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Hey, give me just a couple minutes of your time to tell you the #1 mistake I see people making with the animated explainer videos they create. I promise you it’ll be well worth it.

So, let’s get right into it…the #1 mistake is that they expect videos to do all the selling for them.

That never works, because it’s the actual copywriting that does the selling. You can have the most amazing video in the world, but if you can’t explain to someone why they need what you’ve got, you won’t make the sale.


Take the California Raisin Brand, for example. In the 1980s, they created videos showing animated raisins singing soul music. The ads were hugely popular, and they sold over $200 million dollars in related merchandise.

But you know what they didn’t sell? Raisins. Once the campaign finally came to an end, raisin sales were lower than they were before the campaign.

That’s because the copywriting missed the mark--it never really convinced people why they should buy raisins.

Now, as a marketer, that’s a mistake I see constantly. People create videos that are fun to look at, but don’t get their viewers to take the action they want because the copy doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do... Either it rambles or it doesn’t address buyer objections or it never really answers the critical question of why someone needs to do what they’re asking them to do.

As a new Toonly user, it’s super-important that you realize the video is just the vehicle that delivers the message—but it’s the message that actually makes the viewer take action.

That’s why I want to tell you about something that can make things ridiculously easy for you to create super-persuasive sales copy for your Toonly videos. It’s called Automatic Script, and it works like this…


First, you open it up and find a copywriting script you like.


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and instantly, you can have a high-performing script for your first Toonly video.

And not just any script either. When I created Automatic Script, I turned to the masters. Six-figure copywriting legends who’ve sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of products and services with their words alone.

What these guys know is that to be successful, copywriting needs to follow a specific formula…after all, it’s hard to get prospects to open their wallets. That’s why these writers created their own high-converting copywriting formulas that are designed to overcome buyer objections, so they can make the sale.

My software uses those exact same proven copywriting formulas for its scripts…meaning you’re going to have access to the best, most effective sales scripts you’re going to find anywhere.

That’s why my software is such a no-brainer.

Want to create an upsell video? You can do that with Automatic Script.

Looking to create a video sales letter? Again, it’s in there.

Want to select from video scripts designed specifically for short explainer-style videos like Toonly? Yep, you guessed it—that’s in there too.


It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to sell either—my software has
scripts designed to sell any product or service, regardless of the industry you’re in.

But that’s not all. I know most of you aren’t just relying on videos to reach your prospects, and you also need copy for stuff like Google Adwords, emails, sales letters, Facebook ads, and even webinars. Well that’s in there too.

With Automatic Script, you’ll be able to create all the high-converting, proven copywriting scripts you could ever need…while eliminating any doubts you might have about how to get prospects to buy.

Now before I reveal the price, let me tell you why this is such an amazing deal. If you had to pay a copywriter to write all these scripts, it would cost you upwards of a hundred thousand dollars, which I’ll admit, sounds absolutely ridiculous… but that’s how much it would actually cost. But the good is, I’m clearly not going to charge you anywhere near that …

Right now, I’m offering you full access to Automatic Script for a one-time price of just $97—my subscribers normally pay $444 a year for that same access.

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