Additional quiz controls
For quizzes to be meaningful, I think there need to be a few more quiz controls, namely: ・I would like to be able to define a minimum percentage for a pass (e.g., maybe 80%, rather than 100%, but this might vary by course) ・the maximum number of failed tries for a quiz; there are two ways to implement this: ・an absolute maximum (after this, perhaps a remedial section of the course could be unlocked), or ・a maximum number of tries in a given time period (e.g., Coursera allows up to 3 tries in a 3-hour time window)

Valerie Limmer shared this idea 08/03/21 05:31
Valerie Limmer 10/03/21 06:14
An addendum to the idea of including remedial content as a response to a failed quiz: If you were able to include quiz results (e.g., pass/fail) as a step in the video funnel, instructors could include special videos that students could watch in the event that they fail. ...of course, this would have to be coupled with my other request, that your software allow video funnels to be included within a course framework.
Anthony Pollitt 13/03/21 22:26
Yes please. This also could be added to my request for randomization of quizzes and quiz items.