Academy Interface for Multiple Courses
Hello, I am so happy with this platform, but I really need this feature. I believe others also maybe interested in it. I have multiple courses I need to display all of them in the same page and allow the students to add multiple courses to the cart and checkout on time. Also, the ability of having multiple instructors to offer different topics under multiple categories (sort of Academy interface).

Diaa El-Masry shared this idea 08/03/21 14:35
Eric 07/04/21 08:18
I agree, it seems to me that it is very important to be able to present all the training courses that are present and related to a particular course theme. (ex: if I am a cook, I create training courses on the theme of haute cuisine, pastry, ... etc) It would be interesting to have the possibility to tag a course. When the course is tagged, it creates a list (bundle) of all the courses that are present in this tag. Thus, we could very easily make presentation pages with the tags generated. That way we could choose the way to present the lessons on dedicated pages. (ex: 1 page for haute cuisine, 1 page for pastry, ... etc)
Sam 03/05/21 01:59
It can upsell more courses if this function comes true.
Andrew Austin 21/05/21 02:48
barberfinancialacademy@gmail.com 16/08/21 22:13
Peter Lane 23/08/21 11:02
I too have a number of separate courses that fall under a category. I am working in the Self Help arena and people may want to concentrate on specific areas rather than undertake all modules.
Chris Adams 04/09/21 13:47
We are launching a similar item and will need to create our own page for all of the other courses that we will have available. This Academy idea is something that would certainly be utilised. We are looking to have thousands of students on our courses (our software training courses) in the next 12-18 months