Pre-selling and Future event registration
Develop the ability to have customers sign up (and pay) for future events. Similar to some other webinar/marketing tools that show you a schedule of upcoming events (*surprise, there's one in 15 minutes!) and let you book into them. The 2 scenarios I see working well are: 1. Register now for a course that will be available next month (on Demand view model) 2. Register now for a course (or series) that has a set schedule like 5/1 7:00- 8:00pm, 5/8 7:00-8:00pm etc. (Streaming model where video/course run at that time with no rewind/replay). In the 1st scenario, you may offer a discount incentive to get early registrations In the 2nd scenario, you're creating some urgency and commitment while also simulating a 'live' event. -Jim

Jim shared this idea 05/03/21 18:42