euro - i need to have the sign of euro not dollar !
i need to sell the product in EUROS !

maria kulas shared this idea 27/02/21 15:38
Andy Saunders 04/03/21 08:15
i need to sell in £ not have Euro and £ option may put off Voomly customers in a significant part of the world - those two changes would open up new markets and opportunity for Voomly as of now for many in the UK or EU it may be a deal breaker
Gavin Wright 05/03/21 13:20
I agree. I am reluctant to sell in $. I have videos on another platform that sell in £ as well as $ and I have made most of my income from that site by selling in £s.
Warren Broadbent 06/03/21 11:59
I need to sell in £ and Euros as well as dollars. I agree with the comments made by Andy and Gavin below.
Ariel Elyah 10/03/21 12:19
Agree. Euro is a more usual currency when selling on the european market, it will be useful if it can be added as an option of payment currency.
Billy Naisbett 11/03/21 22:20
I need £
Greg Howard 16/03/21 12:04
I am based in the U.K and sell my courses in £GBP. Having currencies other than dollars as an option should be standard! This is a major oversight.
Andy Saunders 16/03/21 19:27
Update: just shown a customer very interested but will only proceed if it shows £ he says the $ will put his staff off. Hope you can resolve soon as I cannot promote it when all I have is $
Selena Mara 23/03/21 09:37
It's really important to me to be able to sell my courses in Pounds Sterling. I will not get anywhere near as many British Buyers if I can' t offer the course in my currency.
Admin 31/03/21 11:26
Users can now select the currency when creating the course.