Comment moderation
I would like the ability to moderate comments posted on any of my courses. Though paid courses might tend to yield responsible commenters, free courses may not. As a woman, it's important that any courses I run not be subject to the whims of people who might harass or make perverted comments. There should also be an entry on one of the main panels that allows me to scroll through all comments made on a course, so that I can see exactly what has been said, and so I can respond (i.e., to questions or inappropriate comments) as necessary.

Valerie Limmer shared this idea 08/03/21 05:27
Shelly 10/05/21 02:30
I so agree with this. There's bullying and trolling happening aplenty online. Providing a way to moderate is super helpful, else it leaves the course creator vulnerable.
Eugene Likhonin 24/10/21 20:36
agreed, this is the only reason I am steered away from using comments in my courses. Great feature though ;-)