Allow the courses to be free.
Allow the courses to be listed for free so students can simply sign themselves up and start. As in my case it will be the employer who pays an annual fee for their staff training, it may confuse employees when they come to the payment page.

Billy Naisbett shared this idea 12/03/21 14:48
Admin 23/03/21 19:46
Update: 3/23/2021 -- Support for 100% off coupon codes is available. Users won't be asked for a CC in this case, just sign up and start. Our team continues to work towards implementing the option to have free courses without the use of a coupon. Stay tuned!
Sam 30/04/21 09:22
it is a very good idea
Manuel Rodríguez Vallejo 03/05/21 13:53
The possibility of removing these free students from students slot is also important.
Andrew Austin 21/05/21 02:39
Timothy Blaine Wilson 09/06/21 07:26
Yes, the ad for the software said we could offer free courses, but then it says, "minimum of 50 cents" without a way to even charge that. The minimum fee is $1
Brenda Wood 31/08/21 07:16
YES Please... My students need to be access the courses... but only the ones they are eligable for... so a passcode for each course would be a great way to do this. That way when I sell my product, and they get the tutorial included in the price, they can access the video that relates to that product, but not see the other tutorials they haven't paid for.