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Hey, it’s me again, and before you get to downloading Doodly, I have just one more thing for you, so you can experience even greater success with the Doodly videos that you create.

This will only take a couple minutes and I promise it’s gonna be well worth it, because you’re about to discover the #1 fatal mistake that people make when creating sales videos and how you can avoid it. I’m also going to reveal one of the best tactics I know for creating videos that will maximize the results that you get from your videos. Afterall, creating a video that gets no results is nothing but a big waste of time, so in this video I’m going to show you how to avoid exactly that from happening.

I know your time is short, so let’s get into one of my favorite tactics for making more money from your videos and that is to create a really good hook at the beginning of your video by using something called an open loop. An open loop hints at something really interesting that you’re going to reveal later on in the video.


The reason open loops work so well is because research shows that people decide during the first minute of a video whether they’re going to stick around for the entire video. And if they stay, you’ll get several minutes of their undivided attention to sell them on your offer. But if they drop off right away, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars in poten

This is a tip that you can apply immediately to get more cash out of every video that you create.

Now I want to warn you about the #1 mistake I see other marketers making when it comes to sales videos. It’s a mistake that can lead to lower conversions, fewer sales, and ultimately, less money in your pocket.

Here it is… It’s thinking that all you need to do to make a lot of sales is to create a professional “looking” video.


Now, don’t get me wrong...although a great-looking whiteboard/doodle video helps, it can’t overcome mediocre copywriting--and unfortunately, most video scripts fall into that category.


It’s the words that do the selling, and the modality (i.e. the whiteboard doodle video that accentuates those words, giving you even better results)

Most of the video scripts I’ve read are dull, rambling, poorly organized, and ultimately do nothing to lead buyers from disinterest to desire.

Now, by contrast, the best copywriters in the world write scripts that sell millions of dollars worth of products.

And to do that, they use very specific copywriting formulas that break down prospects’ resistance to buying.

These copywriters know that copywriting is about more than just putting words on a page.

Instead, it means using psychological tactics and a knowledge of consumer behavior to lead prospects to buy, or take whatever action it is they want them to take.

They do that by using proven formulas that are designed to get super-high sales, but they don’t just rely on those formulas. They also use persuasion tactics and storytelling to convert video viewers into buyers.

By using copywriting tactics like these, you can create videos that can generate higher sales, give you greater financial freedom, and earn much, much more money.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about my new book, The Definitive Guide to Copywriting.

This book is jam-packed with 25 chapters of copywriting tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you create videos that sell lots and lots of whatever it is you’re selling.

I know how powerful this book is, because I used the copywriting tips in it--along with doodle whiteboard videos--to turn several of my companies into million-dollar online businesses.


For example, my product, Fat Loss Factor, went from “nowhere to be found” on Clickbank (the world’s largest digital marketplace) to the #1 product for 2 full years, all because of a whiteboard video and the copywriting strategies I reveal in this book.


Later, when I launched my supplement company, Perfect Origins, a Doodle whiteboard video with an amazing script helped us do over $10 million dollars in just 12 months. Since then, the company’s gone on to do over $30 million in sales and counting.

That’s why I know this book is going to be a huge game-changer for you.

With it, you’ll get explicit formulas--with examples--for writing high-converting videos of all lengths. I have chapters for writing 90-second videos, 5-minute videos, and 20-minute (and over) videos. These are the exact same copywriting strategies I used to create videos for all of my million-dollar companies, so I can guarantee you they’re super powerful.

You’re also going to get my 10 Commandments of Killer Copy so you can immediately start writing better, more effective copy--the way a professional copywriter would. And, I’m going to teach you some NLP hacks. NLP is a psychological model copywriters use to persuade prospects to buy.

Plus, remember how we talked about the importance of a great video intro earlier? I cover that in really extensive detail, going over the best way to pull prospects into your pitch, depending on where they are in the buying life cycle.

You’re also going to learn how to tell a story--the right way--so you can really pull prospects in and get them emotionally invested, so they sell themselves on your product.


However, that’s just a small fraction of what you’ll get with my book. I also teach you how to write any type of copy you could ever need for your business--there are dozens of chapters that include tips and formulas for sales letters, webinars, emails, Facebook ads, and Google ads. It’s like the Bible on copywriting--I packed it full of information, putting everything I know into this book.

Use it and you’ll be able to create high-converting, proven copywriting scripts while eliminating any doubts you might have about how to get prospects to buy. Bottom line, you can start generating more cash online, faster and easier than ever before.

But that’s not all. If you buy The Definitive Guide to Copywriting today, I’m also going to throw in another one of my books as a bonus. So, you’ll also get my Little Book of Sales Copy.

This ebook is 100% meat, no fluff. I’ve stripped out all the copywriting theory, so you can immediately get to the good stuff-- the copywriting structures and formulas you need to create killer videos, long-form sales letters, emails, pay-per-click ads, landing pages, Facebook ads, and e-commerce pages. Consider it your quick-and-easy reference guide for writing super-effective sales copy that will put more money in your pocket.


Now before I reveal the price, let me tell you why this is such an amazing deal. The Definitive Guide To Copywriting consists of the exact same scripts I used to create my copywriting video masterclass. People pay $997 for that video course. You’re getting the exact same information--my copywriting formulas, tips, tricks, and strategies for a fraction of what they paid… but you must act today.

This is a one-time special offer I’m making available only for new Doodly subscribers, because I want you to be able to create the highest-converting, best videos that you can.

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Let me break it down for you even further… you can create great videos with Doodly, but Doodly can’t do it all. It’s only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to sales. Unfortunately, a whiteboard video without great sales copy won’t deliver the results you’re hoping for.


Your other alternative is to make a small one-time investment right now and get The Definitive Guide to Copywriting. Learn how to write sales copy like the pros, using the same copywriting tactics that have personally made me millions of dollars. Create your first video and the book could pay for itself in just a few minutes.

Again, this is a one-time-only offer. It’s not available anywhere else. So get your copy of both books now by scrolling down and clicking on the button below. A whiteboard video with amazing sales copy is the fastest way to get the results you want.

Thanks again for your purchase of Doodly and I look forward to seeing the amazing results that you get!

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