Important Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addonto get/use the colored version of each image. Each bundle comes with 50 black and white versions AND 50 color versions (if you have the Doodly Rainbow addon) of each image.

A Beat Up Student
A Bottle Of Poison
A Boy Defending His Bullied Friend
A King Ordering A Guard To Kill Someone
A Man Is Crying And Two Women Are Laughing At Him
A Man Laughs At A Flat Earth Society Group
A Thief Stands Behind Girl
A Thief
A Woman Feels Jealous Of The Winner
Angry Man With A Bat
Boy Steals Ice Cream
Crying Villain
Detective Using Magnifying Glass
Four Army
Girl Bag Was Stolen
Girl Bring Saw
Girl In Jail
Broken Red Heart
Crime Scene
Girl Reporting A Crime
Girl Trying To Steal Something
Girl With Punk Style
Man Arrested By Police
Man Being Bullied
Man Being Locked Up
Man Crying
Man Describes Culprit
Man Draw A Heart Shape
Man Hides Hatchet
Man Tripping Others
Man Looking At A Girl Secretly
Man Looking Into Magnifying Glass
Man With Bad Breath Talking
Prisoner Shows His Muscle
Old Woman Looking At Pictures Of Her Grandchildren On Her Phone
Two Women Fighting Over A Pillow
Villain Calling Someone
Villain Holding Girl's Hand
Woman And Man Shouting At Each Other
Man Broke Kid's Paper
Two Boys Running Together And Two Girls Fighting Over A Teddy Bear
Angry Woman Walking Towards Two Sitting Women
Hacker Snickering In Front Of His Computer
Loan Shark Collecting Debt
Muscled Man Pushing A Defense Less Guy
Police Catches Bad Guy
Thief About To Throw A Brick
Thief Sneaking
Thug Holding A Spiked Stick In His Hand
Under Aged Smoking And Drinking

Wrong Deeds

$27 $67

What could be more fun to watch than people behaving badly? Nothing … which is why these images will cause your engagement rates to skyrocket! This exciting bundle is packed with 100 graphics featuring wrong deeds—50 unique color images, and 50 identical ones in black-and-white.

In the bundle, you’ll find a comprehensive assortment of nasty deeds being committed, including theft, fighting, bullying, and police brutality. You’ll also find incarceration scenes, crime reporting, and for good measure, a guy holding a hatchet.

Use these images to create a “crime doesn’t pay” video or to educate kids on the hazards of bullying. They’re also ideal for promoting a private investigator business, home security company, law firm, or home defense products.

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