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For a small, additional, fee of just $97 per year, you can upgrade to Talkia Enterprise today and get 5 Times the number of voices to choose from, background music to choose from, and create MUCH longer/bigger voiceovers.

Plus, you'll also get full commercial rights so that you can sell any voiceover you create with Talkia.

Upgrade for just $97 per year. Billed annually.

* Clicking here will charge your card an additional $97 for an entire year's access. Easily cancel anytime.

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Hi, I want to thank you for getting your copy of Talkia today. Now, with Talkia, you’re going to find that you have everything you need to create high-quality, professional voiceovers that can save you money, while also helping you get an even better return on your investment in online video.

But before you download Talkia, I’ve got a very special offer for you that can help you create even better voiceovers with the software, so give me just 2 minutes of your time to explain, because I think you’re really going to like what I have to show you…

Now as amazing as Talkia Standard is, I know that having an even broader selection of voices and music to choose from will always help your business even more. Afterall, the more flexibility we have, the better results we typically can get.

That’s so important, because the voice you choose will forever be associated with your brand—like Morgan Freeman with Visa or Flo with Progressive Insurance. And while the voices generated with Talkia aren’t exactly Morgan Freeman, they can work wonders for a video that previously didn’t have a voiceover.


Ideally, you want to select a voice that your audience connects with, one that promotes trust and likeability—typically, that should be the voice of someone just like your target customer.


Plus, with more voices, you’ll also have more opportunities to test different voices for your videos, finding the one that gets the best results for your brand. While that may not sound like such a big deal, I’ve personally run my own tests in the past and found that by just changing the voice on one of our videos, we’ve literally doubled sales. That’s not the norm, obviously, but voice testing is one of those large changes that can truly affect the results you’ll get. Now imagine having the potential to multiply your results like that (or even half of that) with every video you create!






Now, ordinarily with Talkia you get 42 total male and female voices. But today, we’re offering a special Enterprise membership upgrade that’s going to give you access to way more voices than that. 5 times more voices, to be exact.


+169 voices211




So, if you upgrade now, you’ll get an ADDITIONAL169 voices. Instead of getting the 42 voices that come with the standard Talkia package, you’ll have 5X that--a total of 211 voices.

Just imagine how easy it will be to find the perfect voice for your brand with a few hundred extra male and female voices to choose from. You’ll also get way more voices with accents, which are perfect for grabbing attention or incorporating humor into your videos. And if you’re looking to sell abroad, all those additional foreign language-speaking voices will make your videos much more effective.


Enterprise membership also gives you the ability to create longer voiceovers. With your current membership, you can create voiceovers up to a thousand words, which is much higher than any other text to speech software at our price.

But, with Talkia Enterprise, you can create voiceovers up to 5,000 words—making Enterprise a no-brainer if you want to create video sales letters, educational videos, webinars, podcasts, training videos, or audio books.

Plus, if you upgrade to an Enterprise account today, instead of getting 30 background music tracks to use with your videos, you’ll get 5 times that with a total of 150 background tracks.

That’s so important, because music sets the tone of your video. Think about the movie, Jaws. The shark would have been about as intimidating as a goldfish, were it not for the movie’s soundtrack … which is why you’ll love having 120 additional background music tracks that are perfect for creating whatever mood you want, whether that’s happy, sad, soothing, dramatic, or anything else.


Plus, Enterprise membership is going to give you commercial rights to any voiceovers you create-meaning you’ll be able to sell your Talkia voiceovers.

So, you can find voiceover clients online, charge them less than a professional voice actor would, and literally, create—in minutes—voiceovers you can sell. With just a few voiceovers, you could make a couple hundred bucks, more than making back your one-time investment in Enterprise.

By the way, our current Talkia users pay annually for this same Enterprise membership. If you were to go to right now and check out our pricing, you’ll see that it actually costs them $480/year to unlock access to all of the benefits included with the Enterprise Membership.

But RIGHT NOW ONLY, I’m offering Enterprise membership to Talkia for 80% off the regular price, at just $97/year! Not the regular membership price. Just $97 for an entire year, and you can cancel at any time with no extra fees or anything, but once you leave this page, you won’t find this deal anywhere else.


Now, I know I’ve covered a lot, so let me just quickly summarize everything you’re going to get if you upgrade to Enterprise membership today.

You’re going to get 211 voices in your Talkia library, instead of the 42 that come with your current, standard membership.

You’ll also get all the new voices we plan to add to the software in the future.

And, instead of being limited to 1,000-word voiceovers, you’ll be able to create 5,000 word voiceovers for VSLs, webinars, podcasts, training videos, and audio books.

Plus, you’re going to get 5X the number of background music tracks, so you can set the tone of your videos perfectly.

And, you’ll have commercial rights to any voiceovers you create, so you can sell them to clients, if you want to bring in more income each month.

You’ll get this special Talkia Enterprise upgrade at 80% off the regular price, for just $97 for an entire year! And you can cancel at anytime with no extra fees. But this deal isn’t offered anywhere else, so you need to act right now if you want to take advantage of this offer. Just scroll below this video and click the “Upgrade My Order” button.

Once you upgrade, all your new voices and music tracks will be automatically included in your copy of Talkia, so you can start using them immediately.

Upgrade To Talkia Enterprise Today!


So, go ahead and click the “Upgrade my Order” button right now, to take your voiceovers to the next level with the biggest and best Talkia membership we have to offer.

Upgrade for just $97 per year. Billed annually.

* Clicking here will charge your card an additional $97 for an entire year's access. Easily cancel anytime.

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