Important Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addonto get/use the colored version of each image. Each bundle comes with 50 black and white versions AND 50 color versions (if you have the Doodly Rainbow addon) of each image.

Bat Flying
Bat Hanging On A Tree
Bat Hearing
Bat Hiding
Bull Looking At Different Cloth
Bull Rip A Red Cloth
Bull Rip Red Cloth Into Piece
Bull Sitting With A Doll
Bull Standing Beside A Man
Chameleon On The Tree
Chameleon On The Tree
Chameleon Sleeping On Chair
Chameleon Standing
Flamingo Looking Each Other
Frog Laughing
Frog Look To The Left
Frog Looking Ti The Moon
Frog Put His Hands
Frog Sitting On The Leaf
Kangaroo And Rabbit
Lion And Tiger
Lion Catch His Food
Lion Drink Water
Lion Get Shock
Lion Got Fever
Seahorse Looking Sad
Seahorse Pointing
Seahorse With Friend
Seahorses Crying
Seahorses Dating
Seahorses Kissing
T-Rex And Kids
Bat Holding Sun Glasses
Bat Landing
Seahorse Catching Fish
Seahorses Flirting
T-Rex And His Enemy
T-Rex Bones
Dog Riding A Horse
Dog Using A Headset
Dog Will Work For Food
Elephant Using An Umbrella
Graduated Girrafe
King Frog
Lazy Polar Bear
Mouse Smelling A Cheese Trap
Penguin Presenting Something On The Board
Rabbit Holding A Board
Two Cats Enjoying Hanging Out Together

Silly Animals

$27 $67

Have a soft spot for (silly) animals? If so, you definitely don’t want to miss this bundle featuring animals engaged in all types of goofy activities. This bundle includes a total of 100 animal graphics—50 black-and-white images, plus 50 of those same images in color.

In it, you’ll find animals engaged in all types of zany activities. For instance, this bundle contains images of hens crowing about piles of cash, chameleons resting on lounge chairs, flamingos munching lettuce, lions having their temperature taken, and much, much more!

This bundle has tons of great uses. Use it to make your videos more engaging, appeal to children, educate people about animals, promote an animal conservation charity, grab prospects’ attention, or to incorporate humor into your video.

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