Add fill-in-the-blank option to Quiz
Fill-in-the-blank option needed for quizes

Theresa Houston shared this idea 12/03/21 06:23
Selma Boerrigter 17/03/21 18:23
Yes, this is so important! Also other quiz styles would make this even better, like drag the correct words into the right sentence, or match the pairs. Or also the ability for students to upload a text or video as an assignment!
Tom Court 23/05/21 06:41
I definitely would love more options for Quiz questions.
Andrew 06/06/21 04:30
Yes this would be a wonderful update, particularly for teaching a language. Additional quiz styles would vastly improve Voomly. Inputting correct words or creating a small sentence would make coaching much more effective. It would also further validate receiving a certificate at the end of the course.
Lisa Campbell 09/06/21 19:04
Just what I was thinking! Plus, essay answers would allow students the opportunity to express their level of comprehension in their own words/style.
Frederick Kermisch 27/08/21 14:30
Hi, I would massively benefit from this, I could give assignments such as "describe XYZ". Right now the workaround is "please write and tick when you're answered". Not as helpful as people DO skip it... Thanks!
Amy Hill 27/08/21 20:19
Many of my quizzes are essay answers and so I have to have the student email that to me. Would love to keep everything inside of Voomly. Also, in these types of quizzes, I would like the ability to give feedback to the student or be able to ask them questions about what they wrote.