Quiz randomization
In quizzes to have the ability to randomly select a certain number of questions from a bank e.g. 10 out of 20. Also the ability to randomize questions and distractors each time the quiz is taken.

Anthony Pollitt shared this idea 13/03/21 22:22
Arvind Devarajan 11/04/21 16:12
THat's a good idea. Also, each time some student takes a quiz, the order of the answers within a question should also be randomised: i.e., when the quiz is taken the first time, the correct answer for a question could be in the 2nd position, and when the quiz is repeated, the correct answer for the same question could be in the 1st position (i.e., random order for the answers too).
Eugene Likhonin 24/10/21 20:39
yes, please. randomizing helps with the learning process :-)