Sending to Webhooks
Webhooks would make a huge difference. You will be able to say you integrate with hundreds of platforms (as webhook sends to integromat or zapier), and you won't have to painstakingly add one integration at a time. A lot of SaaS today are using this method. If you click on their "integrations" page, you will see it says 300-500 integrations, but maybe 99% of them are through webhooks, not native. For example it lists that it integrates with x, and if you click on it, there's a short line linking to an integromat scenario, or linking to a tutorial how to achieve it through webhooks. More and more people are getting used to the fact that their favorite software will never support everything they want and becoming comfortable with using tools like Integromat and Zapier to all of their integrations.

Aleksandar Novkovski shared this idea 28/02/21 02:45
Miss Nookie 03/03/21 16:34
This si critical to my business. I have mobile apps and sites that will need to be able to send access information to Voomly, should I use it.
Patricia Gavin 22/04/21 17:28
Absolutely agree. Voomly needs to be able to allow Zapier to integrate it with other software. i have made a similar request.