Important Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addonto get/use the colored version of each image. Each bundle comes with 50 black and white versions AND 50 color versions (if you have the Doodly Rainbow addon) of each image.

Girl Using Laptop
Man Has An Idea
Woman Worried About Something On Her Laptop
Company Hacked
Computer With Keyboard On The Table
Gold Phone
Software Offer
Blue Screen Computer
Computer Repair At Home
Happy Employees
Man With Mind Control Helmet
Man Hugs His Pc Monitor
Old Lady Using Phone
Woman Using Laptop At Booth
Confused Man Sitting Infront Of A Computer
Woman Standing And Holding Https Padlock
Chained For Work
Man Hugging A Monitor
Company With Multiple Items
Boss Beside Factory Workers
Auto Update Cloud With Thunder
Man Dropping His Papers At Work
Man Reading A Paper In Front Of The Computer
A Man Monitoring Stock Increases Through His Phone
Accidentally Dropping A Monitor
Building An Idea As A Team
Creating A Presentation Video
Destroying A Digital Clock
Handing Over Work To A Colleague
Hanging On To A Floating Idea
Man Presenting Growth Shown In His Bar Graph
Matching Gears That Fit Together
Old Couple Taking A Selfie
One Click Access
Repairing The Printer
Saving Data On The Cloud
Secure Your Data
Secured Identification Card
Shopping Using Your Laptop
Using A Holographic Screen
Using Stairs To Reach The Clouds
Watching A Holographic Globe Using Vr
Woman Holding A Big Shield For Security
Working In A Comfortable Chair
Working On A Team With Colleagues
Man Watching On A Big Tv
Computer Cpu With Muscles
Indian Woman Working On Her Laptop
Man Imagining Treasures
Sitting On A Bean Bag Chair While Holding Using Laptop

Technology at Work

$27 $67

Need to portray people using technology on the job? Check out this bundle where you’ll find plenty of graphics featuring tech at work—100 of them, to be exact. Of that number, you’ll get 50 unique color images, plus 50 identical black-and-white graphics.

This bundle contains an assortment of office workers using their computers at work. It also portrays complex concepts in humorous ways, as evidenced by the animated, mean-looking computer viruses and the cpu flexing its muscles.

Although there’s no limit to the number of different scenarios you can use this bundle in, we especially like it for tech solution providers, B2B companies, and any career/office-related storytelling you might engage in.

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