Translation of main page elements: primary page, order page, thank you page, etc.
Hello, would like to ask for adding an option to translating some essential buttons and elements of pages, as the "order" button for example. When selling on the european market, using native language of potential customers is a symbol of professionalism. Thank you.

Ariel Elyah shared this idea 10/03/21 12:29
Miroslav Sázovský 04/04/21 06:51
Yes, thank you.
Nick 30/08/21 11:44
In Detail: Primary Page There are 2 parts on the right. Besides all other parts of this page, you can’t edit or delete the 30 day money back guarantee. Additionally "This course includes" can't be edited. Order Page The "Order" headline and the parts of the bill can’t be edited. Thank you Page On the left there is the button “Go to my course”. You can’t edit this one and the button on the right “My course”. Again there is the problem with the money back guarantee and the headline “This course includes”. Additionally, on top you can find “My course” in the menu bar when logged in. This text can’t be edited, too. It appears on all pages when logged in. About Page Same as Primary Page since these parts are widgets as I think.