Drip Feed
Adding a drip feed and scheduling feature to Voomly would be awesome! Now get to work :) LOL

Jay Douglas shared this idea 28/02/21 22:34
Anthony Pollitt 13/03/21 22:24
This would be great as videos etc could be set up for a few weeks to automatically become available on a particular day or time. Sort of an essential for courses.
Greg Howard 16/03/21 12:08
I agree! This is how I currently run my courses and the lack of this function is the only reason why I cannot move all my courses on to Voomly. Drip feeding courses as a tactic has been proven to increase retention and completion rates massively and based on my experience I agree as the completion rates for my courses are currently between 90-100%.
Fred 20/03/21 19:48
Dripfeeding is essential for me in connection with the mandatory 14 day return guarantee in the Netherlands. I am testing on heights, learndash and other platforms and they all offer this function. Hope you guys succeed soon because your software has many extras that others do not have :-)
Selena Mara 23/03/21 09:49
I really need to be able to deliver my course step by step. Not give access all at once. Students get overwhelmed if all the course content is available immeditately. I need to be able to give access, say 1 lesson per week, and integrate this with sending them an email to notify them of this.