Course Catalog Page (Homepage) in the custom domain
Hello, I hope that you can create a course catalog page (all course overviews) on a custom page and students can access all course overviews. Everything should be on a custom page, not a Voomly URL. e.g. when we share a video, it is on Voomly URL, not a custom domain URL. I request the following features added to the Voomly soon: 1. A catalog page (all course overview) 2. manual payments (unlimited additions) 3. Share/Admin dashboard on a custom domain (e.g. like WordPress) 4. Improve website speed because we need to click 2 times to play a video 5. Course Membership (site owner can provide membership to users because users will pay a recurring fee to the site owners and site owner will pay more for their users added over the Voomly limited. Thanks, Samith

Samith shared this idea 27/02/21 15:21
cannovan@gmail.com 10/03/21 23:36
Puneet Narayan 15/03/21 22:34
Initially, even if a simple display of showing "All courses" along with a button/link for "My courses" will be nice. These two act like filters after login into the website.
Stacie Farnham 17/03/21 22:22
Agreed. A place that shows all courses available for purchase is an important feature.
Dennis Haarmans 20/04/21 19:19
Yes please!
Katy de Denus 24/04/21 18:19
Agreed! I think the same thing!
Teena Brown 04/05/21 16:16
Definitely! I was surprised this wasn't a feature with the roll-out...but I'm loving everything that is there!! :)
Paul 06/05/21 00:34
I agree with this and also want to add that I should be able to have one domain with numerous courses under that domain. Domain.com/Course 1 Domain.com/Course 2 Domain.com/Course 3 Then at the main domain level is a landing page with all my courses on offer with some of the following features: -Highlight specials -Create a course bundle (2 or more courses for a special price) -different layouts.
Ali Ziyad 10/05/21 10:15
i'm waiting for this to get done
Andrew Austin 21/05/21 02:39
Michael B 16/08/21 05:35
This is a good idea and agree it would be helpful for users.
Xavi 30/08/21 18:19
This would be really useful, indeed. And as @Paul stated above, one domain with numerous courses under that domain and a landing page with all the courses available and a tab for "My courses", as it is really uneficient and uncomfortable for the users to access the different courses from totally different url's. Also, for each course and user, you have to set a password, not letting the customer to create his or her own password. It would be better if they could have their own profile or account, having access to their profile information and all their courses in a single url.
Brenda Wood 31/08/21 07:20
I Agree, but make sure they can't access all courses.... and possibly see a teaser video tempting them to buy?
Eugene Likhonin 24/10/21 20:30
Agreed, #1. a page that has all courses available listed #2. also ability to choose multiple courses and pay once for them. (build your package Kind of), maybe place them in the cart type idea.