Email intergration from order page
You need to enable intergration with Mailchimp, Aweber, etc directly from the order page, so when a user signs up to take a course it automatically connects to the Mail campaing, instead of us having to add additional layers with advanced marketing tools in interactive video's to capture this data.

Matt Lewis shared this idea 21/05/21 02:04
Sara Issa 22/05/21 23:07
Yes please! This is absolutely necessary. Especially given that we can't even edit or white label the Voomly welcome email a person gets after they register (which is so confusing). But regardless of the ability to edit that welcome email, it is only logical that anyone who signs up to my course would get automatically added to my mailing list! Ideally, when syncing with Mailchimp for example, the new email gets added with a tag. Thank you!
Lisa Campbell 09/06/21 19:20
Absolutely! This needs to be a seamless integration.
Teena Brown 22/10/21 17:27
Yes, please!
Diana Cameron 05/11/21 04:27
Yes please! This is essential.