Accent Alarm

Sound Effects Mega Bundle

$47 $147

The movie Psycho wouldn’t be the same without its ear-piercing scream. And Jaws? The shark would be about as intimidating as a goldfish, were it not for the movie’s ominous soundtrack. As you can see, sound is super important to a video’s success which is why you’ll love this incredible bundle, featuring a whopping 756 sound effects! In it, you’ll find tons of amazing effects that’ll make your videos more interesting, more professional, and way more effective … sounds like laughing people, opening doors, crying babies, ringing phones, household appliances in use, moving vehicles, and much, much more! This top-notch bundle adds realism to any videos you create, making your videos that much more enjoyable for viewers to watch. For that reason, this bundle is a must for anyone who wants to take their videos to the next level.

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