Add VAT, membership plan, affiliate and transferring content from one platform to another for free
Dear Mr/Ms, If you could add "VAT for paying taxes, Membership Plan, Affiliate and Transferring contents from one platform to another for free" into your features for Voomly, I would like to change my current platform to yours. Looking forward to hearing good news from you in the future. Best wishes, Xueli

Xueli Liu shared this idea 01/03/21 08:08
Giselle Oliveira 07/03/21 14:49
I agree. Please add a membership to Voomly. Having one URL for each course is not ideal. I would like to see a page where all my courses are listed, so my students can see all courses I offer inside the membership. This way they can complete the purchased course and buy other courses that I have set up. Thanks
Jochen Siepmann 22/03/21 10:43
Monica Levin 04/05/21 20:13
Request: ability to integrate the courses with affiliate marketing websites