Course Progress Reports
It would be good if we could see how far our students have progressed in the courses they have purchased. For example 10%, 47,% 75%.....then we know how effective we have been with individual customers

Andrew Austin shared this idea 21/05/21 02:47
Tom Court 23/05/21 06:34
Strongly agree. This feature is really important for anyone in education who needs to keep track of student progress. Currently, the only way I can track what students have watched within a course is to sign them up for the course myself and give them a password and then sign in using their credentials. However, if they changed their password, then there's no way of tracking them. The analytics only show what videos have been accessed outside of the course through the URL. Videos that have been accessed inside the course are not included in the analytics. However, for teachers who work with students who are taking courses for college credit, it's important to hold students accountable and be able to keep track of progress.
Timothy Blaine Wilson 09/06/21 07:19
Yes, absolutely agree. Essential to track each student's progress.
Lisa Campbell 09/06/21 19:22
Excellent suggestion!
afeadvisor@gmail.com 27/08/21 03:01
This feature is critical for any educator using Voomly