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OK, so this is the final customization option that I have for you today. It’s for Doodly, our flagship, doodle software that allows anyone, regardless of tech skills, to create highly engaging, professional doodle videos in a matter of minutes. Doodle videos that can work unbelievably well for any profession or industry.

These popular videos are so effective at getting those all-important clicks, likes, shares, and sales, that they’re like no other kind of video—which is why doodle videos should be considered essential to anyone’s marketing strategy.

Now, because you ordered Talkia, I know that creating super-engaging, professional videos is important to you. And that’s why I feel obligated to tell you about our flagship video software called Doodly.

So, give me just a few seconds of your time. I promise it’ll be well worth it, and then you can start
downloading Talkia right away.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, doodle videos work amazingly well for online business owners. After all, in marketing, your primary role is to sell people on the benefits of what you’re offering. To do that, you need to be able to capture someone’s attention and hold it for an extended amount of time—something that doodle videos do unbelievably well.

Plus, not only are doodle videos incredibly captivating, but research shows that these memorable videos massively boost brand awareness and purchase intent by pulling people in, so they really absorb your message.


This is super-important because there are lots of brands out there using the same old, outdated methods to try to reach viewers. In a saturated market, you need to stand out … and doodle videos do exactly that.

Plus, they’re also great for making a complex or boring subject fun and easy-to-understand, so Doodly isn’t just ideal for marketers, it’s also perfect for educators, trainers, and anyone else that wants to create the kind of videos that actually get watched from start-to-finish.

So, let me show you a quick demo illustrating how simple and easy Doodly is to use.

Alright, now I’m inside the Doodly software which is available for both Mac and PC.

Step 1

Let’s go ahead and create our first video by clicking on the style we want.

You can choose from whiteboard, blackboard, green board, or even glassboard videos, giving you lots of control over the video’s style. In this example, we’ll create a nice-looking whiteboard video.


You’ll notice that Doodly makes it super-easy to create your own doodle videos with done-for-you scenes, thousands of characters, tons of props and images, royalty-free music, and even text.

You’ll notice that Doodly makes it super-easy to create your own doodle videos with done-for-you scenes, thousands of characters, tons of props and images, royalty-free music, and even text.


Step 2

First, we pick a character. Then, we grab a prop, add the text we want to use, resize things the way we want them, and voila … we have a video explaining why this tub of protein powder is the key to getting bigger muscles.

Not only is creating your first doodle video that simple, but we also have a bunch of really cool settings available too

  • Real hands.
  • ​ Cartoon hands, or none at all.
  • ​ Scene transitions with even camera panning.
  • ​ And our smart erase mode to provide the realistic feel you’re looking for.

Plus, with our easy-to-use timeline, you can drag and drop scenes as you wish.

You can also upload a Talkia voiceover directly into Doodly or add background music by simply choosing from
our HUGE royalty-free library … and of course, you have the option of uploading your own image files. Oh, and
one more thing …


When you upload your own image, you can create cool draw paths like this.

With our enhanced doodle draw technology, it’s easy to make realistic drawing movements of any image, regardless of whether you uploaded it or you used one of ours.

Step 3

And when you’re done, you can preview your video before exporting it in a variety of formats, sizes, and quality right to your computer and you’re ready to go! As you can see, doodle videos do an incredible job of educating, entertaining, and converting … making Doodly a fantastic investment.

And, that’s especially true right now. Ordinarily, you could expect to pay about $2,000 - $3,000 for a doodle video.


But with Doodly, anyone can create a doodle video regardless of skills and experience, meaning you can make unlimited doodle videos …

Without paying ridiculously high fees to video designers.

And there’s never been a better time for you to invest in Doodly, because right now, you can get lifetime Doodly Enterprise membership—which is the biggest, best membership plan we offer--for just a one-time fee of $97. Again, that’s a one-time charge for lifetime access with no monthly or annual fees to pay ever.

If you were to go to the Doodly home page right now, you’d see that you’re getting an unbelievably good deal, because when someone signs up for Doodly Enterprise from that page, they pay $828/year—for the exact same software you can get right now for a one-time payment of just $97.


Get instant access to Doodly Enterprise Today!


So go ahead and click on the button below this video to grab your copy of Doodly Enterprise today. I’m confident you’ll discover that once you create your very first doodle video, your investment will pay for itself.

Lifetime Enterprise membership for just $97. One-time fee. No Monthly fees FOREVER!

* Clicking here will charge your card an additional $97.

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