Support for custom form code so that integrations with 3rd party mailing list software is possible
Looking at your current list of possible integrations, I noticed you have MailChimp on there, and I wanted to suggest a new one that we could use. For our mailing list software, we use a self hosted older version of ARP (AutoResponse Plus) which we have custom integrations with all throughout our website. Basically when I create a new method for us to add emails to our mailing list, ARP sets up a new form action URL for us to post form data to. So to integrate ARP with Voomly, it would be pretty simple. All you would have to do on your end is allow me to enter in a form acton URL for Voomly to post to, along with being able to map ARP's field names to your field names and it would all automatically work. Here is an example of what ARP's generated form code gives me: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ <!-- subscription_form_bn1vd8 -->
<form method='post' action='https://mydomain.com/arp/a.php/sub/11/bn1vd2'>
<input type='text' id='email_address' name='email_address' value=''>
<input type='text' id='first_name' name='first_name' value=''>
<input type='text' id='last_name' name='last_name' value=''>
<input type='text' id='full_name' name='full_name' value=''>
<input type='submit' value='Submit'>
<!-- subscription_form_bn1vd8 --> ------------------------------------------------------------------ So in order to integrate with Voomly, all you would need to do is provide a place where I could enter the form action URL (in this example, that would be: https://mydomain.com/arp/a.php/sub/11/bn1vd2) and then I would need a way to map my field names to corresponding names on the Voomly form and boom! We'd be integrated. Very simple. Please consider adding this, especailly due to how simple it would be to get working. Thank you, Greg

Greg shared this idea 04/03/21 03:23
jen Ince 08/03/21 21:45
Would be good if they added Aweber
Patricia Gavin 22/04/21 17:31
I have asked for Zapier