Ability for students to submit ratings/reviews
This feature should be optional to enable in your course (as at first it’s hard to gather reviews or ratings if you just started, and some people don’t want to put reviews up) but it would be neat to see course ratings so individuals feel the course is more legitimate and trustworthy. My ideas are either a pop up can show up when the student is 50% done with the course to rate it (1-5) and/or receive an email when they are 100% done to rate the course. It would be nice to be able to customize the email, for example: “Reviewing our/my course to help creators like yourself!” “Give us your honest feedback here, we’re listening :)” Or “Write/record a video testimony for a chance to win a XYZ in a coming raffle!” You get the idea.

Ana Navarro shared this idea 04/03/21 15:45
Tom Chun 05/03/21 18:12
Good idea. If the ratings can collected and parsed, either course as a whole or at specific points, to be able to inform future courses development and to use a marketing snippet of student success/satisfaction.