Translatable Strings in Email Gates, Chapters etc
Right now the "first name", "last name" and "email adress" are hardcoded. If someone is targeting a non-english market, they will have a situation where everything is in that language, except these 3 form fields being in english. Creates friction. Would be great if we can change those. Same with the "chapters" string on top of the chapters. Seems hardcoded. We can put chapter titles in our own language, but the module itself still will say "chapters" in english.

Aleksandar Novkovski shared this idea 28/02/21 03:16
Tom Chun 05/03/21 18:08
Good idea. Any features that can open up the power of Voomly to multilingual, multicultural, and multi-ability audiences would be a game changer.
Tom Chun 05/03/21 18:08
Carlos Edu Castro 22/03/21 03:42
The multilingual feature is essential to increase Voomly's adoption. I love the platform, but the lack of this functionality limits me to use it properly.
Erick Guitron 23/03/21 19:57
I agree. This little change would mean a lot for sales in non english speaking countries.
Felix 05/04/21 00:20
Could not agree more! It is basically the tool I am looking for, unfortunately I would need it in a different language. Even if a multilingual interface is too complicated, it would be great to have an option to override the hardcoded default language.
NAOYA IIMURA 18/04/21 12:18
Strongly agreed. Also messages in purchased email should be translatable or we can change that email message.
Dennis Haarmans 19/04/21 10:43
Good that this is started. I really love the system, but I would need to be able to post courses in different languages. Really keen on seeing this develop.
Katy de Denus 18/05/21 12:48
All my costomers are french! So it would be great to have multilingual!