Allow for text-only lessons/topics
A lot of people who already have created courses on other platforms are currently limited in their ability to move to Voomly. This is because on most platforms you can have an item that is text only, so video isn't required. In a lot of courses you might have a short lesson which is just a paragraph of text, in between longer lessons that involve both video and text. Voomly does have a text area below the video... but it doesn't let you create a lesson without assigning it a video. If these course creators wanted to move to Voomly they would literally have to create a blank video just to recreate that lesson/course structure.

Aleksandar Novkovski shared this idea 28/02/21 17:31
Admin 23/03/21 19:42
This request has been implemented. -- Simply turn off the video or don't select a video when creating a lesson to make it text-only.