Recurring payments for subscription models
Recurring payments for subscription models

Lars Matthiesen shared this idea 02/03/21 16:11
Jochen Siepmann 22/03/21 10:42
Karine Ringenberg 06/04/21 18:07
Great idea if you want a membership
Rita Sacre 09/04/21 13:36
This would be great! Essential for my business plan. I'd definitely buy membership.
Mihaela 15/04/21 10:35
I think it is an essentials function
James Stockton 16/04/21 00:21
Yes please!
Patricia Gavin 22/04/21 17:33
I have a membership with Circle and I had hoped to link all payments in one place. Now I will be using Outseta
Katy de Denus 24/04/21 18:22
Definitly need membership!
Teena Brown 04/05/21 16:14
Yes please!
Ali Ziyad 10/05/21 10:16
similar to mastermind / innercircle members.. video trainings
Manuel Rodríguez Vallejo 15/05/21 19:23
A membership periodic subscription to one or more courses package would be ideal with students who cancelled the subscription being removed automatically from Voomly.
Timothy Blaine Wilson 09/06/21 07:22
Yes, or breaking up payment over 90 days. Like a $75 course I have, in 3 equal monthly payments of $25.
Nigel Willis 23/06/21 16:44
Yes this is essential
Krystal Little 23/07/21 23:05
If you guys launch this I'd be beyond excited
Michael B 16/08/21 05:36
This is one of the common features at other LMS so it would be so attractive to woo more prospective users to Voomly.
barberfinancialacademy@gmail.com 16/08/21 22:10
i need this asap please