enable you to tailor every aspect of your characters' appearance and expressions, ensuring they resonate deeply with viewers and enhance the emotional impact of your story.

"The Power of Empathy" by Dr. Brené Brown, effectively uses expressive faces and engaging storytelling to convey deep emotional insights. The video illustrates various emotions through detailed facial expressions, making it a perfect example to showcase how animated characters can connect with the audience on an emotional level.

4. Set the Tone with Music and Sound

Music is a powerful storyteller in any video, setting the mood and amplifying emotions without a single word.

When the soundtrack swells and captures the essence of the moment, you're instantly connected to the scene, feeling every beat and emotion it conveys.

That's the impact of well-chosen music and sound effects.

They go beyond being background elements; they meticulously craft your video's vibe, guiding viewers through the narrative's twists and turns.

These components are essential, transforming your video into an experience that resonates deeply with the audience.

Why Music and Sound Hold the Keys to Emotion

Music and sound effects are the unsung heroes that can elevate a good video to a great one.

They do more than just fill the silence; they craft the entire atmosphere of your video.

By setting the scene, intensifying tension, celebrating joyful moments, and providing comfort during the lows, music and sounds directly tap into our emotions, often without us even realizing it.

Research underscores the power of music in influencing our emotions and behaviors.

For instance, a study highlighted in the National Library of Medicine examines how background music affects our perception and emotional response.

This research demonstrates that the right kind of music can significantly influence how viewers interpret and engage with visual content, impacting their emotional state and subsequent decisions.

Such insights validate the critical role that music and sound play in video marketing.

By carefully selecting and integrating these audio elements, you can enhance the emotional depth and persuasive power of your videos, forging a stronger connection with your audience.

Crafting the Perfect Soundscape

Choose Music That Reflects Your Video's Theme

The background score should mirror the emotional journey you want your audience to experience. For an explainer video that aims to inspire, consider an uplifting, energetic track. For a product demo that solves a common problem, maybe something light and reassuring.

Use Sound Effects Sparingly but Effectively

Sound effects should enhance the action on screen without distracting from the message. The sound of a notification can signify a new message or update, while a soft thud could underscore a point landing with the audience.

Timing is Everything

Align musical crescendos with key moments in your video to amplify their impact. Similarly, use silence or a change in music to signal a shift in tone or topic, guiding the viewer's emotional journey.

Consider Cultural and Demographic Preferences

Music that resonates with one audience may not work for another. Tailor your choices to the cultural background and preferences of your target demographic to ensure the best emotional connection.

Tools to Tune In Your Audience

Think of Toonly and Doodly as your personal orchestra for video creation. These platforms aren't just about visuals; they offer a suite of features for adding and editing music and sound effects, making it super easy to match the audio vibe to your video's mood. It's like having a sound studio at your fingertips, allowing you to weave audio magic into your animated or whiteboard videos.

Need that perfect track to set the mood? Royalty-free music libraries are your go-to treasure trove. They're packed with tunes for every emotion under the sun, from "epic adventure" to "quiet contemplation." Just remember to double-check the licensing to keep everything above board. This way, you can score your video with peace of mind, knowing you're all clear on the legal front.

For that extra sprinkle of uniqueness, custom sound effects can be a game-changer. They're like your brand's signature scent but for the ears. Doodly offers a wide range of royalty-free music and sound effects that you can seamlessly integrate into your videos. Whether it's a whimsical chime for your logo or a specific ambient sound that sets your brand apart, these custom touches can elevate your video from great to unforgettable, making your brand's identity resonate through every note.

And let's not forget the power of the human voice. Talkia steps in here as your go-to for creating voiceovers that sound so natural, your audience will feel like you're right there chatting with them. It's the perfect way to guide your viewers through your video, adding a layer of warmth and personal connection that text on screen just can't match.

This animated short film uses a poignant cover of Coldplay's "The Scientist" to underscore its message about sustainable farming. The music complements the storytelling beautifully, enhancing the emotional journey as the farmer reflects on his choices and decides to return to more traditional farming methods.

5. Storytelling: Your Ace in the Hole

Let's chat about storytelling, the heart and soul of any memorable video.

It's not just about what you're saying but how you're saying it.

A good story can turn a simple message into a captivating journey that sticks with your audience long after they've watched your video.

The Magic of a Good Story

Ever wonder why some videos stick with you while others fade away?

It's all about the story.

A well-told story can evoke emotions, spark imagination, and create a lasting connection.

It's about crafting a narrative that resonates on a personal level, making your message unforgettable.

This connection is crucial because, according to a study by Stanford professor Chip Heath, stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.

Building Your Story

Find Your Core Message

Start with the heart of your story. What's the big idea you want to share? Whether it's overcoming challenges, the joy of discovery, or the journey to innovation, this core message is your guiding star.

Create Relatable Characters

Characters are the bridge between your message and your audience. They don't have to be complex, but they should reflect the experiences or aspirations of your viewers. This is where tools like Toonly can be particularly useful, allowing you to bring characters to life in a way that's relatable and engaging.

Structure Your Narrative

Every story needs a beginning, middle, and end. Introduce the situation, present the challenge, and then deliver the resolution. This classic structure is easy for audiences to follow and keeps them engaged from start to finish.

Emotional Engagement

The emotional journey is what truly makes your story stick. Whether you're aiming for laughter, tears, or inspiration, the key is to make your audience feel something. This doesn't require complex tools; sometimes, a simple, heartfelt message is all you need.

Choosing the Right Tools

Tools like Doodly and Toonly allow you to bring stories to life with engaging visuals. Use animation to illustrate your narrative, from the characters' journey to the emotional highs and lows, making complex ideas accessible and entertaining.

Once your story is ready to be shared, platforms like Voomly not only host your video but also provide valuable insights into how your audience engages with your story. This data can inform future storytelling efforts, helping you refine your approach to better connect with viewers.

The "Optimal Digital Marketing Solutions | Doodly Video Samples" video demonstrates how whiteboard animation can be used to outline complex digital marketing solutions in an engaging, narrative-driven format. This video likely breaks down various aspects of digital marketing strategies using storytelling techniques to simplify and elucidate the concepts, making them accessible and memorable to the audience. By using a narrative to guide viewers through digital marketing solutions, the video illustrates the power of storytelling in making intricate topics more understandable and engaging, which is a key aspect of effective video marketing.

6. Keeping It Real with Authenticity

Alright, let's get real for a moment. You know when you're scrolling through videos and you stumble upon something that just feels... genuine?

Like, you can tell there's no smoke and mirrors, just pure, unfiltered realness.

That's authenticity doing its magic.

And in the world of marketing videos, it's like finding a diamond in the rough.

It's that secret sauce that can make your audience sit up, take notice, and think, "Hey, these folks get me."

Why Authenticity Wins Every Time

In a digital age where we're bombarded with content left and right, authenticity cuts through the noise like a hot knife through butter.

It builds trust, and let's be honest, trust is everything.

When your audience feels that you're being genuine, they're more likely to engage, share, and even advocate for your brand.

There's science behind this too.

Studies show that consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, crave authenticity from brands.

They want to support companies that stand for something more than just profits.

How to Keep Your Videos Authentically Awesome

Share Your Why

Start by sharing your brand's story. Why did you start? What drives you? People love rooting for the underdog or feeling part of a journey. Let your passion shine through, and your audience will feel it too.

Show Behind the Scenes

Pull back the curtain and show how the magic happens. Whether it's the making of your product or a day in the life at your office, these glimpses into your world add layers of authenticity.

User-Generated Content is Gold

There's nothing more authentic than real stories from your customers. Encourage them to share their experiences with your product or service. It's relatable, it's real, and it resonates.

Embrace Imperfections

Not every video has to be polished to perfection. Sometimes, a little rawness can add a touch of authenticity. A spontaneous live video or a candid chat can feel more genuine than a high-production masterpiece.

Stay True to Your Values

In every video, make sure your brand's values are front and center. If you stand for sustainability, show it. If community is your thing, showcase it. Authenticity means being true to what you believe in, consistently.

Tools to Amplify Your Authenticity

Platforms like Doodly can help you animate real customer stories or your brand's journey in a way that's engaging and heartfelt.

Voomly is perfect for hosting your videos and getting them out into the world. Plus, its analytics can show you how your authentic content is resonating with viewers, so you can do more of what works.

"The Story of Bottled Water" is an exemplary video that embodies the essence of authenticity in its messaging. Produced by The Story of Stuff Project, it utilizes straightforward and engaging animation to debunk myths about bottled water, illustrating the unnecessary environmental impact and advocating for more sustainable choices. This video stands out for its commitment to honesty, presenting well-researched facts in a clear and accessible manner, and encouraging viewers to make informed decisions, truly capturing the spirit of 'keeping it real' in environmental advocacy.

7. Social Proof: Because Seeing Is Believing

You know how when a friend raves about a new restaurant, you're suddenly all in, ready to try it out?

That's social proof in action.

It's the idea that we look to others to guide our own actions, especially when we're uncertain.

In the world of marketing videos, leveraging social proof is like having your very own cheer squad, telling the world how awesome you are.

And let's be honest, who doesn't want that?

The Power of Social Proof in Video Marketing

Social proof isn't just powerful; it's persuasive.

It taps into the human instinct to follow the crowd.

After all, if everyone else is loving your product or service, there must be something to it, right?

This psychological phenomenon can significantly boost your credibility and trustworthiness.

It's like the difference between telling someone you're funny and having a room full of people laughing at your jokes.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

How to Showcase Social Proof in Your Videos

Customer Testimonials

There's nothing quite like hearing straight from the horse's mouth. Feature real customers sharing their genuine experiences with your product or service. Their stories can resonate more deeply than any sales pitch.

User-Generated Content

Encourage your fans to create their own content showcasing your product in action. It's authentic, relatable, and oh-so-shareable. Plus, it shows that your customers aren't just satisfied; they're enthusiastic.

Influencer Collaborations

Partnering with influencers who align with your brand can lend credibility and extend your reach. When they share their positive experiences with your product, their followers are likely to take notice.

Ratings and Reviews

Highlighting positive ratings and reviews in your videos can be a game-changer. It's like saying, "Don't just take our word for it; look at all these happy customers."

Media Mentions and Awards

Been featured in the press or received industry accolades? Flaunt it. It's a form of endorsement that can elevate your brand's status in the eyes of your audience.

Tools to Bring Social Proof to Life

Use tools like Doodly to animate customer testimonials or create engaging visuals around user-generated content. It's a creative way to bring those real-world experiences into your marketing narrative.

Voomly is your go-to for hosting these social proof-packed videos. Not only does it get your content out there, but it also offers insights into how your audience engages with it, helping you refine your approach over time.

The Airbnb "Wall and Chain" video is a compelling example of social proof in action, illustrating the brand's ability to create meaningful human connections across barriers. This animated story, based on true events, depicts how an Airbnb experience helped heal old wounds and bridge a historical divide, showcasing the platform's role in facilitating not just travel accommodations but genuine interpersonal understanding and reconciliation. Through this narrative, Airbnb effectively demonstrates its impact on real people's lives, leveraging the power of storytelling to provide social proof of its value and mission.

8. Characters Your Audience Can Root For

Creating characters your audience can root for is like introducing them to new friends.

These characters become the heart and soul of your story, making your message not just seen but felt.

When viewers find a bit of themselves in your characters, or perhaps who they aspire to be, you've got them hooked.

It's storytelling gold.

Crafting Characters That Stick

To make characters that stick with your audience long after the video ends, start by understanding who your audience is.

Their dreams, challenges, and everyday realities should be mirrored in your characters, making it easy for viewers to form a connection.

Give your characters depth by infusing them with quirks, flaws, and strengths.

This makes them more human, more relatable, and far more interesting.

Characters should also evolve throughout your video.

This journey of growth not only keeps the story engaging but also mirrors the transformative promise of your product or service.

Remember, diversity in your characters reflects the real world and broadens your video's appeal, making your message resonate with a wider audience.

Creating Your Character

Understand Your Audience

Before creating a character, research your target audience to understand their demographics, interests, and preferences. Tailor your character to resonate with their values and aspirations.

Define Personality Traits

Determine the personality traits and characteristics of your character. Consider traits that align with your brand identity and appeal to your audience. Whether it's a friendly mascot or a relatable spokesperson, ensure your character embodies qualities that resonate with viewers.

Create a Compelling Backstory

Develop a backstory for your character that adds depth and relatability. Give your character a history, motivations, and quirks that humanize them and make them more engaging to the audience.

Visual Design

Design a visually appealing and memorable character that captures attention and reflects your brand identity. Consider factors such as color scheme, clothing, and facial expressions to convey the personality of your character effectively.


Maintain consistency in the portrayal of your character across all marketing materials and platforms. Ensure that their personality, appearance, and behavior remain consistent to reinforce brand recognition and trust.

Test and Iterate

Gather feedback from your audience and test different versions of your character to identify what resonates best. Continuously refine and iterate based on audience response to ensure your character continues to connect with viewers over time.

Bringing Characters to Life

These tools are perfect for creating animated characters that your audience can root for. With People Builder, you can design characters from scratch, customizing every aspect to fit your narrative. Toonly then brings these characters to life, animating their stories in a way that captures the audience's imagination and empathy

For those opting for a whiteboard style, Doodly allows you to sketch characters that can carry your message across in a simple yet compelling manner. The pre-built scenes and characters can be a great starting point, and the ability to import your own assets means the sky's the limit when it comes to personalization.

"Simon's Cat in 'Cat Man Do'" perfectly exemplifies how characters can capture an audience's heart and attention in whiteboard animation. In this charming video, Simon's Cat goes to great lengths to get his owner's attention, showcasing a range of emotions and antics that viewers can't help but relate to and root for. The simplicity of the animation, combined with the universally understood struggle for attention between pets and their owners, makes this video a great example of how character-driven storytelling can enhance engagement and leave a memorable impact on viewers.

9. The Emotional High Point: Your Climax

Getting to the most intense part of your video is like climbing a big hill and looking back at all you've done.

It's when everything comes together, emotions are at their highest, and your message really hits home.

This is when your viewers are most into it, following along with the story you've told, ready to feel something strong, get inspired, or do something about it.

Crafting a Climax That Resonates

Get People Excited

Take your audience through smaller challenges or surprising moments, making the story more intense and emotional as you go. Each step should add to the bigger story and get them ready for the big moment.

Make Them Feel Big Feelings

The big part of your video should really make people feel something, whether it's happiness, surprise, or sadness. These big feelings will make your message stick and turn your video into something they'll remember.

Keep Your Message Clear

The big moment should remind people of what your video is really about. It's not just about ending the story; it's about making your main point in a way they'll never forget. Keep it short and strong, so it really sticks with them.

Get Them to Do Something

After the big moment, ask your audience to do something. The big part of your video gets them ready to take the next step, whether it's looking for more info, buying something, or telling others about it.

Leveraging Video Tools for Maximum Impact

Doodly's drawings can show the build-up to the big moment, while Toonly's animations can make the most intense part come to life in a fun way.

Use Talkia to add voices that match the feelings of your video. Make genuine and emotional voiceovers that make your message even stronger.

The "Doodly Glassboard Animated Video Example - Halloween" serves as an excellent illustration of building to an emotional high point within a whiteboard animation context. In this video, the storyline crescendos to a climax that not only captivates but also surprises the audience, effectively utilizing the Halloween theme to engage and entertain. The climax, enriched with suspense and a touch of humor, demonstrates how even light-hearted content can create a peak moment of engagement, leaving a memorable impression and demonstrating the power of well-crafted climactic storytelling in animation.

10. Wrap It Up with a Call to Action That Resonates

You've taken your audience on a journey they won't forget, hit them with a powerful climax, and now it's time to wrap things up.

Your call to action (CTA) is crucial here.

It's not just about ending; it's about turning all that engagement and emotion into action.

Think of it as the link between inspiring your audience and getting them to take the next step.

Making Your CTA Clear and Compelling

Keep It Crystal Clear

Your audience should know exactly what you want them to do next. Whether it's "Sign up now," "Learn more," or "Join the community," your CTA needs to be straightforward. But being clear doesn't mean being dull. You can still be creative and engaging while getting your point across.

Simplicity Is Key

You've already won your audience over; now, guide them on what to do next with a simple CTA. A complicated one can confuse viewers at the last minute, undoing all your hard work.

Connect to the Story

Link your CTA to the emotional journey you've shared. If your video was about overcoming challenges, frame your CTA as the next step in overcoming their own. Make the action feel like a natural extension of the story.

Inject Urgency

Add a sense of urgency with phrases like "Don't miss out" or "Offer ends soon." But make sure it feels genuine, not pushy.

Tools to Make Your CTA Stand Out

Voomly isn't just for hosting your videos; it's a powerful tool for making your CTAs pop. With options for embedding videos directly into emails or websites, adding clickable CTAs right in the video player, and even tracking how your audience interacts with your CTAs, Voomly helps ensure your call to action isn't just seen—it's acted upon.

​Use your editing tools to visually highlight your CTA. This could mean on-screen text, a button, or an animated graphic that draws the eye and clearly communicates the action you want your audience to take.

The "Voomly Demo" video showcases how Voomly itself can be used to create compelling content that concludes with a strong call to action (CTA). It demonstrates the platform's capabilities in crafting a narrative that leads the viewer through a sequence of informative and engaging content, culminating in a clear, persuasive CTA. By using this video, you can highlight how effectively Voomly enables creators to design content that not only informs and engages but also motivates viewers to take the next step, whether it's subscribing, purchasing, or any other desired action.

Implementing Strategies with Voomly Cloud Tools

Now that we've uncovered the strategies to infuse emotion into your whiteboard animation videos, it's time to put them into action.

With Voomly Cloud at your fingertips, you can leverage a suite of powerful tools—Doodly, Voomly, Toonly, Talkia, and People Builder—to bring your stories to life and connect with your audience on a deeper, more emotional level.

With Doodly, you can create engaging, hand-drawn characters and scenes that capture your narrative's essence, making every frame relatable and impactful.

It's perfect for illustrating the emotional journey of your characters, from the challenges they face to their ultimate triumphs or resolutions.

Toonly offers a different flavor, allowing you to craft animated explainer videos that can simplify complex emotional concepts into digestible, engaging content.

Its lively animations can add a dynamic layer to your storytelling, making the emotional highs and lows more vivid and memorable.

Talkia enhances your videos by providing voiceovers that can express a wide range of emotions, ensuring your message isn't just seen but also heard and felt.

The right tone and inflection can significantly amplify the emotional impact of your narrative.

People Builder lets you create diverse characters that your audience can identify with, adding depth and authenticity to your stories.

By reflecting your viewers' experiences and emotions in your characters, you foster a stronger connection and a more immersive viewing experience.

Lastly, Voomly itself ensures that your emotionally charged videos reach your audience in the most effective way.

Customize your video player to complement the mood of your story, use analytics to gauge emotional responses, and incorporate clear calls to action that resonate with your audience's feelings, encouraging them to engage further

Final Thoughts

As we finish our journey through video marketing, let's think about what we've learned about the power of emotions. Nowadays, with content all over, it's easy for your message to get lost. That's why it's vital to connect with your audience for real.

When you use emotions in your videos, you're not just telling a story – you're making people feel. And when people feel, they remember. Whether you're using Voomly Cloud or another platform, be genuine. People can tell when you're real, and they like it.

Think about a video that really got to you. Maybe it made you laugh, cry, or feel inspired. That's the connection we're talking about. And when you can connect like that, you're not just selling – you're building a bond. So, in the world of video marketing, stay true.

Connect emotionally with your audience. And know that when you do, you're not just making videos – you're creating memories.

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