Voomly Logo Removed
Could we have the ability to remove the Voomly logo removed from the share link page and have the option to place my company's logo on there instead?

Mike Knapp shared this idea 06/03/21 17:09
Anthony Pollitt 13/03/21 22:26
This would be useful. For the company's sake could there be in small letters at the bottom something like "powered by Voomly".
Greg Howard 16/03/21 12:13
Agreed - after all although I would be happy to recommend Voomly to others looking to build courses I want to promote my company/brand to potential customers.
Teena Brown 04/05/21 16:32
Yes, ditto Anthony Pollitt
Andrew Austin 21/05/21 02:50
Andrew Austin 21/05/21 02:50
This would be awesome and would help us in our businesses
Peter Lane 14/06/21 15:11
Peter Lane 14/06/21 15:11
Our own branding is important
Cengiz Tanik 02/11/21 14:58
I agree with Anthony