Add/Integrate Captioning and Subtitles?
The benefits will be the ability for the Deaf/Hard of hearing folks (me) and non-English speakers (me again) to fully appreciate and participate in the videos and the courses offered. Could Voomly integrate SRT format files, auto-generate YouTube type captions, integrate AI assisted captions via services like Rev.com or Otter.ai, or allow simply overlaying of text track like Quicktime used to? Please and thank you

Tom Chun shared this idea 05/03/21 18:03
AJ A. 10/05/21 15:56
A must have for inclusion and diversity supporters ;-)
Puneet Narayan 04/06/21 01:14
Would be most helpful, since the editing option of the transcript is also available .... one will have a better captioning without the auto errors.
Manuel Rodríguez Vallejo 05/06/21 09:10
As a starting point, transcriptions are useful but you cannot see simultaneously the transcription when you're seeing the video and this is very uncomfortable. A solution would be to overlay the transcriptions over the video in such a way students can activate or deactivate by their selves.
Sapna Narayan 08/06/21 06:01
Captions will be most helpful as in some cases reading the spoken part helps in better assimilation of the content.
Silas Little 14/07/21 18:24
This is VERY important. I think it should be added as soon as possible.