white label email address received for purchase confirmation
It will be great if the student receives a white label email address such as "support@domain.com" instead of one from "support@voomly.com" after purchasing a course or changing their password. We can already customise the course domain but this will cause confusion if they receive an email from Voomly. This will be a good feature for the enterprise package. If its not possible to change the email address at least create an email template where we can change the "from"name and remove or replace the voomly logo.

Nathan Hutchinson shared this idea 18/04/21 13:44
Mihaela 16/04/21 15:14
It is essentials users can change the content of the congratulatory email. Now it is with missing information and definately its a huge confusion for the students
Nathan Hutchinson 18/04/21 13:48
A template that can allow us to change the name Voomly and remove or replace the Voomly logo with be helpful.
Ro Marburg 04/05/21 03:03
This is true for all emails. Voomly branding should not be the default given that the course already has inputs for logo and brand.
Shelly 10/05/21 02:25
This is super important.
Andrew Austin 21/05/21 02:54
Thus is a great idea. To streamline courses for our business
Sara Issa 22/05/21 22:56
This is absolutely essential!! It is otherwise super confusing for a student who signs up for a course with a company/someone they trust only to receive an email from Voomly (they might think its spam?!). Not to mention that the email subject line doesn't even say the name of the course that they just signed up for. We have to be able to change who that welcome email is coming from!
Krys 09/06/21 01:31
Please bring in White Label. Email to students is very confusing and the downloadable invoice has Voomly all over it, which is incorrect as it should have the Course Creator's details on the invoice.
Himadri Ketu Sanyal 11/06/21 16:41
Very important for customers. Please bring it in as soon as you can.
Michael B 16/08/21 05:39
I cannot agree more as it will be so confusing to students as it is.